At Synergy Dental Group, every one of us shares the same motto; working together for better results. Collectively, we are committed to providing an award-winning patient experience from the moment you walk in through the door of any one of our practices. Each one brings a different personality, skills and experience that fuses together to make the ‘Synergy Way’.

Team Blackpool
Team Blackburn
Team Bolton
Team Bury
Team Farnworth
Team Ormskirk
Team Preston
Head Dentist GDC-85605
Dentist GDC-271794
Dr Bilal Salim
Head Dentist GDC-240328
Dr Ali Altaf
Dentist GDC-244950
Dr Asma Munshi
Dentist GDC - 278288
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Dental Surgeon GDC-263176
Dr Karim Rachidi
Therapist GDG-198023
Dentist GDC-151346
Dr Abdur Rahman
Head Surgeon GDC-193033
Dr Ai Ling Lim
Endodontist GDC-76031
Dr Ian Bowles
Dentist GDC-267383
Dr Adam Patel
Head Dentist GDC-258367
Dr Richard Ho
Head Dentist GDC-263986
Dr Zoya Ali
Head Dentist GDC-75589
Dr Eugene Stanley
Dentist GDC-244154
Dr Ahmed Tahboub
Dentist GDC-229327
Dr Sohail Seedat
Dentist GDC-265076
Dr Georgia Marinou
Dentist GDC-250851
Aunkit Vaja
Dentist GDC-276804
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Dentist GDG-278367
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Dentist GDC-190851
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Practice Manager GDC-162653
Angela Goulbourne
Head Nurse GDC 266592
Ahmed Yusuf
Dental Nurse
Charlie Booth
Practice Manager GDC-270123
Charlotte Smith
Practice Manager GDC 236001
Micah Padgett
Practice Manager GDC-268457
Drew Merrick
Head Regional and Clinical Trainer
Jazmine Gribben
Trainee Dental Nurse
Joanna Bailey
Practice Manager
Zoe Jennings
Head Nurse
Katie Seymour
Trainee Dental Nurse
Aamirah Ismail
Trainee Dental Nurse
Ebony Woodridge
Lauren Hill
Head Nurse
Amber Cardwell
Head Receptionist
Matt Greenwood
Head Receptionist GDC 255801
Caitlen Taylor
Head Receptionist
Seema Patel
Call Centre Manager & Receptionist
Philippa Smith
Regional Head Receptionist
Monika Kucharska
Trainee Dental Nurse
Adam Porter
Head Nurse
Carly Burns
Head Nurse
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Trainee Dental Nurse
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Dental Nurse
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Head Receptionist
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Trainee Dental Nurse
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* Last review 01.08.2019.