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Ian Oliver

Army Officer

“Dr Zubz saw me, explained everything that was required and I was very happy with the subsequent treatment. Zubz and his team are all extremely friendly, I will definitely come back again. It’s an excellent service and very refreshing.”

Rachel Roberts


“Since I moved back to Ireland I have been continuing to return to Blackpool to visit my dentist here because he has given me such fantastic treatments and he is a wonderful dentist. I will continue to come back.”

Lenard Davies


“Many thanks for everything, I have finally got my smile back thanks to Dr Bagasi’s fantastic work and all the girls who have been great at all times. Once again a big thank you!”

Eileen McHale


“I was very worried as I am a very nervous patient but the whole procedure was wonderful from start to finish. Thank you very much everybody at the practice!”

How I gained my confidence back with Dental Implants

Barbara Avis first came to Synergy Dental Clinic in 2010 specifically with a dental implant treatment in mind.  She decided to visit Synergy after reading the patient reviews online that the practice had received from other people who had dental implant treatments.

“The things I read about Dr Bagasi on the website were just really encouraging so I decided that I was going to take the first step and book an implant consultation which was very reasonably priced at only £15.”

“When I arrived at the practice I was feeling very nervous about the whole thing because, like many people I’m sure, I’m not a massive fan of dentists.  However I knew that this is what I wanted to do as I was starting to feel very conscious about my teeth and I wasn’t enjoying food as much as I used to.  Basically, it was just starting to affect my day to day life.”

After attending the practice in October 2010 for the implant consultation, Barbara booked her appointment one month later for the first stage of her implant treatment.

“I was very nervous that day as Dr Bagasi had told me that I required several implants, so we decided between us that we would do my treatment in stages, one side and then the other at a later date.  This really made me feel like Dr Bagasi and his team were doing what was best for me rather than rushing the treatment to get it out of that way.  Throughout the procedure I did feel very comfortable and as the surgery progressed my nerves just faded away.  There was no pain and I was really well informed about what was happening.  Looking back I don’t know what I was so afraid of.”

From October 2010 until March 2011 Barbara attended several review appointments to make sure her surgery had gone well and that everything was healing as expected.

She says, “I was really happy to have the extra appointments to see Dr Bagasi as it meant I had nothing to worry about as my implants where assessed every few weeks.  The team really were brilliant during these appointments, offering me flexible times to fit around my life, giving me lots of advice on how to clean and take of my implants during the healing stages and just generally taking an interest in my life and well-being.  It felt like nothing was too much trouble for them so I always felt relaxed and looked forward to seeing them each time.”

“In March 2011 I had the crowns fitted onto the implants and they just looked amazing!  They were so natural and even I struggled to tell where my teeth ended and implants started.  My friends and family commented on how happy and confident I looked so after a few months I knew that I was ready to have the rest of the gaps replaced.”

Barbara booked her appointment to have further implants in April 2012 and says, “I did have a few months’ break before going ahead with the second stage as I wanted to get used to having more teeth again, and to be honest, it was nice to have a break from going to the dentist.  At no point did I feel rushed or pressured to get on with the treatment.  The practice just let me progress at my own speed.”

“The surgery was just like it had been before, I had a full treatment plan so I knew what to expect, I was well informed about the progress and the team where just so well organised.  My treatment just seemed to be running so smoothly.”

In September 2012 Barbara’s implant treatment was finally over and she could not be happier with the results.

“This treatment has just changed my life. I feel so confident about my smile; enjoy eating food again and just generally feel happier about myself.  The difference your smile makes is just amazing!  Synergy Dental Clinic is just a wonderful place for treatment, and I now look forward to seeing Dr Bagasi on my regular check-ups.  My advice for anyone who needs a dentist, not just for implant treatment, but for any reason is to get yourselves booked in.  It could do what it did for me and change your life.”

Peter Latcham, 56

I have recently become a patient at Synergy Dental Clinic and it is comforting to know that all the members of the team are very friendly, helpful and understanding. Dr Bagasi is a very fine dentist; he is very friendly and considerate to the patient. The surgery is conveniently located in Blackpool with  parking and with varying opening times for most patients. Although I have only been a patient for a short time I would thoroughly recommend this dental practice – well done!

Richard Farrar, 45

I have always been very nervous and uncomfortable when it comes to seeing the dentist and was always looking for ways to get out of going. But now, having had treatment from Dr Zuber Bagasi it has put my confidence back in dentistry. My fear of pain has now gone, which was one of my main problems. The staff are very pleasant, relaxing and also helpful. I would recommend Synergy Dental Clinic to anyone. Very friendly atmosphere.

Colleen Tilling, 68

I am very happy to say the treatment I received was excellent. The service is very good, and the staff are very kind and considerate. I would recommend Dr Bagasi as a dentist as he is very good. I am a patient who is very nervous and cannot stand pain, but you are put at ease straight away.

