Professional Clean


Scale and polish, stain removal, and mouth rinse! This simple multi-step procedure can be done by either your dentist or hygienist. The full professional clean will start at just £60 and will include:

  • Scale and polish
  • A further stain removal procedure


Gum diseases (such as gingivitis or periodontitis) are commonly caused by excess build-up of plaque in and around the teeth and gum pockets. Although a twice-daily brush is a necessary as part of correct teeth maintenance, It is recommended by dental hygienists to additionally undergo a regular full professional clean (seek a consultation for a more specific estimate). Included in the package, a scale and root planning will eliminate plaque build-up in trickier places of the mouth and prevent plaque build-up from becoming mineralised into hard calculus. These are difficult and near impossible issues to deal with using a standard toothbrush at home.

During the initial scaling stage, specialist instruments, such as an ultrasound scrapper, will be used to eliminate tartar build-up in those tough to reach spots. This will remove the bulk of the tartar, while a second scrape will eliminate any additional stubborn remains. The second polishing stage is not a cosmetic proceedure and it is an important part of the scale and polish process as a whole. The polish will smooth away any minor imperfections found on the teeth, which could cayse further plaque build-up within those imperfections.

Although a scale and a polish session will remove light stains, many stubborn tooth stains, like tobacco or wine stains, could require further treatment if they need removing. The additional treatment of stain removal will provide further depth to the standard scale and polish, leaving your teeth free from excess plaque and prevent the risk of developing gum disease. As a final step, you will use chlorhexidine to rinse the mouth thoroughly as a further precaution to fight against plaque build-up.