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Our dentists don’t just help patients of Synergy Dental with dental advice. They like to give free dental advice to the general public in their local vicinities by answering questions to some of the most common problems that they face.

Our dentists give advice on how to protect enamel, root canal facts, whiter smile tips, how to treeat bad breath, gum disease and many more dental conditions.

Protecting enamel
X-rays: the facts
Tips for festival-goers
Protecting teeth
Hate going to the dentist?
Mouth cancer signs
Root canal facts
Mouth sores time limit
Seniors’ dental care
Number clues to gums
Whiter-smile tips
Tips to ease dental sensitiveness
Bad breath action
Twice a day to clean away
How food keeps teeth healthy
Tips for asthmatics
Importance of using a mouth guard for sport
Sweets are a weakness
How can I get my teeth looking white for when I go on holiday?
Gum care matters
Are lip piercings a worry?
Dental Dilemmas – Locking Jaw
Sore gums and teeth
What if my dental crown breaks?
6 months dentist appointments
Tooth Gap
Reasons your mouth might feel like it’s burning
How to deal with dentist anxiety
Dental Dilemmas – Dental Crowns for broken teeth
Veneers are an easy option
Damaging dental crowns
Dentists understand that people are nervous and apprehensive
Keep your gums healthy
DENTAL DILEMMAS – Dr Eugene Stanley
I’ve got missing teeth – what are the best options for me?
Dry mouth and morning breath
Gum disease could lead to something much more serious
How to brush correctly
Burning mouth syndrome
Dentists will calm your nerves
Prevention is better than cure
World Oral Health Day
Easter & Dental Health
Checking an infant’s teeth
How to treat sensitive teeth?
Dental Dilemmas – Dr. Zuber Bagasi advice
Root canal treatment, what is it?
Take care of your teeth during pregnancy
Periodontal charting
Decay is common but preventable
Top award joy for town dental firm
Whiter teeth before holiday
Top tips to tackle mouth ulcers
Sore jaw could cause headaches, neck pain
Invisible way to straighten teeth
Lots of options for crowns
No tobacco is good for you
Brush up on dental hygiene
Prevention is modern way of staying healthy
Gum disease can lead to other major health issues
Hidden harm of health drinks
Don’t be down in the mouth about bad breath
Helping take the fear out of visiting the dentist
‘Geographic tongue’ nothing to worry about
Unlocking the ages of wisdom
Ways to to protect your enamel
Getting to the root of problem
Getting teeth holiday ready
Time to kick nicotine habit once and for all
Good planning will help create that perfect smile
Braces can help at any age
Can water help with my dental health?
Choose whitening with care
It’s good that you floss but make sure you do it right
Don’t grin and bear it, gum disease can be serious
Veneers improve shape and colour of your teeth
How can I help maintain my oral health routine?
Special Needs
Does the HCV infection affect my oral health?
Oral Piercings
Dangers of Sports Drinks
Are sport drinks bad for children?
Cold Sores
Smokeless Tobacco
What to do about Snoring
World Water Day
All About Fillings
The Trouble With Sinking Lips & Cheeks
When might I need a crown
What is the best toothpaste to use?
DIY braces dangerous?
Eating Disorders
What to do about a Dental Abscess
National Pet Month
Salt Intake
Diabetes & Oral Health
Bleeding gums – How do I know if I have Gingivitis?
How can I keep my mouth smelling fresh and feeling clean?