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Teeth straightening in 3 simple steps

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Invisalign Clear Aligners

What is Invisalign®?

A globally recognized teeth straightening solution that has successfully enhanced over 15 million smiles worldwide.

At our clinic, we utilize advanced digital scanners to capture a precise image of your teeth. This allows us to collaborate with you and design a tailored treatment plan that meets your needs.

Once you approve the treatment plan, we’ll provide you with your custom-made aligners. The duration of your Invisalign journey can vary, typically ranging from 4 months to a year, depending on the complexity.

After completing the treatment, we’ll equip you with Vivera™ retainers. These are essential to ensure your teeth remain in their new position, preventing any potential relapse.

Why Choose Synergy Dental Clinics?

Synergy Dental Group, leading the way in digital dental treatments since 2007, boasts a team of UK-trained orthodontists, headed by Dr. Zuber Bagasi. Recognized globally for our expertise, our orthodontists are committed to mentoring the next generation of Invisalign specialists. As the largest Invisalign provider in the North West of England, we guarantee top-tier care and precision for your Invisalign journey.

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Invisalign® Cases
Invisalign® Provider in the North West
Smile Makeovers

Straight teeth in 3 simple steps

Initial Invisalign scan

1. FREE Invisalign Consultation

Enjoy a complimentary initial consultation, where we’ll digitally scan your teeth and provide a virtual preview of your post-treatment smile. Once you and your dentist finalize the treatment plan, we’ll begin your transformation journey.

Your aligners, crafted by Invisalign, will be ready swiftly. We’ll notify you to pick them up from our practice.

Remember, regular check-ups every 6-8 weeks are essential to monitor your progress and to receive your subsequent set of aligners.

2. Wearing your Invisalign Aligners everyday

How Long is the Invisalign® Treatment Duration?

Invisalign® clear aligners are adept at correcting both minor and complex teeth misalignments.

While the average treatment duration is around 6 months, the exact timeframe is determined by your Invisalign® specialist based on the intricacy of your case.

Many patients begin to experience changes within the first three months, with visible results typically emerging by the six-month mark.

3. Maintaining Your Straight Smile:

Even after completing your Invisalign treatment, our commitment to your smile continues. Over time, teeth might naturally shift back to their original positions.

By wearing your custom-made Vivera™ retainers, you can ensure that your teeth remain in their new, aligned positions.

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Invisalign Pricing Table (Initial Assessment – £30 | Clincheck Video – £250, deducted from treatment cost)
Type Description Price
Invisalign LogoExpress Up to 7 aligners, Free teeth whitening, Removable retainers, 1 set of additional aligners £1,750 £1,400 (both arches)
Invisalign LogoLite Up to 14 aligners, Free teeth whitening, Removable retainers, 2 sets of additional aligners £2,750 £2,200 (both arches)
Invisalign LogoModerate Up to 20 aligners, Free teeth whitening, Removable retainers, 2 sets of additional aligners £3,250 £2,600 (both arches)
Invisalign LogoComprehensive Up to 40 aligners, Free teeth whitening, Removable retainers, 2 sets of additional aligners, Suitable for teenagers £4,000 £3,200 (both arches)

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