Shirley Barlow

Excellent service. Very happy. Pleased with the staff and the surgery. Dr Bagasi is an excellent dentist. He has a charming manner and makes you feel comfortable. I would definitely recommend Dr Bagasi. He is an exceptional dental surgeon. The staff are great, very friendly and nothing is too much trouble for them.

Other testimonials

My Dental Implant Journey

Jonathan Acourt joined the Synergy Dental Practice back in 2011.  He attended the practice for around 18 months when he had to consider dental implant treatment. In September 2012 he attended the practice to discuss potential treatments with Synergy’s principle dentist Dr Zuber Bagasi.  Here is the story of his journey.

04/09/12 10am – Just made my appointment to see Dr. Bagasi about what I can do for my gap.  I know that I want the dental implant but I just have a few concerns.  I want to make sure that it is the right option for me.  The other dentists I have seen have already said I can have bridges, implants or dentures but I just want to be 100% sure.

05/09/12 9:30am – I have had my implant consultation now, was booked in nice and early at 9am so I didn’t even need to take that much time off work.  Any uncertainties I had yesterday have completely melted away.  Dr Bagasi and his team fully informed me of everything I need to know about every option for my gap, the pros and cons, and I am 100% sure that the implant is what I want.  They have fully explained the risks and benefits of the implant and assured me that there is nothing to be nervous about.  I am still a bit nervous but he told me before I left that if I have any more questions about the treatment I am more than welcome to come in for another chat.  Honestly Dr Bagasi and the whole team are very friendly and I really feel like they are looking out for my best interests.  I have booked my appointment for the end of the month.

26/09/12 1:30pm – Feeling a little nervous now, my appointment to have the implant placed is in half an hour.  I don’t really feel afraid but I just want everything to be straight forward.  I actually just want to get the ball rolling.  Dr Bagasi explained that the full treatment would take about 3 or 4 months start to finish so I just want to get started.

26/09/13 3pm – Ok, the implant is in and I am really surprised about how easy it was!  I didn’t have any pain and Dr. Bagasi and his nursing team kept me updated as to where they were during the surgery so I didn’t have any surprises.  It didn’t even take that long!  I feel like I could go back to work if I wanted to.

The team really were brilliant during the procedure, making me feel relaxed and helping to take my mind of it while they were setting up.  One thing I would like to comment on is how impressed I was with the staff’s efforts in keeping the treatment area clean and controlled, everything was draped up and sterile.  They are obviously very experienced.

27/09/13-20/02/13 – Over the last few weeks I have had several review appointment just so that Dr Bagasi could make sure everything was healing well.  I feel really well informed as the appointment where regular.  As time goes by I am getting more and more excited about it all coming to an end. It is quite a long treatment plan but it is obviously worth taking your time over.  I haven’t felt rushed at any stage

20/2/13 3pm – I have just had the implant crown fitted and I am so pleased with it.  You really cannot tell which one is my tooth and which is the implant.  It is amazing and I am just so relieved to have my tooth back.  It really is worth the wait and I would recommend this treatment to anybody.  There is no need for anybody to feel nervous when considering implant treatment, Dr Bagasi and his team really know what they are doing and will do everything they can to make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

If I was to give any advice to anybody considering implant treatment it would be to just go for it.  The whole procedure was just so straight forward!  I would also ignore internet forums as they just seem to do their best to put you off.  Just take 15 minutes to have the first consultation and the Synergy Team will reassure you and help calm any nerves or worries you might have.

This is the best thing I think I could have done for my problem.  I feel confident, I enjoy my food so much more and I know that Synergy Dental will always be there to help me look after my smile.  If I had to go through it all again I wouldn’t think twice.

Geoffrey Folley Implant Treatment

‘I have my own dentist who I am very happy with but after losing a tooth my dentist advised me of several options I could have to replace the gap,’ says Geoffrey.  ‘I decided that an implant or a bridge was the best option for me as I definitely did not want a denture.  Unfortunately my dentist was unable to offer me either of these options, so I had a look on line and saw that Synergy Dental Clinic offered both bridges and implant treatments, so I made an appointment to see the principle dentist Dr. Bagasi.’

‘After seeing Dr Bagasi for my first examination he told me the prices of implants and bridges and I was very surprised to find out that they was very similar in price so I made the decision to go ahead with implants.  The practice also offered me 12 months interest free finance which was brilliant as it meant I could just go ahead with the treatment instead of saving up.  Obviously I had a lot of questions about the implant procedure but I feel that Dr. Bagasi and his team fully answered them so I left feeling fully prepared to go ahead.’

