Dermal Fillers – Lips

From: £195.00

Having lip filling treatment is a brilliant option for giving thinner looking lips a natural glow and fullness. Every step of the way, our fully-qualified and trusted practitioners will discuss the treatment and give you the freedom and alter you lips the way you want.



Lip fillers can be very beneficially for changing the aesthetic of the face, and if you feel that your lips aren’t emphasises enough naturally. This can be particularly useful for those patients who are unhappy with having naturally thin lips. The effects can give a plumping and lifting effect – similar to the effects of our anti-wrinkle treatment.

The process is incredibly simple, short-lived; and, contrary to popular belief, very minimally invasive. It is unlikely you feel any pain due to your practitioners’ professional technique. If you are any feeling pain or you’re nervous about the procedure, you may be offered anaesthetic cream or injections to avoid this.

Followed by a series of small injections into the appropriate areas, the practitioner will work the synthetic filler into the correct position for the desired look. After your treatment has been completed, you’ll be advised to rest for the next 24 hours, as there could be minor swell and a little discomfort over this period.

For more information on dermal lip fillers, book in with us for an initial consultation. This will allow you and the practitioner to discuss the treatment and what you’re looking achieve.