Patient Appraisals

             For us, providing high-quality dentistry as well as making patients feel comfortable when they’re in the chair is the most important thing. We pride ourselves on it. But don’t just take our word for it, read and hear what our patients have to say!

John Curves
John C.
14:40 12 Sep 19
Brilliant Dentist. The clinic looks very modern and has up to date facilities. Looking forward for my teeth whitening course to begin 🙌
Ronnie Smith
Ronnie S.
10:28 12 Sep 19
just got say Richard is a fantastic dentist he makes you feel relaxed while having treatment and explains everything to you all the staff are very nice and make you feel welcome I would recommend synergy to anyone who needs a great dentist thanks ronnie smith
09:22 12 Sep 19
Recently needed a tooth extraction and Im happy with the treatment provided. Thanks especially to Doctors Mo Patel, Carly Burns and Tamara for their help.
Sevaan Balabanian
Sevaan B.
22:32 11 Sep 19
Friendly and helpful! One of the best dentist I've been to in years. Always puts my worries at ease. Always brilliant service.
Brenda Pendlebury Dadi
Brenda Pendlebury D.
09:51 11 Sep 19
very understanding , all costs and work on your teeth printed out, very clean clinic, even the toilets are exceptionally clean. they are very smart, uptodate technology, and always seek to please you the customer. the dental doctor absolutely approachable, and my teeth were cleaned so well am smiling
Peter Buckley
Peter B.
18:14 10 Sep 19
The best dentist around all the staff are the best and helpful
Sajid Afin
Sajid A.
17:28 05 Sep 19
High quality service and great after care. Highly qualified personnel with very patient friendly attitude.
Cat Whitfield
Cat W.
16:36 05 Sep 19
The nurse and dentist made me feel comfortable and at ease. Very friendly and helpful.
C Westb
C W.
17:43 04 Sep 19
Amazing!! Greeted with a smile when you walk in. Reception are very welcoming! Dentist was young but clearly knew what he was talking about. Answered every question while we made a plan of action. Felt very much like he was doing the best plan for me and not just trying to get as much money out of me as the could. Highly recommend!!!
Jo Morrison
Jo M.
12:08 03 Sep 19
Recently I had a traumatic tooth fracture and needed some minor surgery at Synergy Dental. Having developed a major dental phobia, this was proving quite hard for me to go through. Staff at Synergy were very nice, professional and reassuring. The dentist explained everything and he hummed all the way through the procedure which was very reassuring. I would highly recommend Synergy Dental
Michelle Abela
Michelle A.
18:19 02 Sep 19
Been to synergy dental clinic today Preston based to have some back teeth removed although I was nervous the staff was so lovely and reassuring the place was so sterile and clean too they gave good after care too that in the end I realised I’ve nothing to be scared of I was in good hands I’d highly recommend them
Terri Adele Appleby
Terri Adele A.
15:49 02 Sep 19
very great dentist they kept me calm even tho I was really nervous I would definitely recommend
Holt Tinkers Vicky
Holt Tinkers V.
13:18 02 Sep 19
I have been for two teeth removed today I was extremely nervous about it all the staff kept me calm and talked calmly and I would highly recommend them. Thankyou a great dentist experience
Star Bickerstaff
Star B.
10:09 01 Sep 19
Really put my mind at ease. Glad I found this place and they can help with what I want whilst being fully aware of how scared of dentists I am 😂 Lovely staff!
Yunus Patel
Yunus P.
12:16 30 Aug 19
I'm usually nervous about going to see the dentist but Dr Bilal made me feel comfortable and put me at ease immediately. I'm currently undergoing invisalign treatment and i'm very happy with the progress and service I have recieved so far. The dentist clearly explained what the treatment involves and what he was doing during my visits. Would definitely recommend.
Peter Lynd
Peter L.
16:28 29 Aug 19
As a new customer I have found synergy dental surgery was second to none worth every penny. The service I received At Burscough dental practice today was amazing. In all the years I have been going to the dentist I have never had my teeth cleaned that well.I WILL DEFINITELY BE GOING BACK WELL DONE SYNERGY THANKS YOU SO MUCH
Helen Skingsley
Helen S.
13:17 29 Aug 19
Great Harwood clinic is 5*, my daughter is very nervous when going to the dentist, Katie and Georgia, do a great job trying their best to make her comfortable, dont think she'll ever look forward to dental appointments but we know that every effort is made to help her.
John Curves
John C.
12:43 29 Aug 19
Good professional service. Friendly receptionist and excellent dentist. Occasional waiting times but what do you expect? I had my teeth whitening course complete and they look amazing 🌟
Kerry Gillick
Kerry G.
10:40 29 Aug 19
Amazing staff!.... made me feel very relaxed as I’m a very anxious patient regarding dental work.
Stacy Baldwin
Stacy B.
09:58 29 Aug 19
A very welcoming dental surgery, all the staff are amazing and I would highly recommend Synergy in Burscough.
08:00 29 Aug 19
Excellent service
Danielle Hurst-kelly
Danielle H.
20:34 28 Aug 19
Im an extremely nervous patient and the staff were excellent with me.
Wayne Monaghan
Wayne M.
21:04 27 Aug 19
Brilliant service from Mary the receptionist, the dental nurse and of course the dentist who treated me.After trying to get used to NHS full upper dentures and failing! I started to do some research into different dentures, finally I decided I would like light metal dentures with a hole in the upper palette plate so that I still could taste my food and drink which was impossible to do with the heavier NHS Dentures.Next research was to find a dentist that was able to undertake this work and more importantly solve any issues after the dentures had been made.Synergy dental practice at Blackburn seemed to be the dentist that I was looking for and after a phone call to them to discuss what I wanted I decided to book an initial consultation as a private patient.I had several appointments with Synergy Blackburn and every visit from walking through the door was professional and welcoming in every way, everything was explained to me before treatment commenced and precise measurements and moulds were made by the dentist and dental nurse.The final results meant that my dentures were of excellent quality and fitted without and irritating rubbing but most of all they looked natural.After a month or so of wearing the dentures I noticed that I was using more denture fixative than normal, a quick phone call to Mary the receptionist about my concern resulted in her making me an appointment to see if an improvement could be made.The dentist (sorry I forgot your name)discussed the problem with me and remade a moulding so that the dentures could be altered to give a slightly tighter fit.I have just today picked up my altered dentures and although only a minimal amount of alteration was needed the result means that I now have that perfect fit.It is this attention to detail that makes synergy Blackburn stand out from other dentists, from previous experience I know that some other practices would of turned round and said that that is the best they could do but not here at Synergy and to the dentist who I saw at Blackburn.Once again thank you for your Skills, care and professionalism.Wayne.
Jmes Whitelaw
Jmes W.
20:48 23 Aug 19
brilliant staff all very helpful polite
Karolina Rachelski
Karolina R.
