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Dental Implants at Synergy Preston

Gone are the days of choosing dentures for filling in the gaps of damaged, missing or decayed teeth, with the rise of Dental Implants becoming the most effective, long-term solution.

But what are dental implants and how do they work? A special bio-compatible screw post is inserted into the jaw bone and can be done on both the lower and upper arch. This screw post will act as a new, permanent tooth root.

We offer two of the world’s best implant systems at Synergy Dental Clinic Preston. These two systems are Straumann and Osstem and are both utilised by dental professionals everywhere.

General Pricing List

SINGLE FRONT TOOTH (Incisors & canines)The additional £300 is for an angle post£1,995£1,350 (+£300)
SINGLE BACK TOOTH (Premolars & molars)The additional £300 is for an angle post if required£1,995£1,350 (+£300)
3 FRONT MISSING TEETH2 implants with 3 teeth made in porcelain£4,590£3,900
FULL UPPER MISSING (Fixed non removable option)8 implants with 12 teeth made in porcelain£18,360£14,400
FULL LOWER TEETH (Fixed non removable option)6 implants with 12 teeth made in porcelain£15,570£12,900
FULL UPPER REMOVABLE4 implants with acrylic teeth£9,000£6,500
FULL LOWER REMOVABLE2 implants with acrylic teeth£4,990£3,700
FULL SAME DAY IMPLANTS (with temporary denture)4 to 6 Straumann Implants on the upper/lower jaw, fixed permanent hybrid bridgework with 10 teeth. Also includes: all extractions, temporary denture, bone grafting, CT scan, surgical guide. 5 years guarantee on implants.
(Excludes sinus lift and block graft).
per jaw
FULL SAME DAY IMPLANTS (with fixed temporary bridge)4 to 6 Straumann Implants on the upper/lower jaw, fixed permanent hybrid bridgework with 10 teeth. Also includes all extractions, fixed temporary bridge, bone grafting, CT scan, surgical guide. 5 years guarantee on implants.
(Excludes sinus lift and block graft).
per jaw
Scale and Polish (SynClean)Removal of plaque and tartar including polishing.£30.00
Fissure SealantsProtective plastic coating on the biting surfaces of back teeth.£25.00
Tooth Coloured FillingsComposite fillings used for bonding, reshaping and filling teeth.from £65.00
Amalgam FillingsSilver mercury fillings used to fill teeth.from £65.00
ExtractionsTooth removal.from £65.00
Root Canal TreatmentsRemoving the nerve within the tooth.from £150.00
CrownsProtective cap to cover a broken down tooth or to reshape a tooth for cosmetics.from £270.00
VeneersA thin porcelain layer placed on teeth to improve
the cosmetic appearance.
from £270.00
InlaysA laboratory made filling.from £270.00
DenturesRemovable artificial appliance used to replace missing teeth.from £270.00
SedationFor nervous patients.
*per 30 minutes session
Invisible BracesInvisalign braces for teeth straightening.from £1750.00
ImplantsFixed artificial teeth to replace 1 or multiple teeth, including full arch replacements.from £1350.00

Teeth Straightening


Invisalign aligners are available and suited to different requirements.
Using Invisalign sophisticated ClickCheck Software, you will be able to see a 3D video of the gradual progress of your teeth’s movements before you even begin your treatment in order to show you the final result.

As the name might suggest, the Invisalign system is invisible, custom-made aligners designed to fit your teeth. These have the benefit of being both removable and comfortable and you will receive a new aligner every two weeks in order to continue moving your teeth to the next desired position.

Over 2 million people around the world have already changed their smiles for the better, and all without the hassle.

Initial Assessment – £20
Clincheck Video – £250 (gets deducted from treatment cost)
* Up to 7 aligners
* Limited to 1st premolars to 1st premolar movements
* Very mild crowding
* Cost – £1,750 (both arches)
* Up to 14 aligners
* Mild crowding and Class 1 cases only
* Up to 1 refinement
* Cost – £2,800 (both arches)
* Unlimited aligners
* Class 1,2,3 cases
* Up to 3 refinements
* Cost – £4,250 (both arches)
* Unlimited aligners
* Up to 3 refinements
* Erupting Dentition
* Cost – £4,250 (both arches)

6 Months Smile

6 Months Smiles does what it says on the tin!

This system aims to correct the teeth on the lower and upper arches within a 6 month period. Depending on each individual, times can vary and can either take a slightly shorter or longer period of time based on the situation.

