Full Dentures

From: £350.00

From: £350.00

Conventional dentures are constructed from measurements and impressions of your mouth taken during a consultation. If you are having teeth removed, the dentist will allow the tissue to heal before the plate is fitted. This process could take several months



Are dentures painful?

Dentures may feel uncomfortable and loose while your mouth adjusts and it’s not unusual to experience soreness throughout this period. As your mouth begins to accept the plate these problems should subside, but you should seek advice from your dentist if pain continues.

Missing teeth can cause low self-esteem and greatly affect the quality of life. There are a number of possible solutions, but many include potentially painful or costly procedures. Dentures provide an inexpensive bespoke resolution that can boost confidence and self-image without the need for surgery.

The first, full dentures, are constructed on a removable acrylic base that sits over the gums. Acrylic teeth are built onto the plate to provide a natural-looking replacement for all of the original teeth.

Partial dentures are used as an alternative to bridge treatment and fill the gaps in your teeth. This version attaches to the teeth either side of the gap via metal clasps to create the illusion of a full set of teeth.

Treatment benefits

• Provide a confidence boost for those unhappy with their appearance
• Reduce the strain on teeth either side of the gap
• Correct a bite and prevent leaning or tilting from other teeth
• Reduce the chances of gum disease caused by bacteria trapped in the gap
• Support cheeks and lips to avoid face alteration