Full Dentures


What are full dentures?

Dentures are professionally crafted dental prosthetics, made specifically for your gums, and are used to replace missing teeth. They can make you feel more confident with a new smile, and let you eat and speak without difficulty.

We construct full dentures on a removable acrylic base that sits over the gums. We build acrylic teeth onto the plate to provide a natural-looking replacement for all the original teeth.

Why choose full dentures?

Dentures allow you to chew and speak more easily. Teeth are important in maintaining the shape of the face, so dentures can be used to support the cheeks and prevent deformation caused by missing teeth, they can also correct your bite, preventing tilting. Dentures also reduce your risk of gum disease by preventing bacteria from being trapped. 

Your dentist might suggest dentures as a cost-effective alternative to dental implants, or if you are unable to have the minor surgery associated with implant treatment. Unlike dental implants, dentures are removable. 

Are dentures painful?

Dentures may feel uncomfortable and loose while your mouth adjusts. It’s not unusual to experience some soreness during this period, but this should improve over time. If you are concerned about your levels of pain, or if the pain continues, you should ask your dentist for more advice. 

Do dentures need replacing? 

If properly cared for, your dentures should last for several years, however, they are still not a permanent solution and will eventually need replacing. Over time, your mouth may change, causing the dentures to become loose. Loose dentures can cause a range of problems such as infections and discomfort, so should be replaced as soon as possible. 

To care for and maintain your dentures:

Your dentures will need to be cleaned daily, just like your natural teeth. Rinse them free of any loose particles, then use soap and water and a specialised denture brush. Do not use an ordinary toothbrush as this can scratch your dentures and damage the appearance. Soak them overnight in a denture cleaning solution to maintain freshness. Brushing your natural teeth and gums is also important. 

Your dentist will give you guidance on how to clean and care for your dentures.

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