‘Once my finance was accepted the team helped me to find a suitable appointment and I booked it to have the implant place just one week later.  I was really surprised on how efficiently the practice worked to get me in.  I found the procedure surprisingly easy.  I did not feel anything and did actually feel comfortable throughout.  It was nowhere near as bad as I had initially thought.   Even after wards there was very little discomfort and swelling so I was able to get on with everyday life.’

‘The treatment took about 4 months from start to finish and I am very happy with the results.  Implants where definitely the right choice for me and they were worth the wait. The experience was not traumatic at all.  I am so happy with the treatment I received.’

My Journey to Find the Perfect Smile

My Name is Lindsay Anderson.  For many years I was very unhappy with the shape and shade of my teeth.  Having found out that whitening will not necessarily bring my teeth up to the shade I wanted, whitening alone also wouldn’t sort out the issues of the structure of my teeth, so I started to look at alternative treatment and discovered veneers.  This is where my journey for the perfect smile began, three years ago.

I began looking at different clinics around the country, but could not find any that ticked all my boxes.  I was very nervous about going to the dentist so they had to be extremely friendly and approachable, as well as affordable.  After 2 years I was beginning to think I would never find the perfect place to have my veneers done, but then a friend of mine came to see me with bright, white veneers and it pushed me to look harder!

I started to look again, beginning in London, and eventually through to Birmingham, which is where I discovered Synergy Dental Clinic.  I went on line and found that they also had a branch in Blackpool.  This was brilliant news for me as I could possibly have the treatment I wanted right on my doorstep.

My first appointment was with Dr. Zuber Bagasi.  He sat me down in the chair and made me feel at ease before doing a full examination of my teeth to make sure that I was a suitable patient for veneers, and, that they were the best options for me.  After the consultation I was sure that this was the practice I wanted to go forward with, so I went back to the clinic where I had impressions for what is called a ‘Diagnostic Wax-Up.’   This was basically so I could have a really good idea of what the end result would be.  Seeing the wax up really enforced that this was what I wanted.

Two weeks later I booked the appointment to prep my teeth ready for the veneers.  I was so nervous before the treatment, but the whole dental team were really supportive and ensured me that I had nothing to worry about.  Dr. Bagasi was so nice and patient, it really helped calm my nerves, and the nurse was there to hold my hand through the whole process.

In what felt like no time at all, my temporary veneers where on, and I could already see an improvement.  By now I was just so excited to see the end product.  I was told to book an appointment for 10 days time and just to be careful with the temporaries.  I just couldn’t wait to get back and have the real veneers fixed on.

The 10 days flew by, so I arrived at the practice and Dr. Bagasi showed me the veneers.  They were brilliant!  So straight and white!  I closed my eyes and when I opened them I had a brilliant white smile, and cannot describe how happy I was.  This result is what I wanted for so many years, it was really overwhelming.

All I can say about the service I have received at Synergy Dental Clinic is that it is excellent! The staff were so caring and always rang me the day after my appointments to make sure I was happy with the progress.  I have decided that Synergy is the dentists for me, and I have become a permanent patient there for regular check-ups, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a dentist.  Dr Bagasi and his team were truly fabulous and I cannot thank them enough for my perfect, white smile.

Colleen Tilling, 68

I am very happy to say the treatment I received was excellent. The service is very good, and the staff are very kind and considerate. I would recommend the dentist, Dr Bagasi is very good. I am a patient who is very nervous and cannot stand pain, but you are put at ease straight away.

Stephen Goodwin

Many thanks for everything, I have finally got my smile back thanks to Zuber’s fantastic work and all the girls who have been great at all times. Once again a big thank you. Excellent treatment from all the staff. Very friendly atmosphere, pleasant and professional service. Good team makes you feel at ease. Nice and friendly. Very friendly, calming, professional, informative and a pleasure to visit. Why did I worry about coming to see the dentist absolutely super. No need to worry great no pain!!!! Very friendly and professional put the whole family at ease. Made me feel very welcome, immediately put at ease looking forward to next visit. Never had better treatment!

My very first visit was excellent and can’t wait to come back. He was very nice. Tooth extraction very good no pain. Very friendly staff. Was told all options which made me happy. FAB no pain will recommend. Great job will definitely recommend. Good job. 1st impressions excellent will write more after treatment.

Thanks for seeing me so quickly… the treatment was pure pleasure. Thank you to all the staff I will see you in the next month. Thanks great treatment! Really pleased. He is super, so gentle. Really enjoyed my day out thought I was gong to the pub!!! Excellent service really pleased. Really friendly staff everyone made a horrid experience much easier. A very efficient and comprehensive service provided. Affordable treatment, excellent bedside manner. On my 1st visit I was petrified now I’m much calmer and I’m very happy to come here. I have a fear of dentists. I was made totally at ease I am very happy to come back. AB FAB as always. Very professional. This man is wonderful. Very modern surgery much better than my last I’m glad I got sent here.

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