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An inevitable part of ageing is developing wrinkles over time and sagging in the face. With ageing comes a loss of collagen and elastin – known for giving support in your skin. This process is known to be sped up by excessive exposure to UV rays.

Not only this but an increasing absence of facial fat, becoming more noticeable around the cheek and jaw area, results in skin sagging. The good news is that dermal or synthetic fillers do a fantastic job of giving the skin the support it needs and tightening your skin in the areas needed.

The administration procedure for synthetic fillers is incredibly simple yet longer lasting than other alternatives. Your qualified dentist will likely offer local anaesthetic (either cream or injection depending on your circumstances) to begin with to ease any discomfort.

The skin-smoothing will then begin by inserting the dermal fillers in each of the appropriate locations. This process should take roughly 30-60 minutes, and you will then be given a 24 hour ‘healing period’, as the treated area may appear slightly swollen and feel tender after treatment.

For more information on our dermal cheek filler treatment, book in with us for an initial consultation. This will allow you and the practitioner to discuss the treatment and what you’re looking to achieve.

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