Dental Fillings


What is a Dental Filling?

Fillings are a commonplace procedure in dentistry, and all general dentists will have enough experience and Dental education with fitting them. This means there is usually no waiting time for getting them. Fillings are used to treat the effects of tooth decay, and this occurs when your teeth are exposed to the acid produce by plaque build-up.

You’ll know you have tooth decay if you are experiencing sudden toothache, sensitivity, coloured spots appearing on the teeth, and even bad breath. If the erosion caused by tooth decay is not filled in, symptoms can get serious, and you may need a more complex treatment, such as a root canal, to treat the site. Not only is this more costly, but it can also with bigger risks of complications.


What materials are available?

Dental Fillings are widely available in a variety of materials:

Amalgam offers a mixture of metal alloy and liquid mercury which creates a silver filling. An amalgam filling also has a strong durability to wear and tear and will probably last a long time.

Composite fillings have the added advantage of being more discreet by matching the tooth colour more than amalgam.

Instead, some patients choose the healing properties of a Glass-ionomer filling material. The material is primarily composited of alumina, silica, and calcium; and has an additional protective quality because of its fluoride content.

The disadvantage of glass-ionomer material is that it is weaker than composite or amalgam.


Who would benefit from the treatment?

Fillings are only used for sufferers of tooth decay, so not everyone will need one. Dentist will usually pick up on dental cavities during your standard dental check-up. Those who have developed deep cavities in the tooth will be advised to have a filling administered.


How does it work?

The procedure is very simple to complete and takes very little planning. This means that the filling can usually be placed on the day of your standard appointment. Once your dentist has had a throughout examination of your teeth, they will clean the site and fill the clean cavity with a specific type of filling material.

The material will be cured, and the patient will be given the all clear to go about the normal day without concern.

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