17:50 17 Aug 19
Very experienced and helpful staff
Karen Louise Holden
Karen Louise H.
13:50 09 Aug 19
The staff are very friendly here. Highly recommend
Stephen Wingus
Stephen W.
09:33 08 Aug 19
Excellent service, wish i came here ages ago. Friendly staff, treatment is very professional. I'm relatively nervous, but am aware i made mistakes long time ago, so i know roughly what i would want.Very easy treatment plans and no major issues other than normal dental pains after, which is obvious. For me at least, no pain, even with 5 teeth out. Calming, easy for very nervous patients.Will gladly recommend.
Julie Kermath
Julie K.
20:12 07 Aug 19
Well after 11 months I have come to the end of all treatment ... Invisalign and Enlighten whitening my experience with Synergy has been excellent I couldn’t recommend Synergy enough but I have to thank my dental surgeon Aunkit Vaja who has gone above and beyond for me with all treatments!!! I hate the dentist and he has made this an amazing experience even when I moaned asked question after question all hours most weeks and had tantrums because I needed extra Invisaligns (10 weeks more) he always listened and answered any queries that I had he was super patient throughout and really is the best dentist I have ever been too !!! Thank you so much Aunkit for giving me the perfect smile and making me super happy with my teeth! Something I never in this lifetime thought I would ever be able to say!! I can’t recommend Aunkit enough so if your scared of the dentist or want the perfect smile this is the man you need to see ...... Thank you again synergy and especially Aunkit 😀😀😀😀
R.M Graham
R.M G.
18:23 04 Aug 19
Michelle Park
Michelle P.
08:48 03 Aug 19
I have been with this dentist since being a child, it was originally Mr Henry. and then a few years ago was taken over by Synergy. In that time its been taken over, i've had 3 different dentists. The first one was a very tall guy, i've forgotten his name, but he was great, friendly and made me feel at ease. After him I had a women dentist whom was a bit cold. Then a 3rd dentist called Adam who was very friendly and really nice. I am having a crown and had my tooth smoothed and drilled down on Wednesday, by Friday the crown cover has come off, I call up on Friday afternoon as its quite painful as its now exposed, to be told I can't be seen for a replacement for a week, and then to be told it would be a different dentist again and therefore might be charged £22.70 for the crown cap to be replaced even tho it was only 2 days ago and obviously wasn't put on correctly and me paying £270 on Tuesday for the crown treatment. 🙁
Kelly Bannister
Kelly B.
09:50 01 Aug 19
I received wonderful treatment here after being squeezed in for an emergency appointment, which I was extremely grateful for! Staff on reception are very polite and welcoming, the clinic is beautifully decorated and very clean, and the dental treatment I had from Eugene was fantastic. I would highly recommend!
Helen Lou
Helen L.
09:33 31 Jul 19
Really clean and friendly dentist practice. Eugene is very friendly but professional and gives really good results. 10/10
Peta Dowson
Peta D.
09:06 30 Jul 19
Fantastic service everytime! Dr Ai-Ling is fabulous and always puts me at ease. The reception staff are always friendly and helpful as are all the dental nurses. Would highly recommend this practice.
11:14 28 Jul 19
Excellent dentist
Roz Eccles
Roz E.
20:48 23 Jul 19
having not been to a dentist for 30 years due to a very traumatic experience Ali was very patient with me and talked me through everything he was going to do. i now go regularly and even having my teeth cleaned isnt scary anymore.
Shaz Porter
Shaz P.
14:15 23 Jul 19
dental staff are very friendly ,make you feel at ease ,very welcoming. anything to help .very good at their job my hubby has had extractions for past 2 weeks and really happy with how we was dealt with I am due to go for sedation and feel relaxed about going to these .
Samantha Mason
Samantha M.
13:46 22 Jul 19
I am a very nervous patient with my mouth, but they were so re assuring and polite! They were helpful and really made me feel better about the whole thing! Would defiantly recommend!
Jane Bridge
Jane B.
12:23 19 Jul 19
Great treatment I received, very professionally carried out.
janine timperley
janine T.
08:58 18 Jul 19
I recently finished 12 mths of treatment with Dr Ansar Mahmood and am so pleased with the results. All the staff at Synergy are so welcoming and professional. Matt and Drew have been fantastic and the dental nurses are lovely. Ansar was professional and attentive and patient, always answering my endless questions. I appreciate the amount of care and time he put into my treatment. I am so happy with the results and can now smile without being embarrassed by my teeth. I would highly recommended. Thankyou.
Ross Wallace
Ross W.
08:25 11 Jul 19
Rebecca Jane Herd
Rebecca Jane H.
08:16 11 Jul 19
Lovely service. Staff were all really friendly, it was clean and hygienic, and I felt really looked after. Definitely recommend.
Rebecca Herd
Rebecca H.
08:15 11 Jul 19
Lovely service. Staff were really friendly and felt like I was looked after. Definitely recommend.
Gillian Boucher
Gillian B.
10:24 10 Jul 19
Eugene the dentist is absolutely wonderful so patient and was wonderful with my daughter that has a needle phobia when she needed fillingsx the receptionist is always warm and welcoming and so are the dental nurses. I would highly recommend this dentist to anyone x
Louise Parsons
Louise P.
09:32 10 Jul 19
I had a root taken out today by the dental surgeon he was lovely explained everything to me, I didn't feel a thing, the staff are lovely would highly recommend. 😁😁😁
Julie Kraushaar
Julie K.
11:22 09 Jul 19
I have a terrible phobia about dentists, here at synergy they are all lovely. from the minute you walk into reception every body is so friendly and reassuring to when you are sat in the dentists chair knowing that you are being looked after. all treatment is clearly discussed with you and all options are given. whilst I still do worry about going to the dentist , the team at synergy have helped me with my fears . thank you.
Vicky Garnett
Vicky G.
08:35 09 Jul 19
Absolutely fantastic practice. All the staff here are lovely, would definitely recommend this place to anyone, they put people at such ease!
Jo Morrison
Jo M.
07:01 09 Jul 19
I have a fear of the dentist but the way the dentist explained everything and "hummed" tunes all the way through the procedure worked really well for me. Can't thank them enough. Very nice professional staff.
Victoria Percival
Victoria P.
09:29 05 Jul 19
Always a good experience, friendly, professional service, excellent dentist
Jianu Alexandra
Jianu A.
12:35 04 Jul 19
The best dentist Small price
Adam Richard Livesey
Adam Richard L.
15:38 03 Jul 19
Wonderful job very polite and helpful would recommend to anyone
Lesley Steadman
Lesley S.
08:22 03 Jul 19
nice practice polite staff and treat with respect
Elise Jaime Wright
Elise Jaime W.
14:34 02 Jul 19
Recently registered with Synergy and had a deep clean done on Saturday. So pleased with the results, only wish I'd gone sooner! Great staff and service. Can't recommend enough!
Elise Ince
Elise I.