This system is fixed and looks like a traditional brace, but with the added benefit that the brackets are tooth coloured, making it harder to detect.
• £2500 per arch
• Corrects teeth within 6 months
• Tooth-coloured brackets and wires make them less visible
• A fixed appliance that won’t interfere will lifestyle

Initial Assessment – £20
Full assessment – £80 (gets deducted from treatment cost)
* Straight teeth in 6 months
* Only visible from 2 feet
* Tooth coloured brackets and wires
* Fixed system so no risk of user lifestyle interfering
* £2,500 per arch

Inman Aligner

The Inman Aligner is great for cases who suffer from crowding of teeth and can be used to correct the first 6 front teeth. This system is removable but needs to be worn on an average of 16 – 18 hours a day. A great choice and takes between 8 – 18 weeks for the best final result.
• £1500 per arch
• Can be used to fix the front teeth on both the top and bottom
• Removable appliance
• The arrangement of the front teeth are gradually corrected by a push and pull mechanism and takes between 3-6 months

Initial Assessment – £20
Full assessment – £80 (gets deducted from treatment cost)
* Perfect for correcting the top and bottom front 6 teeth
* A removable appliance which gives you more freedom
* Appliance which uses a push and pull mechanism to
correct the alignment of the front 6 teeth within 3-6
* £1,500 per arch

