Dental Intravenous Sedation


At Synergy Dental clinics, we’re aware that fear of the dentist can prevent people from seeking necessary treatment. To combat this problem we provide a dental sedation service to relax patients and ensure they feel as comfortable as possible throughout their treatment. Also known as conscious sedation, dental sedation is a procedure that was introduced into dentistry as a means of calming and relaxing nervous patients while they undergo treatments. Used during minor, major and surgical treatments, this method of relaxation can prevent anxiety or fear, allowing patients to leave the clinic without feeling traumatized.

The procedure is completely safe and is administered by a qualified member of Synergy staff, who will oversee the process and remain on hand throughout the dental treatment. Unlike General Anaesthetic (GA), the sedation will keep the patient awake throughout their visit, while ensuring that they are completely comfortable and unable to feel any pain.

The method that Synergy provides is called ‘intravenous sedation’ and promotes relaxation whilst ensuring the patient remains conscious, in which a sedative agent is introduced into the bloodstream. The sedative sends patients into a state of relaxation while leaving them capable of responding to questions or commands.

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