14:33 02 Jul 19
Recently registered with Synergy and had a deep clean done on Saturday. So pleased with the results, only wish I'd gone sooner! Great staff and service. Can't recommend enough!
Jade Marie
Jade M.
09:17 02 Jul 19
Had some orthodontic treatment at Synergy with Dr Mahmood and got a perfect result! Before my treatment I was very unhappy with how unstraight my teeth was, now I have regained confidence and smile every single day! All staff at the practice are extremely friendly and take interest in patients. Would recommend the practice to anyone who needs a dentist!
Snieguole Stundzaite
Snieguole S.
11:41 26 Jun 19
Best clinic I ever had been before, so friendly , kind and vet professional. Definitely highly recommended
sas spaced
sas S.
07:58 24 Jun 19
Cannot fault this practice so far apart from having to wait because im a non paying NHS patient. I have been to many dentists over the years and none have had such a fantastic receptionist who is skilled in dental knowledge! Makes such a change to be able to get queries dealt with thoroughly, without having to wait for a dentist! Absolutely fantastic!
Stuart James O'melia
Stuart James O.
08:50 21 Jun 19
Slight mix up with the appointment time today (21st) against my original appointment card and the computer system..but after talking with the receptionist which was a delightful experience and a bit of shuffling later..they rectified it and manage to get me in even job synergy much appreciated..
Kym Short
Kym S.
19:44 20 Jun 19
went today with awful toothache and petrified of dentists my visit was amazing Had a tooth pulled out and never felt more comfortable and she spoke and explained everything as she was doing it amazing dentists would highly recommend
Gavin Wilkinson
Gavin W.
12:18 20 Jun 19
great service, pain free, efficient
Chloë Steele
Chloë S.
16:58 19 Jun 19
Recently went for a tooth extraction, all of the staff were really friendly and put me at ease. The dentist talked me through everything and made sure I couldnt feel any pain before removing the tooth- which he removed in the quickest time I've ever seen. The dental nurse ,Ebony, was very friendly and really calmed me down. The day after my appointment I got a call to make sure that I had no problems. Brilliant dental practice!
Thomas Beeh
Thomas B.
09:54 19 Jun 19
Brilliant dental practice! Would definitely recommend.
Jane Black
Jane B.
12:03 13 Jun 19
Really professional service, friendly staff, and a pleasant newly refurbished working environment. I’ve recently moved here and am very pleased.
Chris Aindow
Chris A.
09:31 13 Jun 19
Dr Lim was very sympathetic during tooth extraction. understood my anxiety & was very kind
Cynthia McCoy
Cynthia M.
09:06 13 Jun 19
Thanks Synergy Team for your brilliant customer service and my smile 😁 and my confidence too 😁 🎵Whoop Whoop🎵 ❤💛🧡💚💙💜🤗See you in three months for my check up😁🤗😁🤗😁🤗😁🤗
Jack H
Jack H
14:28 12 Jun 19
As always it's a 5 star from me. My dentist has always been pleasant and polite and has my best interests in mind. The dental assistants are all fabulous few notable mentions are ebony, Mary and Charlotte. Always very accommodating and make you feel less anxious. Would highly recommend and will continue using this service.
Danny Masterchief
Danny M.
13:03 10 Jun 19
Outstanding practice. Was sent here on a referral for a wisdom tooth extraction after being messed around by other local practices on multiple occasions and I can honestly say they are the best dental practice I have been to in my life. Excellent service, very modern and clean, great staff who really try to put you at ease. I was super anxious and the staff went out there way to put me at ease, explaining everything clearly and checking I was ok during the procedure and it worked! I managed to have the tooth extracted under local anesthetic, the dentist, Doctor Abdur-Rahman Ismail was great, quick and really seemed to understand the nerves I had. His humming during the procedure really helped too! His dental nurse was also fantastic too.My 8 months ordeal is finally over, if I could award ten stars I would, I'll certainly be recommending you to others. Thanks Synergy!
peter mounsey
peter M.
15:34 07 Jun 19
Great dentist, needed a tooth pulling, Adam and Georgina made it a pleasant visit. I was clearly informed of the best options for after treatments. The surgery is well located in town for the bus station and car parks. All in all top job.
Helen Skingsley
Helen S.
13:16 04 Jun 19
My daughter had an appointment this morning for a filling, she is very nervous when visiting dentist Katie and Georgia were excellent at trying to make her comfortable. Think Katie enjoyed making the rabbit more than Alex, now has pride of place on her shelf. Thank you ladies
Jamie Moore
Jamie M.
12:18 04 Jun 19
I am super impressed with this dentist. Having been butchered by the emergency dentist at Ringway, I phoned Synergy who saw me the next day to assess my emergency, and discuss treatment options. Having endured a 2nd flare up with dental pain on a different tooth following the initial successful treatment, they got me in within 30 minutes to triage the 2nd tooth, relieve the pain and temporary fill, all without charge as it was part of the agreed care from my previous visit. The procedure passed without any pain and back home within an hour. Honestly, I will never go to another dentist again whilst this team are here. This is how patient care for dentistry should be delivered, and the NHS could really learn a lot from this team
Carole Astley
Carole A.
04:39 04 Jun 19
Professional, friendly, good advice and excellent attention and support. Highly recommend
Chloe Kay
Chloe K.
15:42 03 Jun 19
Chipped my cap off my tooth and needed it fixing as soon as possible! Thankfully to synergy they got me in the morning after and fixed it for me and it’s perfect!! I don’t like the dentist but I felt at ease and comfortable throughout! Would 100% recommend synergy dental clinic!!!
Karen Thompson
Karen T.
12:37 03 Jun 19
Can not thank Synergy enough. My daughter was suffering with awful toothache and she was seen promptly. They looked after her when she had a panic attack and we can't thank them enough. Thank you so much all of you for looking after my daughter. Highly recommended.
Christine Verity-Watson
Christine V.
19:13 31 May 19
I had my first appointment at Synergy in Blackburn today. The dentist is not my favourite place to be and I was feeling anxious as I walked in but immediately I began feeling relaxed. The staff at the desk were very friendly and made me feel at ease also. When I was sat in the dentist chair I began shaking but soon subsided as Karim was fantastic. He informed me of all the options and what was the best for me. I never thought I’d hear myself saying .. Synergy is the best dentist I have ever been to. I’ll definitely be keeping to all my appointments. 5 star service.
Charmaine Seacy
Charmaine S.
14:30 31 May 19
First time at this clinic and I came for crowns and composite bonding so a bit apprehensive! Dr Munshi thoroughly went through the procedure with me and I absolutely love the work done, all the staff are very friendly and bubbly! 5* 😊
Hassan Farooq
Hassan F.
12:47 30 May 19
Fantastic dental surgery with very friendly staff, from the reception to my dentist Zoya. Had whitening treatment and from start to finish the process was smooth and EFFECTIVE! Thank you guys, look forward to seeing you all again in the future.