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Angela Taylor
Angela T.
15:36 11 Oct 19
Absolutely brilliant dentist I’m not a fan of dentists but they looked after me, recommended much
Sharon Livesey Shorrock
Sharon Livesey S.
16:01 07 Oct 19
Service with a smile (sorry couldn’t resist)! Everybody very friendly and put me at ease. I’ve needed quite abit of work done (a tooth out and fillings etc) and it really didn’t hurt 1bit. Throughout I was told what and how work was going to be done and nothing was to much trouble. Would totally recommend if you are abit nervous or anxious.
Jo Humphries
Jo H.
13:12 02 Oct 19
Super pleased with the dental work Adam undertook with his very efficient dental nurse Megan. Adam and Megan made me very welcome and comfortable. I had veneers fitted and had absolutely no pain during the process, not to mention coming away with the biggest brightest smile on my face, the best I could ever wish for! Very lovely reception staff too! Thanks to you all.
Gail Vickers
Gail V.
11:37 23 Sep 19
Very good clinic the staff at synergy dental are very helpful , if you are an anxious person they make you feel relaxed and at home I’m happy to be a patient at synergy dental . Today I had an appointment and although felt nervous before I went in I came out smiling! I’ve always been an anxious person going to the dentist but with synergy dental although still a little anxious I feel more at ease I would definitely recommend Synergy Dental 👍
Michelle Abela
Michelle A.
18:19 02 Sep 19
Been to synergy dental clinic today Preston based to have some back teeth removed although I was nervous the staff was so lovely and reassuring the place was so sterile and clean too they gave good after care too that in the end I realised I’ve nothing to be scared of I was in good hands I’d highly recommend them
Roz Eccles
Roz E.
20:48 23 Jul 19
having not been to a dentist for 30 years due to a very traumatic experience Ali was very patient with me and talked me through everything he was going to do. i now go regularly and even having my teeth cleaned isnt scary anymore.
Samantha Mason
Samantha M.
13:46 22 Jul 19
I am a very nervous patient with my mouth, but they were so re assuring and polite! They were helpful and really made me feel better about the whole thing! Would defiantly recommend!
Jianu Alexandra
Jianu A.
12:35 04 Jul 19
The best dentist Small price
Adam Richard Livesey
Adam Richard L.
15:38 03 Jul 19
Wonderful job very polite and helpful would recommend to anyone
Rachel Green
Rachel G.
20:15 17 May 19
Brilliant service. Had a white filling undertaken by Adam - really put me as a nervous patient at ease with his friendly manner, explained everything to me throughout and it was completely pain free..didn’t feel a thing!! Highly recommended this Dentist.
Mark Thomas Philipson
Mark Thomas P.
09:21 13 May 19
Very good service and seen very quickly and on time
Humaira Hussain
Humaira H.
11:07 03 May 19
The dentist was really nice and the staff very helpful and knowledgable. The nurse Amber was very helpful.
Suzanne Whittle
Suzanne W.
10:41 26 Apr 19
All staff are pleasant and professional, excellent, efficient service.
David Robinson
David R.
15:36 25 Apr 19
Been using Synergy for a couple of years now and really happy with the service. Had a filling once that was miles better than my previous dentist. Also has convenient free parking at the back and is pubic transport links are also good as it’s near to the newly renovated and Grade 2 listed Preston Bus Station.
Claire Goodwin
Claire G.
15:18 25 Apr 19
Brilliant dentist an lovely staff 👍🏼😁
Arlene Hindle
Arlene H.
12:41 23 Apr 19
Very good service all staff pleasant and helpful all work completed brilliantly
Demi Whittaker
Demi W.
10:54 12 Mar 19
I rang Synergy dentist and asked whether they had a specialist dentist in to take my wisdom tooth out as I was previously referred to Royal Preston hospital and they couldn't get me in for some time. (my dad mentioned there was a specialist dentist that works there on a Monday). I had to go private and pay. however, I was happy to do this! you do have to pay 20pound upfront to book your appointment, this comes off the final bill.very friendly staff over the phone and booked me in with no problems at all.. I asked if they would be any cancellations would they be able to contact me so that I could be moved forward. Synergy dentist rang me when a cancellation became available. (Great service).I went for my procedure yesterday (which I must say was a big procedure as my wisdom tooth was hiding in my gums/close to my jaw) causing me a lot of pain. I was explained by the dentist everything they where going to do. I won't lie the procedure was very uncomfortable but I knew this would be because of the job they needed to do. The dentist reassured me throughout the whole procedure and asked if I was ok several times. today the receptionist rang me up too see if I was ok after my procedure and how I was doing. I've had my wisdom teeth took out before elsewhere and they never rang me up. fabulous customer service. great service, very knowledgeable dentist who works there on a Monday for wisdom teeth..if I ever have any problems again regarding wisdom teeth. I know where to go and that's private with these guys. Thanks again. x
Paula Wilson
Paula W.
11:18 23 Jan 19
