Suction Dentures


Looking for a more stable dental prosthetic than conventional dentures? Suction dentures come in a full acrylic design and offer an easier and more comfortable solution to unstable dentures or surgical procedures on the gums. Prices begin at £3,000 per jaw.


What are suction dentures?

Suction dentures are a variety of dental prosthetics available at Synergy Dental Clinic made specially by Prosthodontist dentists. Designed using special moulding techniques rather than a dedicated mechanical suction device, they increase the retention of the denture until it sucks onto the gum to create a fixed, non-surgical solution.


How do they work?

The impressions (or mould) for the dentures are created in stages, which provides the most optimal and customised fit for the patient. The prosthetic is craft intricately and precisely to enable a vacuum around the gums.


This vacuum is then created once the dentures are seated and pressed onto the gum profile by expressing the air outwards. Once they need to be removed, the vacuum seal will cancel once manual force is applied. The process of removing the prosthetic may require a little force, but this is not causing for concern and simply demonstrates that you have quality suction dentures.


What is the advantage?

Other than conventionally fitted dentures, suction fitted dentures have the added advantage of being less likely to come loose. This is primarily due to the additional support of the suction vacuum.  Other than this, advantages range from improvement of speech, mastication, and comfort.