Linda Farrell
Linda F.
09:45 29 May 19
I would definitely recommend this clinic. Received excellent service from the receptionists and dentists.
Gareth Lang
Gareth L.
08:48 29 May 19
Wendy Pennington
Wendy P.
14:06 28 May 19
Excellent customer service and very friendly.
dawn markey
dawn M.
13:11 25 May 19
Happy with all dentists I've seen so far. Specially Dr Patel
Braden Jasper Hoey
Braden Jasper H.
20:20 24 May 19
Had a check up and scale, found the staff very welcoming and friendly. The receptionist at the time was very quick with sorting me out, however I didn’t feel like I was being rushed in and out. I was seen to very quickly the whole place seems like it had its timekeeping up to a very good standard. The dentist that saw me (Dr. Vaja) was very kind, and there was no awkwardness from the get go, his nurse at the time was also very kind and kept me very comfortable at all times throughout. The appointment was quick and very informative I came out knowing how to keep on top of my teeth and keep them in good condition. 11/10 would recommend.
Scott Youds
Scott Y.
20:07 24 May 19
What a great experience!! The girls, Charlotte, Katie and Ebony are awesome- would highly recommend!!
Dave Carney
Dave C.
20:03 24 May 19
Charlotte, Katie && Ebony are fabulous!!! So lovely and friendly fab service
David G
David G
14:44 23 May 19
Visited the Bury practice today for my check up and clean. Impressed with the service. Receptionists Matt and Drew are always happy to help, very friendly. Dentist always makes me feel at ease! Overall, brilliant clinic.
Zoe Kershaw
Zoe K.
12:45 23 May 19
great staff, very helpful and friendly, especially Katie, I would definitely recommend to any of my friends and family 100%, everything was super clean and run very efficiently and on time!
Adam Shaw
Adam S.
20:42 22 May 19
Highly recommend all the staff here.
Lauren Hartley
Lauren H.
18:51 22 May 19
friendly and professional staff. Thank you for your exellent services. 😊
Dee Kinder
Dee K.
09:59 22 May 19
I have been a challenging patient for a year.But Dr Bagasi has been so patient and understanding throughout.i am way over 100% happy with my over denture after a few problems over the year which were due to my jaw being complicated to deal with..but Dr Bagasi never gave up hope on getting them perfect for me..And Charlie his assistant is such a lovely person too...I can't thank you both enough for the hard work with me and now my perfect smile.😁..also the receptionist are very welcoming and a pleasure to meet to.
Moe T
Moe T
11:49 20 May 19
David Tupling
David T.
21:14 17 May 19
I used to be afraid of the dentist, not anymore! Lovely staff, nice and friendly and professional. Highly recommend!
Rachel Green
Rachel G.
20:15 17 May 19
Brilliant service. Had a white filling undertaken by Adam - really put me as a nervous patient at ease with his friendly manner, explained everything to me throughout and it was completely pain free..didn’t feel a thing!! Highly recommended this Dentist.
Lizzy Oldham
Lizzy O.
20:31 16 May 19
First class treatment. Staff are so helpful and I will would recommend synergy to anyone
Lee Taylor
Lee T.
17:04 16 May 19
Synergy great harwood fab serviceGreat staff 5 star
Shakil Alam
Shakil A.
09:54 16 May 19
The girls were fantanstic! From consultation to the actual appointment... Perfect! And the prices were the cheapest I have seen... quality and value. What more would you want? Love the phone call afterwards to see if you are OK. Nice touch Synergy!The Dentistry nurse checked up on me very frequently throughout the treatment!
Travis Ashton
Travis A.
08:05 14 May 19
Excellent service and treatment, I had a wisdom tooth extraction and filling on the 13th may, I have moderate Autism, ADHD and a few learning difficulties. They were both very patient as I was very nervous.
Rebecca Kershaw
Rebecca K.
13:13 13 May 19
I got refered to Synergy from my dentist for a tooth extraction.Both dentists were lovely and the treatment i recieved was fab.Each step was clearly explained by the dentist and he was very thorough.I will be looking into permanently switching to synergy which will make the dreaded dentist trips slightly more enjoyable.
Sophie Mcardle
Sophie M.
10:44 13 May 19
Where do i even start, my journey with synergy dental has been over 6 months a special announcement to Richard my dentist, Lauren the head receptionist & Carly the head dental nurse at the blackburn road surgery these 3 have been absolutely AMAZING! 15 months ago i had work done abroad which made my teeth terrible in a state i didnt even think was fixable Richard has done everything and more for me since the day i walked in if i needed an emergency appointment all 3 of them would make sure i would have one in the next hour, i was comforted and helped all the way through now i have a smile that has changed my life and gained a surgery where i actually feel are friends. i can totally understand why this surgery has won awards! all i can say is THANK YOU SO MUCH i cant recommend enough
Mark Thomas Philipson
Mark Thomas P.
09:21 13 May 19
Very good service and seen very quickly and on time
Becky Cooper
Becky C.
10:25 04 May 19
Great dentist, very friendly and all the staff are kind and knowledgeable
Jeanette Redford
Jeanette R.
13:27 03 May 19
I have been made to feel at ease at this dental practice, and all of the staff are friendly and helpful.
Katie Bywater
Katie B.
12:23 03 May 19
My son recently attended a appointment at this clinic and the staff here are so friendly and very helpful would highly Recommend 😁
Humaira Hussain
Humaira H.
11:07 03 May 19
The dentist was really nice and the staff very helpful and knowledgable. The nurse Amber was very helpful.
Jen McGill
Jen M.
17:52 30 Apr 19
I really honestly can’t say enough good things about these guys. I’ve always been terrified of going to the dentist but with care, consideration and a lovely manner, Ali and the team have cured me of it. Absolutely brilliant.
Nabia Maqsood
Nabia M.
09:03 30 Apr 19
very welcoming staff and they look after you really well. superb support given. i would reccomend.
Sammie Dobson
Sammie D.
08:48 30 Apr 19
Suzanne Whittle
Suzanne W.
10:41 26 Apr 19
All staff are pleasant and professional, excellent, efficient service.
David Robinson
David R.
15:36 25 Apr 19
Been using Synergy for a couple of years now and really happy with the service. Had a filling once that was miles better than my previous dentist. Also has convenient free parking at the back and is pubic transport links are also good as it’s near to the newly renovated and Grade 2 listed Preston Bus Station.
Claire Goodwin
Claire G.
15:18 25 Apr 19
Brilliant dentist an lovely staff 👍🏼😁
Ella Wilkinson
Ella W.
11:19 24 Apr 19
Would highly recommended this dentist staff are brilliant , I recently left my old dentist after things going wrong and was left terrified as my old dentist drilled into my nerve numerous times but joining here has put me at ease again. Thankyou synergy dental clinic for resorting my confidence 🙂 can’t fault my dentist here she is brill! Highly recommended 🦷
Debbie Gibson
Debbie G.
