A Mouthguard: What Is It?

A fitted preventative measure for the protection of teeth during physical activities. Worn in the mouth, the flexible material absorbs impact and prevents damage to your teeth, as well as protecting against injuries to other areas of the body. Properly fashioned, it can preserve your smile in difficult conditions. Typically made from soft plastic or laminate, a dentist can provide you with a customised version which is designed to fit your mouth perfectly.

When Might It Help

When not wearing the correct protection, physical activity can expose your teeth to a large amount of potential damage. Dental emergencies are greatly increased when you do not wear the right protection, with risks ranging from small chips to requiring a tooth implant. During any intense activity, and especially during physical sports, the right protection can guard your teeth and prevent the need for dental reconstruction should the worst occur. Providing that you make sure your device is correctly made and fitted by a trained dentist, it can prevent damage to the jaw, neck and even the brain, as well as providing great protection for your teeth.

How Can I Have One Made?

As an essential and mandatory part of many of the most popular sports, finding a solution which fits can be incredibly tough. Thankfully, your dentist is able to provide you with a customised mouthguard which will match your own teeth perfectly, allowing you to relax in the knowledge that you are doing your utmost to prevent any possible mouth injury. For those fitted with dental braces, a specialised guard can be even more important but can be provided by your orthodontist or dentist.
When choosing the right device, some people opt for slightly cheaper pre-made options. Whilst these options may be better than nothing at all, they can fail to offer the same degree of protection afforded by a correctly and professionally fitted design. Likewise, some companies offer a home manufacturing kit, using boiled water to alter the shape of a pre-made model. Again, whilst useful, these versions will simply not offer the same degree of protection as a properly and expertly made version.

Maintenance and Replacement.

Another issue, particularly among those who are still growing, is failing to replace the mouthguard in adequate time. When it comes to protecting your teeth, depending on the level, intensity and the frequency of use, the device can begin to show wear and tear. Likewise, for those who are still growing, what was once a fitted guard might no longer be offering the same degree of protection. In order to ensure that you get the best possible protection, remember to renew your device. Asking your dentist during a regular visit can allow them to offer their expert advice during regular intervals.

Perfecting The Design

Available in an array of colours and designs, the value of creating a personal protective teeth guard is not limited to preserving your dental health. From your own team’s colours to your initials, personalised guards are now available from Synergy Dental.