Needed alot of work in a short space of time, Amber the receptionist, along with Al the dentist did everything possible to get my work completed in the shortist possible time, highly recommend.
Martin Bolton
Martin B.
09:42 18 Jan 19
Very knowledgeable dentist, provides good treatment, explaining all along what he is doing and why. Gives good advice re how to clean teeth properly. Friendly, cheerful staff.
Gal Freeman
Gal F.
12:31 11 Jan 19
The best receptionist!😁
Veronica Moyles Littlechild
Veronica Moyles L.
19:24 07 Dec 18
Ali is brilliant,I’m such a nervous patient but he made me feel so at ease and I’m so happy with my teeth now...thankyou Ali
Laura Jordan
Laura J.
19:48 23 Oct 18
The dental treatment I have had done today was excellent. The equipment they have is really high tech and the dentist made me feel really relaxed.5 star service I received
Xander Shaw
Xander S.
14:23 09 Oct 18
Lorren-Paige Pearson
Lorren-Paige P.
11:25 30 Jun 18
visited for Invisalign consultation really excited for the results !�
Mark Fletcher
Mark F.
10:35 24 May 18
had 4 teeth removed, been 20 years since i last went to a dentist so was apprehensive but the dentist Suleman and his assistants were excellent and made me feel comfortable and the work he did was excellent with no pain at all. Would have no problem recommending this practice to family and friends.
Ayesha Ismail
Ayesha I.
13:50 10 May 18
Had a gap I was super insecure about for years & Dr. Altaf sorted it all out for me in one appointment! Was so quick and pain free, he offered so many different things he could do. Can’t stop smiling & so grateful to Dr. Altaf for making me confident with my smile!! Can’t wait to come back & get more done!
Zahid Loonat
Zahid L.
12:24 03 May 18
Susan Quigley
Susan Q.
16:13 30 Apr 18
Very nervous about having an impacted wisdom tooth out but got a very quick appointment so no time to worry too much.Dr Ganesh made me feel calm and spoke to me the whole time and did an excellent job removing the tooth then closing the gum and packing and Nurse Ratton was so calming and caring and a lovely girl on reception too. Would definitely recommend to anyone Thanks so much ( goodbye to all the nasty infections now �)
Yasmeen Mohamed
Yasmeen M.
10:14 17 Mar 18
Synergy Dental...Highly recommended practises..All dentist and staff well trained providing an excellent service...Well derserved winning awards👍
احمد السبيعي
احمد ا.
19:25 14 Feb 18
It’s best clinic .. Dr suilman Anwar is professional doctor
John Davis
John D.
09:40 13 Feb 18
Spoken tri Kim how was lovely needs to be at Preston
Linda Jones
Linda J.
12:39 14 Nov 17
George Turner
George T.
17:40 13 Oct 17
Great experience, very friendly staff. Had a wisdom tooth out and didn't feel a thing, Dr Ali is a legend!
Jessie Parkinson
Jessie P.
10:59 04 Oct 17
Never could smile, lost all hope from previous experiences of ever thinking I will will be able to smile... most embarrassing I could Never go to a dentist without my mum being with me over the fear of going to the dentist ... today was the first time in 8 years I've been able to walk happily into a dentist without being accompanied achievement for me and all thanks to the awesome team working at synergy xxx you must get yourself treated here You will never look back ever x
Sarah Louise Ekins
Sarah Louise E.
16:06 26 Sep 17
Spoke to Kim she was a great help thankyou so much
Robin Tanner
Robin T.
13:11 15 Sep 17
Rebecca Louise
Rebecca L.
12:06 12 Sep 17
Excellent help & service very helpful and polite 😊
Carly Martin
Carly M.
10:12 12 Sep 17
Fantastic dental practitioners, great reception staff x have had quite few problems and was quickly resolved �
Jayne Duckworth
Jayne D.
09:01 12 Sep 17
Dennis Drabble
Dennis D.
18:05 11 Sep 17
Had a lot of bad experiences with dentist. But not this one fantastic!!! Had quite a bit done and with no worries. I would recommend them to anyone anytime. The best.
Haider Ajam
Haider A.
12:10 17 Aug 17
Very pleased with the results of my teeth enlighten course finished yesterday. Totally whiter than ever before glad I had them done in Preston clinic. Dr Suleman and the whole team are great � well done and see u in 3 months time...
Tracy Louise
Tracy L.
19:34 09 Aug 17
I have had a lot of difficult experiences in the past with dentist I have been coming here for only afew months the staff are very friendly and helpful I had a tooth extracted today and the whole experience was calm from the beginning to the end the dentist and his assistant made me feel so comfortable and relaxed it was over with in no time I have definitely overcome my fear of needles and would definitely recommend this dentist to anyone...
Kelly Marie Simpson
Kelly Marie S.
17:20 21 Jul 17
Victoria Fairclough
Victoria F.
15:52 17 Jul 17
Thanks to Dr Suleman Anwar and his team I can now have a life and a future as opposed to the reclusive existence I have had for the last 5 years. I cannot recommend, praise and thank him enough for the treatment I've received! When I first came here I was terrified of dentists and too ashamed to open my mouth! Now I will be smiling with confidence for the rest of my life! His expertise is outstanding and he is the most compassionate health professional that I have ever been treated by .
Tayeb Mahmood
Tayeb M.
09:10 04 Jul 17
Was amazing! Extremely friendly staff members as well! The dentist was really good as he thoroughly explained to me what he was going to do, rather than just opening my mouth for my treatment! Treatment was quick and painless! Would highly recommend!!!