08:04 24 Apr 19
Arlene Hindle
Arlene H.
12:41 23 Apr 19
Very good service all staff pleasant and helpful all work completed brilliantly
Danielle Bolchover
Danielle B.
09:06 23 Apr 19
Lovely team here! Always caring and thoughtful. Would 100% recommend.
Nic Hilton
Nic H.
08:30 23 Apr 19
Very lovely dentist and always really calm and helpful!
Tracey Lorraine McDonald
Tracey Lorraine M.
09:44 22 Apr 19
Lovely clinic and lovely staff! Highly recommend x
Lauren Cheetham
Lauren C.
21:00 18 Apr 19
Lovely practice, very professional.
Kellie Ashcroft Clark
Kellie Ashcroft C.
20:54 18 Apr 19
What a fabulous team at the Burscough practice. Mr Stanley thank you for being so caring with one of my young Sons. And Adam ( dental nurse) , thank you for making my son feel at ease. Such a pleasure every time we visit. The whole team is a credit to Synergy.
Suzanne Brown
Suzanne B.
16:52 18 Apr 19
Great service here, thank you!
Leanne Webb
Leanne W.
15:59 18 Apr 19
Excellent practice with very knowledgable and friendly staff. Would highly recommend
Kathleen Millett
Kathleen M.
15:55 18 Apr 19
Absolutely brilliant staff and service would recommend highly. Zoe was very helpful and always has a smile on her face 😃
Lee White
Lee W.
15:32 18 Apr 19
The best dentist ever!!!!
Victoria Goulbourne
Victoria G.
15:26 18 Apr 19
Had excellent teeth whitening here - enlighten really is the best teeth whitening with no pain! Thankyou for the professional service!
Emma Sergison
Emma S.
15:17 18 Apr 19
Fab service & treatments would recommend
Natalie Archer
Natalie A.
15:01 18 Apr 19
Excellent service Very helpful staff
Johnn Ashcroft
Johnn A.
14:33 18 Apr 19
Great service and always helpful.
Sarah Taylor
Sarah T.
14:27 18 Apr 19
Brilliant staff and service. Would highly recommend.
Jill Riley
Jill R.
14:21 18 Apr 19
Very professional staff. Would definitely recommend. Zoe was really friendly and very helpful
Bethany Rose Bailey
Bethany Rose B.
14:15 18 Apr 19
lovely practice with great staff.
Angela Goulbourne
Angela G.
14:01 18 Apr 19
Excellent service from all Staff, very welcoming on arrival, credit to the manager for being so acomodating.would recomend and Will not go anywere else myself. Well done Synergy Ormskirk
Tracy Woods-Porter
Tracy W.
13:16 18 Apr 19
Tom Batho
Tom B.
13:10 18 Apr 19
These guys are brilliant! Put off going to the dentist for years due to fears of dentist. This surgery is wonderful, very considerate and the staff are always very supportive. Dentist is very gentle and knows their stuff.10/10 - Wouldnt go anywhere else.
Jayne Leet
Jayne L.
12:34 18 Apr 19
Myself and all my family go to this clinic and we find the staff very friendly. I would highly recommend it.
Kimberley Jane
Kimberley J.
10:16 18 Apr 19
We travel an hour to this dentist as my children love Dr Stanley. Professional and friendly.Always goes that little bit extra for their patients.
Lisa Seddon
Lisa S.
10:15 18 Apr 19
Eugene is so patient with me as I’m a very nervous patient. Highly recommend this surgery. Angela the receptionist is so lovely & always has a smile for you.
Thea Jayne Hulme
Thea Jayne H.
10:12 18 Apr 19
Lovely friendly staff, very reassuring and explained thoroughly what needed to be done.
Joe Reeder
Joe R.
12:18 17 Apr 19
great, friendly staff. I had an excellent visit.
Andrea Howker
Andrea H.
12:12 17 Apr 19
After years of being terrified of dentist finally got the courage to go here the service is brilliant really put you at ease matt the receptionist is one nice polite guy will defo visit again to this practice thanks a lot guys
James Neil Hamblet
James Neil H.
11:52 16 Apr 19
Very friendly team- our family all come here. Definitely recommended! 👍🏻
Zoë White
Zoë W.
09:25 16 Apr 19
Brilliant practice! Very professional.
Zoë White
Zoë W.
09:24 16 Apr 19
Excellent service! Fantastic staff. Would definitely recommend.
Megan Vowels
Megan V.
13:07 11 Apr 19
Best practice with the best team!
Nathan Marsden
Nathan M.
09:03 11 Apr 19
Bilal has been incredible, everything you want in a dentist! Highly recommended
Fran Gledhill
Fran G.
14:42 05 Apr 19
Having treatment here with Claire and Georgia. Very professional service, relaxing during treatment and Claire the dental nurse really takes care of her patience.
Tina Bentley
Tina B.
08:34 05 Apr 19
lovely service and helpful staff would highly recommend them
Sharon Davies Callow
Sharon Davies C.
08:26 03 Apr 19
Service very professional and treatment done in a very friendly atmosphere would recommend the practice
Paul Morton
Paul M.
09:55 02 Apr 19
I could not recommend this place more highly both in terms of treatment and attitude, and as a disabled person it was just incredibly nice to be accommodated so well. The specifics - I've a fused, bent spine and can't open my mouth very far, so I'm really not easy to deal with as a patient and I'd been told some years ago that I'd need to have a dental hospital appointment to break my jaw for treatment. My attitude from then was just to wait for it to be bad enough to warrant that.So I came in to my first appointment here last year, the dentist (after making sure I was comfortable) just said "Well, we'll see what we can do, okay?" and then proceeded to fix everything as if it wasn't a huge nightmare, always looking out for if I needed a break.On top of that there was some work being done nearby that made it a little too loud for me to use my mobile, so the receptionist called a taxi for me and even nipped out to make them drive to the right side of the road for me since I can't cross easily. I really appreciated it all, and subsequent visits were of the same quality.
Fauzia Patel
Fauzia P.
01:10 30 Mar 19
Staff at Synergy Dental are always so friendly and polite. The Dentist always makes my daughter feel comfortable and at ease. The practice is kept very clean and the new refurbishment looks fab! Would highly recommend to all family and friends.
Jade Rushton
Jade R.
10:51 29 Mar 19
Absolutely fantastic staff dentist nurse and receptionist was so nervous they put me totally at ease thank you
Emma Sharrocks
Emma S.
11:09 27 Mar 19
I recently had a treatment here. They were very thorough and extremely professional. It was my first visit and I was made to feel very welcome and the receptionist put me at my ease straight away. The property was kept very clean and well presented. A really good experience altogether.
Candice Burridge
Candice B.
15:05 26 Mar 19
Brilliant service and very friendly staff once again. Always put me at ease. Would highly recommend this dentist to anyone who hasn’t seen a dentist in a while due to a fear of them. 10/10
Claire Hindle
Claire H.
