Prestige Clean


This is our best hygiene package, as it includes a comprehensive course of all our hygiene treatments, saving you money compared to undertaking each treatment individually. The effectiveness of all these treatments working together will leave you with a clean, stain-free smile.

The first step is a scale and polish. This helps to remove tartar which is impossible to remove at home using a toothbrush, and requires specialist care from a dentist.

Secondly, you will receive Oxyjet airflow treatment. This helps to remove more stubborn stains such as wine, tobacco, and coffee. 

Finally, a whitening treatment will brighten your freshly cleaned teeth, letting you leave our practice with something to smile about.

Dental Hygiene

Teeth scaling and root planning is a deep, rigorous clean which reaches underneath the gum line. Cleaning in and around the gum pockets is necessary but can be slightly invasive. Local anesthetic could be required if your dentist believes it to be necessary or if your case requires it.

ScaleRemoval of plaque and tartar.£50
Professional CleanScale and polish and stain removal£80
Oxyjet CleanScale and polish and stain removal plus air flow£100
Prestige CleanScale and polish, stain removal, air flow and a thorough clean under the gum line£175

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