Retainers are used for post-orthodontic treatment, and will usually be the final step patients will go through to having achieved straighter teeth. Once a brace is removed, teeth will naturally want to move back into their original position, so retainers are used to maintain the desired look for much longer.



What are retainers?

Retainers are the final stage of most orthodontic treatments. They are ordinarily required to maintain the position of straightened teeth because they will naturally want to move back into their original position once the braces have been removed. Although, retainers have been known for doing much more – going as far as fixing some speech impediments. For those reasons, it is very important to use retainers, under your orthodontist’s order, to make ensure you’re getting the most effective straightening treatment. When you will need to wear the retainers will differ from treatment to treatment. Some patients are advised only to wear their retainer overnight, while other patients have been advised to wear them much longer.

What types of retainers are available?

There are two types of retainers that can be considered for a patient’s treatment. Removable and fixed retainers. Depending on what treatment you’ve had and your teeth, your orthodontist will make the final decision on which is best for your teeth.

What is good retainer maintenance?

You will be advised on the specifics of maintenance that is required for your retainers by the orthodontist, as it is an important aspect of your overall treatment. Fixed retainers will need regular check-ups to assure they are clean and free from debris, plaque, and cavities. Removable retainers can be clean at home with a regular denture cleaning solution or vinegar and water.



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