12:52 25 Mar 19
The girls at the Great Harwood branch are always helpful and friendly. They alwaya make you feel wecome and put you at ease
Kayleigh Atkinson
Kayleigh A.
12:02 25 Mar 19
Amazing staff very welcoming and friendly, Come here with my partner as and when she needs to, she always leaves feeling happy and comfy, her dentist is very good, Think I might change my dentist here. Thank you all.
Jade Gethins
Jade G.
20:14 22 Mar 19
I brought my three young children for a check up last week, Bilal was brilliant and his nurse Kerry was amazing with the kids. Polite and welcoming reception staff also which put us at east as soon as we arrived. A lovely practice with great staff! Would highly recommend Synergy Dental Clinic!!
Alex S
Alex S
19:48 22 Mar 19
Nice and clean surgery, only been once for a check up, dental nurse and woman on reception really friendly and helpful
Karina Catlin
Karina C.
10:43 22 Mar 19
the staff are friendly and professional at all times and they are great with my children as well would recommend them to anyone
Natalie Singleton
Natalie S.
13:28 21 Mar 19
Zuber Bagasi professionalism is outstanding very happy with service
Tim Skinner
Tim S.
12:17 20 Mar 19
Excellent friendly service.
Irene Patterson
Irene P.
15:50 14 Mar 19
Rang up this morning for an appointment, booked for later on today, excellent service, friendly reception and brilliant dentist. Couldn’t ask for better
Demi Whittaker
Demi W.
10:54 12 Mar 19
I rang Synergy dentist and asked whether they had a specialist dentist in to take my wisdom tooth out as I was previously referred to Royal Preston hospital and they couldn't get me in for some time. (my dad mentioned there was a specialist dentist that works there on a Monday). I had to go private and pay. however, I was happy to do this! you do have to pay 20pound upfront to book your appointment, this comes off the final bill.very friendly staff over the phone and booked me in with no problems at all.. I asked if they would be any cancellations would they be able to contact me so that I could be moved forward. Synergy dentist rang me when a cancellation became available. (Great service).I went for my procedure yesterday (which I must say was a big procedure as my wisdom tooth was hiding in my gums/close to my jaw) causing me a lot of pain. I was explained by the dentist everything they where going to do. I won't lie the procedure was very uncomfortable but I knew this would be because of the job they needed to do. The dentist reassured me throughout the whole procedure and asked if I was ok several times. today the receptionist rang me up too see if I was ok after my procedure and how I was doing. I've had my wisdom teeth took out before elsewhere and they never rang me up. fabulous customer service. great service, very knowledgeable dentist who works there on a Monday for wisdom teeth..if I ever have any problems again regarding wisdom teeth. I know where to go and that's private with these guys. Thanks again. x
Janet Eastwood
Janet E.
11:08 28 Feb 19
I had a filling by Mr Salim this week. I have always been extremely nervous about the dentist especially injections (due to a previous painful experience), however I needn't have been as he was so lovely and very gentle. I hardly felt the injection at all. I will no longer be nervous about seeing the dentist and am definitely going to stay with Synergy. Highly recommended. Thank you all at Synergy Dental
Taylor Melane
Taylor M.
19:07 26 Feb 19
Went today I was scared put me at ease the best dentist iv ever been to thankyou
Kelly Marsden
Kelly M.
16:15 25 Feb 19
All of the staff are incredibly helpful! Dr. Stanley is very professional and I know I’m in safe hands ☺️
Mike Johnson
Mike J.
19:18 23 Feb 19
Great Dentist and friendly staff. Asma was great and really helpful. Would recommend to everyone.
Mehair Khan
Mehair K.
12:22 18 Feb 19
Friendly staff, great dentists. Great prices
Alysha Sheridan
Alysha S.
13:34 13 Feb 19
Im a nervous patient and Karim and Charlotte were AMAZING, check up done, xrays done, impression for night guard taken and I felt totally at ease, both were very patient and caring.Thank you to Ebony on reception too I left the building with a smile on my face 😁😁
Rita Skilling
Rita S.
16:30 12 Feb 19
Well run dental practice, always helpful and a fantastic atmosphere
Ruth Froes
Ruth F.
12:37 11 Feb 19
I hadn't been to the dentist for a very long time due to fear. I came here and have been treated by Zoya who is an excellent dentist. She explains everything and is very good at making me feel calm and reducing my fear. I have recently had a tooth extraction and I can't believe how well it went. All the staff here I have met are very welcoming. You do a wonderful job. Thank you.
Gunars Bebris
Gunars B.
11:25 09 Feb 19
Can't appreciate enough Dr Ali and his dedication to work, more and more smiley patients to you.
Danielle Greenhalgh
Danielle G.
16:17 08 Feb 19
I would highly recommend synergy dental clinic, excellent service and very friendly and professional staff
Kirsty Brindle
Kirsty B.
13:49 06 Feb 19
I've recently registered as a patient with Synergy and had my first check up today 06/02/2019. The reception staff were very pleasant upon arrival and the dentist and dental nurse were very professional and friendly. The facilities are very modern.
Philip Willett
Philip W.
12:36 01 Feb 19
Great job, thanks Asma & team..
Kevin Ward
Kevin W.
22:39 31 Jan 19
Honestly I can't praise the staff here at synergy Preston enough,for dentist Ali to give up his day off to do my treatment,and for Seema to give up her dinner hour to assist,is well above the standard I'm used to. I needed this treatment before I go off to work in Chile,and I was on a tight schedule,brilliant guys,I will call in next time I'm on leave,superb
Lorraine Kendall
Lorraine K.
16:37 31 Jan 19
very happy with the treatment I received , the staff were very helpful and I even got a phone call asking how I was feeling the day after the treatment , would definitely recommend this dental practiceMaxine Gribbins
Uzair Dadabhai
Uzair D.
12:33 31 Jan 19
Great practice with great staff
Anja Beasley
Anja B.
22:50 29 Jan 19
Great dentist and very friendly staff
David Quayle
David Q.
12:09 26 Jan 19
Always friendly and accommodating and the lovely stuff
Inka Łukasz Ratajczak
Inka Łukasz R.
16:17 25 Jan 19
Highly recommend! Staff are always friendly and willing to help. The customer care is great.
Ruth Peters
Ruth P.
10:31 25 Jan 19
Would just like to say a big thank you for the treatment given to my son today . The dentist who treated my son (sorry I don't know his name) was so lovely. He explained everything so clearly and put him at ease. I would highly recommend this dentists. Thank you again.
Jack Foley
Jack F.
12:56 24 Jan 19
Very friendly staff and have improved my smile every visit that has been made
Joanna Jayne
Joanna J.
13:34 23 Jan 19
i highly recommend synergy dental clinic all the staff our lovely and really helpfull.
Paula Wilson
Paula W.
