Invisalign™ Clear Teeth Aligners


Invisalign is a market-leading aligner course used to straighten teeth indiscreetly. Its innovative, low-profile design has changed over 4 million people’s lives, while allowing them to still feel comfortable and unimpeded.




What is Invisalign?

Invisalign can straighten your teeth through a course of customise-designed aligners. Each aligner is made to fit your teeth perfectly, while also being barely visable. Invisalign treatment is arrange by creating a series of custom-made aligners to wear daily. You’ll need to change each clear aligner at home when reccomended by your dentist, and have a review every 6-8 weeks to monitor your prgress and recive more aligners. The treatment has been praised for how convinient it is – with many adult patients happy that the braces aren’t visiable when being worn.

Who can benifit?

Invisalign treamtent is an alternative to traditionally-fitted braces. It lacks the obverse cumbersom aestetic of traditional braces, making them ideal for adults who want minor touch-ups to their teeth. Children who need more extesive teeth straightening can also benifit for Invisaign treamtnent. There really is no ideal patient for Invislaign, as each aligners is custom-made to fit each patient, and the treament comes in various ranges to suite each individual.

What types of Invisalign are available?

Invislaign treatments come in a variety of ranges, which can can discussed with your dentist. Invislign i7 gives quicker fixes for those who may only have minor changes that need to be made. Similarly, Invislaign Lite provdies the patients with few aligners for smaller corrections, while full Invisalign treatment with provided an unlimated amount of aligners until the corrections have been made. Invislign leaves nobody behind and even offers Invisalign Teen for teenagers.

What is the process like?

Many people commend the treatment for being convinent, whilst still being maintaining effectivness. You can achieve a smile in a few simples steps. An initial consultation will be required so that your dentist can, first and foremost, assess your current dental health, while also giving your treatment options. This will give you chance bring up any queries or concerned with your dentist. During your second appointment – the Clincheck – you will have 9 high-quality photographs taken to represent the the patient extraorally and introrally and create accurate aligners.

Impressions will also be be taken in a two-step process. The patient will then be presented with a full-motion 3D animation of what the teeth look like upon starting the treatment and what the teeth could look like after the treatment is completed. This 3D animation will take the patient through each aligners step-by-step. The last steps will consiting of having the aligners fitted and having regular reviews with your dentist.

Pricing Table

Initial Assessment – £20
Clincheck Video – £250 (gets deducted from treatment cost)
* Up to 7 aligners
* Limited to 1st premolars to 1st premolar movements
* Very mild crowding
* Cost – £1,750 (both arches)
* Up to 14 aligners
* Mild crowding and Class 1 cases only
* Up to 1 refinement
* Cost – £2,800 (both arches)
* Unlimited aligners
* Class 1,2,3 cases
* Up to 3 refinements
* Cost – £3,250 (both arches)
* Unlimited aligners
* Up to 3 refinements
* Erupting Dentition
* Cost – £3,250 (both arches)
Invisalign Package 1Get UNLIMITED Invisalign Aligners + Retainers when the treatment is finish.£4,650 £3,650
Invisalign Package 2Get UNLIMITED Invisalign Aligners + Retainers + Teeth Whitening£5,145 £3,800
Invisalign Package 3Get UNLIMITED Invisalign Aligners + Retainers + Teeth Whitening + Teeth Bonding£6,645 £4,200

The Procedure

Below, you’ll find more information on what a typical Invisalign treatment plan usually looks like.

Stage One: Consultation

In your initial consultation, you will receive a detailed examination of your mouth, face, and medical history. X-rays and photos will also need to be taken to assess how the teeth are structured at the beginning of your Invisalign journey.

We will be able to simulate basic before and after results so that you have an idea of what your teeth will look like at the end of your treatment.

Stage Two: Clin-Check

For an option fee, your dentist will be able to offer you a Clin-check, which provides a 3D simulation of your teeth before and after treatment. If impressions are necessary, they will be taken at this stage too. A copy of your final 3D Clin-check will then be sent to you.

Before the next stage, your dentist will invite you back for a general discussion about going forward. You will need to give your consent to further treatment before we can start constructing your aligners.

Stage Three: Fitting

The fitting stage is simple. You will have your Invisalign fitted using tooth coloured composite and minor spacing between the teeth (roughly a fraction of 1mm), which will allow your teeth to move into the desired location.

You will be told to wear each aligner for 1 week at a time, and you will be given a supply to last you up to your next review. Simply fit the aligners by yourself – it’s that easy!

Stage Four: Review and Aftercare

You will need to come back to see your dentist once every 8-12 weeks. Here you will be given your next course of aligners and your dentist will review your progress. This also gives you one-on-one time talk with your dentist and ask them anything about your treatment you might be wondering about.

Dental Finance Calculator


0% APR for 12 months or 9.9% APR for 24 and 36 months. Using the calculator you can approximate the total monthly cost of your treatment. You can apply over the phone by ringing the clinic that you wish to attend.

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