Endodontics (Root Canal)

From: £150.00

From: £150.00

Endodontics is a specialised area of dentistry concerned with the inner pulp of the tooth. Root canal treatment focuses on removing the infected pulp of the tooth. It can be a lengthy process, but it is the only treatment that will prevent an infected tooth from having to be extracted.



Root canal treatment aims to either remove any infected parts of the pulp or remove the tooth itself through extraction. Undergoing root canal treatment when advised will give your teeth a far better chance of survival.

If left, the dentist will eventually have to remove the affected teeth. Root canal treatment will be undergone with a local anaesthetic to prevent any unnecessary discomfort.

If an infection isn’t treated urgently, an abscess can also begin to develop within the root of the tooth. Any prolonged period with this can damage the nerve permanently and could require extraction of the tooth.

To access the pulp at the root of the tooth, the dentist will open up the tooth through the top part of the tooth (the crown). They will then continue to remove any infected areas of the pulps and will drain any abscesses that may have come from the infection.

The treatment will be finished by filing down the root canals being treated and filling them. This can often take more than one session to achieve, so any unfinished root canals will be filled with medicine and temporary a filling between visits.

Antibiotics are also an option for those who get a raised temperature or large swelling during this period of the treatment. Crowns will then be fitted over the teeth that have been treated to prevent any fractures – as filled teeth are much more likely to crack.