11:18 23 Jan 19
Needed alot of work in a short space of time, Amber the receptionist, along with Al the dentist did everything possible to get my work completed in the shortist possible time, highly recommend.
grace fanscloud
grace F.
10:44 23 Jan 19
Had my wisdom tooth removed and it was virtually pain free. I was made to feel comfortable and safe through the whole process. No cutting or stitching or drilling he just popped the tooth out under local anesthetic. I was really worried but now I know I have nothing to worry about if I need to return.
15:12 22 Jan 19
Fantastic Dental Surgery, always feel welcome as soon as you walk in the door, great service, no complaints what so ever.
James Addy
James A.
13:06 21 Jan 19
They were able to offer me a last minute appointment. The dentist (Asma?) was very kind and took time to explain all my options.
Martin Bolton
Martin B.
09:42 18 Jan 19
Very knowledgeable dentist, provides good treatment, explaining all along what he is doing and why. Gives good advice re how to clean teeth properly. Friendly, cheerful staff.
Carol Shea
Carol S.
15:03 17 Jan 19
Excellent service,ive never smiled as much for years and so pleased.thanks synergy..well recommended..
Anne George
Anne G.
14:26 16 Jan 19
Having been nervous of the dentist all my life it was with some trepidation that I made an appointment here. I need not have worried. From the initial telephone call to the efficient friendly receptionist where everything was explained to me, my treatment has been first class. Asma has to be one of the loveliest and talented dentists I have had. She puts you at ease, is always polite and courteous, and most definitely knows her stuff! If you’re worried about going to the dentist then this practice is definitely for you.
Poppy Wellman
Poppy W.
10:21 16 Jan 19
The staff are really friendly here and the receptionists are really welcoming, wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.
M Kemmar
M K.
13:25 15 Jan 19
I came to the surgery as an interpreter this week and just had to pay my compliments to your receptionist (Matt I believe). My word! The best receptionist I’ve ever come across, and I’ve encountered a lot of receptionists! How he manages to cope with that amount of people coming to the desk whilst also dealing with a phone that never seemed to stop ringing, whilst also providing knowledgeable advice and support to the patients is beyond me! And all on his own! He brings compassion, professionality and humour to the job with a flare that I’ve never seen in anyone before. Your patients seem to adore him and he seems to love giving them his time, whether that be explaining some treatment or just chatting. Plus he seemed to know everybody’s names! Give this man a pay rise! With how busy your clinic seemed to be, I think anyone else would have cracked under the pressure. If the boss is reading this, hang on to this one! Super impressed!
Baboucarr Sowe
Baboucarr S.
12:56 15 Jan 19
I have had many dentists in the past but Dr Adam is the best by far, one of the best dentist in the world, if you are looking for a good dentist go to Senergy Dental Clinic and ask for Dr Adam.
Chloe Mulligan
Chloe M.
12:32 15 Jan 19
Amazing service from receptionist
Zack Garrigan
Zack G.
10:56 15 Jan 19
Good service in great lever
Faizel Chana
Faizel C.
10:56 15 Jan 19
Came in for a filling customer service was top notch from the receptionist called Caitlen right through to the dentist... warm welcoming when walking through the door with lovely smiles.. would highly recommend to anyone who wants quality customer service because it’s very rare to have top notch quality service in this day and age throughout the process.. thanks again to the synergy team and cait for making my experience a memorable one and returning one
Hazel Long
Hazel L.
20:18 14 Jan 19
Synergy dental clinic are the best so reassuring and make you feel so relaxed I hated going to the dentist before I joined synergy but I love going now
Kevin Greenwood
Kevin G.
15:23 14 Jan 19
Glad I found this wonderful practice. Great staff I would highly recommend it
Jack Henriques
Jack H.
12:51 11 Jan 19
After 2 very painful fillings some years ago I was very apprehensive prior to my implant appointment. On reflection, these fears were unfounded because I felt no pain at all except the discomfort of keeping my mouth open for 40 minutes or so. Dr Zuba had performed many thousands of these procedures and his experience soon became apparent. He worked intensively and with great speed throughout thereby minimising the operation time. The result was perfection. I wouldn't go anywhere else.The operation took place about 12 months ago but it was yesterdays visit that prompted me to write this post. I was due to visit Mr Patel to replace a very large filling. One of those that caused me so much pain years ago. Once again. Everything went well and I had nothing to fear. Thank you both.Jack Henriques
Gal Freeman
Gal F.
12:31 11 Jan 19
The best receptionist!😁
Helen Chambers
Helen C.
11:41 09 Jan 19
I had treatment yesterday and left crying HAPPY tears. I really want to thank Dr.Adam and the nurse with him 😣 who's name I can't remember. they were amazing with me, I was comfortable the whole time, they talked me through everything and even chatted with me about me, they kept me calm when I heard my son crying outside, they were professional but kind and caring too and it made, not just my appointment but, my whole day feel better. Thank you so much, I felt like a person not just an appointment and my teeth feel great 😍😊 never thought I'd leave a dentist crying because I was happy and overwhelmed by it. even got my dad, who hasn't seen a dentist for 10 years through fear, to sign up 😊
Neil Thompson
Neil T.
21:14 03 Jan 19
Excellent dentist, staff and friendly service. Highly recommended.
Ann Yates
Ann Y.
11:17 02 Jan 19
Seen other dentists over the years but have never been to one who was as calm and relaxed as I did today. I was nervous after some poor experiences but needn't have been. I needed an extraction which, while it was stubborn to come out, didn't hurt at all. Glad I took my son's advice. Thank you.
Susan Michelle Cooney
Susan Michelle C.
23:04 16 Dec 18
this dentist is excellent would recommend the staff are frendly and my dentures that I had done here was really good
Sarah Elizabeth Hannan
Sarah Elizabeth H.
21:13 12 Dec 18
Was quiet nervous going to the dentist but was desperate to have my teeth done so through recommendation I came here, 7 root canals and 8 porcelain caps later I'm glad I did, I love my teeth and I can actually smile at my customers at work now ! Everyone was so patient and reassuring, I'm coming back next year for more treatment, thanks synergy 😁
Veronica Moyles Littlechild
Veronica Moyles L.
19:24 07 Dec 18
Ali is brilliant,I’m such a nervous patient but he made me feel so at ease and I’m so happy with my teeth now...thankyou Ali
Jon Rowe
Jon R.
22:45 06 Dec 18
Very friendly and welcoming staff the nurse and dentist did there best make a very nervous patient as relaxed as possible. I feel comfortable that the future treatment's will be dealt with safety and professionally.
Craig Allen
Craig A.
16:37 04 Dec 18
Root canal treatment The reception staff, dental nurse and the dentist were all very professional and courteous.I asked many questions to my dentist who answered them honestly and in a way I understood.Nothing seemed too much trouble for her. Making me feel very relaxed.My treatment was painless.Have been pain free since.Thank you everyone *****
Jamie McCann
Jamie M.