Deborah Deans Hesketh
Deborah Deans H.
15:52 23 May 17
I have had a lot of traumatic experiences at other dentists, it got so I was afraid to visit, then a friend recommended Synergy Preston, from my first visit Dr Anwar put me at my ease, he is an absolute credit to the Dental Association, from the first he sat and explained the treatment I needed, showed me the xray, pointing out the problems and how he would fix them for me all through any treatment he explained what he was doing, asking me if I was okay. He really is a genius, kind considerate of your fear, he understands your fears and amazingly puts you at your ease, so much so that during my treatment today he thought I was asleep I was so relaxed, such an amazing gentleman. I would recommend Synergy Preston to everyone. Brilliant 5 star treatment.
Christine Bintcliffe
Christine B.
11:20 27 Apr 17
I have attended this dental clinic on a number of occasions now and have always found my experience to be a good one. Everyone who works there has a calming, polite manner, which is great for a dental surgery and I am always put at ease. I have recently had a problem with a tooth and it was dealt with promptly on the day of ringing and appointments are always ended with a reassurance that we must contact the practice if we have any concerns at all . Synergy definitely earn 5 stars in my opinion , I would certainly recommend them. Thank you .
Martin Henderson
Martin H.
17:05 07 Apr 17
I I have been to this dentist about 4 times now and must say Dr Ali is a first class dentist and the surgery itself very efficient. He is very friendly and puts your mind ease straight away and explains all your options and procedures in laymens terms. I hate dentists normally but I have full confidence and don't fear going there due to Dr Ali's personality and workmanship. I would recommend this dentist to everyone.
Jacki Elder
Jacki E.
10:35 06 Apr 17
i love this dentist it so friendly an even ali the dentist makes you feel at ease n calm an im always nervous bt not for long when these lot start talking n making you feel calm. lovely people and enviroment. carry on the good work x
Katie Maria Kellett
Katie Maria K.
18:59 10 Feb 17
Rajesh Verma
Rajesh V.
17:48 07 Nov 16
Lisa Massaro
Lisa M.
12:59 04 Nov 16
Having just finished having root canal treatment I just had to write this review. Dr. Ali has been amazing with me,I cried during my first appointment because I'm just petrified and always have been but, he was just so lovely and understanding. So 6 appointments later I have just had my crown fitted plus a filling too. ( worth every penny) I took Ali's advice and bought an electric toothbrush and a few other essentials and now you won't be seeing me for 6 months! I would recommend Dr. Ali and his wonderful nurse to anyone. �
Zuber Bagasi
Zuber B.
11:42 01 Oct 16
Ian Duxbury
Ian D.
17:13 15 Apr 16
Having had bad experiences as a child, managing to overcome my fear, then circumstances meant my not going to the Dentist for some years, a broken upper front tooth and loose lower front crown meant that I had to go.Trying to find an NHS dentist proved almost impossible, and finances precluding me being treated privately, so discovering Synergy's new surgery opening in Preston was taking on new NHS clients was an opportunity which I simply could not miss.The staff there and my Dentist (who, to my shame, I cannot remember his name) have been friendly, welcome and wholly professional. Even though my nerves were so bad that I threatened almost to shake myself off the chair (!), I was treated with empathy, care and reassurance and now find that the nerves are lessening, hopefully a situation which will carry on improving.The temporary dentures now fitted can only be described as fantastic, and I really can't wait to see what the permanent ones to be fitted in a few months will be like.I really can't recommend these people enough, even if you're a scared individual - just go!
Georgina Coles
Georgina C.
19:25 08 Mar 16
Went to Synergy to have a tooth out, it didn't quite go to plan. However, when I was in a lot of pain, everyone did so much to make sure that I was okay. Including curtesy calls and late appointments. They have gone above and beyond the service they provide, a brilliant dentist!
Kimberly Rose
Kimberly R.
14:39 27 Jan 16
Thank you, you were brilliant with my son who is usually very scared and amazing with my treatment!! I would definitely recommend you
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Our Synergy Clinic has been voted Best Dentist in Blackpool and offers fantastic dental care to our patients.
As a winner of the Best Dentist Award in 2013 and 2014 in the NorthWest, we can assure you that you are in good hands.

Our modern clinic offers treatments that include dental implants, Enlighten teeth whitening and invisible braces.

Dental Sedation available

Nervous about any of our treatments? You don’t have to be anymore.
Our practice offers dental sedation – a stress-free service which ensures that any nervous patients are put to an extremely relaxed state of mind(with the help of IV Sedation) during their treatment.

Most of our patients eventually don’t go for this option as having a caring team like ours can sometimes be enough to make the journey pleasant enough.

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