17:53 03 Dec 18
I had 2 crowns and 4 veneers fit at the Gt Harwood surgery. I am very pleased with the results and the staff there where very friendly and helpful.
Wendy Sprigings
Wendy S.
10:51 30 Nov 18
perfect with young children as i have a 10 year old and 6 years old always made at ease
Lorraine Culshaw
Lorraine C.
11:52 29 Nov 18
From Angela on Reception to Eugene and his dentistry, the whole experience at Synergy in Burscough is exceptional. Would highly recommend
Sue Peacock
Sue P.
10:23 29 Nov 18
I would highly recommend this dentil practice they make u feel at ase and they are good with nervous patients
Lauren Mcgaheyy
Lauren M.
17:27 28 Nov 18
went today to go and get treatment all the staff are very helpful polite and friendly, Katie and Georgina were are fantastic all treatment was completed to the highest standard highly recommend
Toria Tee
Toria T.
16:37 28 Nov 18
Great practice, very friendly and helpful staff. Eugene is great with our children. They love the dentist now. I would highly recommend this practice.
Nichola Parkinson
Nichola P.
14:45 28 Nov 18
All the staff are friendly especially Katie who puts you at ease straight away and Geogina is a fabulous dentist very gentle and explains everything really well as I say all the staff I have had dealings with Geogina Katie and Mary are all brilliant thank you.
Ste Taylor
Ste T.
10:41 28 Nov 18
Very caring and patient with a very nervous patient Katie and Georgia are fab
Cheryl Fay
Cheryl F.
10:39 28 Nov 18
very caring and very patient thankyou very much
Toria Tee
Toria T.
10:35 28 Nov 18
Great practice, very friendly and helpful staff. Eugene is great with our children. They love the dentist now.
Nicola Simms
Nicola S.
21:06 27 Nov 18
Lovely friendly staff, very professional but also caring and helpful
Farhanah Bhuta
Farhanah B.
22:54 26 Nov 18
Excellent service
Justine Wilkinson
Justine W.
13:12 22 Nov 18
I booked at Synergy Dental Clinic due to wisdom tooth pain.. made the appointment online which was quick and simple and managed to get seen a few hours later. When I arrived the reception staff were very warm and welcoming and explained everything to me. I was taken through to be examined and the dentist I saw was very friendly and she put me at ease straight away (I'm quite anxious when it comes to dentists!) after examination the next stages were explained to me on what I needed to do next. All in all professional friendly place and great first experience as a new patient 🙂
Cathy Matthews
Cathy M.
16:18 21 Nov 18
First visit today Staff were Nice & Friendly Dentist & the Dental Nurse were Lovely made me feel at ease Highly Recommend!!
Esther D
Esther D
14:34 21 Nov 18
Great dentists - the staff here are all so friendly and reassuring, which makes a potentially stressful experience really easy. During check-ups they explain everything very clearly, and always make sure that I know what's going on and check with me before doing things like cleaning away build-up or putting on special toothpaste. Best practice I've been to, highly recommended - my teeth are in good hands!
Julia Csesznyak
Julia C.
16:02 20 Nov 18
I went today for my six monthly check up. The dentist and Katie the technician where very good and made my experience a good one.
Jody Gray
Jody G.
15:49 20 Nov 18
Went to Synergy to have my wisdom tooth out, and both the dentist (Adam) and the nurse (Charlotte) were top notch. They made me feel comfortable, listened to me and got the job done quickly. highly recommend this dentist.
Robert I
Robert I
20:30 16 Nov 18
12:43 16 Nov 18
Katie and Georgina are brilliant! Very friendly and have done everything they can to get my work done quickly!
James Fitton
James F.
11:47 15 Nov 18
Required a tooth removing that a previous dentist was unable to remove. Needed it removing before I could continue to work. Arrived at 12 greeted by a pleasant receptionist , in the dental chair at 12.10 , tooth removed by 12.20 no paint at all , thanks 😁
Paul Forrest
Paul F.
16:27 14 Nov 18
I had my first visit yesterday for a filling. The staff were lovely (especially the dentist who was lovely and did a great job of making me relaxed before the procedure.) The treatment was also quick and pain free. Great job!
Lewis Kemp
Lewis K.
10:23 14 Nov 18
Best practice ever. Never waiting long, the treatments are always great and Caitlen and Becca on reception are absolute superstars.
Brian Sillett
Brian S.
11:28 11 Nov 18
I prefer to pay by cash but on the last 2 occasions there was no float to provide change.The waiting area is cramped.To enter/exit requires some awkward shuffling and the step can catch one out.The reminder letter is always welcome but contains unfriendly threats about missing an appointment. Unexpected events can occur within the 48 hour period.The stamp on the form one has to complete contains Mr Mooney's name and as far as I know, he no longer has a surgery there.
Peter Dolan
Peter D.
12:46 08 Nov 18
I had been frightened of the dentist for all my life and avoided going for over 28 years however after attending synergy dental clinic I am glad I did all the staff are extremely polite and professional today I had 3 fillings and a clean and never felt a thing I would recommend this clinic to anyone thinking of obtaining dental care thank you for giving me my smile back
Saskia Fernandez
Saskia F.
13:55 07 Nov 18
So far so good and the xray was amazing asma was fantastic she can look after me anytime and gentle too and I had great confidence shell get my teeth perfect again friendly staff that make you at ease and not look down at you ....dead HAPPY
Phil Hipkiss
Phil H.
13:34 07 Nov 18
Quick service,nhs available.Fast appointments for treatment.
Shaun Greenwood
Shaun G.
15:19 01 Nov 18
I was so nervous to go to the dentist, but the team here were excellent and made me feel really comfortable, they worked wonders on my new smile and now i never have to be ashamed to show my teeth again.
Luke Handley
Luke H.
18:31 31 Oct 18
Great dentist! I don’t have gmail so am using a friends thank you so much for your help and care i was extremely nervous and your dentists where fantastic! All staff where very friendly thank you again.
Wayne Handley
Wayne H.
15:11 31 Oct 18
A very clean and we'll equipped dental practice with friendly and helpful staff and a receptionist with a smile to put you at ease
Tina Leonard
Tina L.
09:40 31 Oct 18
Amazing staff.... very helpful and friendly 🙂
Daniel Wilkinson
Daniel W.
22:01 30 Oct 18
Great service by friendly staff. All 4 of us in my family have now joined up with ease. Very impressed and staff are great with the little ones too!
Laura Jordan
Laura J.
19:48 23 Oct 18
The dental treatment I have had done today was excellent. The equipment they have is really high tech and the dentist made me feel really relaxed.5 star service I received
Jordan Glover
Jordan G.
17:34 23 Oct 18
My daughter moved here when my wife started her new job! The dentist she sees is fantastic with her! Lovely practice nice and clean! Very friendly and warming staff! Would definitely recommend all of them, especially Katie