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What is a dental inlay?

Inlays can be an alternative to regular dental fillings that can be used to fill cavities and gaps within the inner fissure of the tooth. We can use inlays over regular fillings, and they are strong enough to be placed in both the front and back of the mouth, making them a good solution for repairing weak teeth, partial teeth, and sizable areas of decay. 

Each of our inlays is bespoke, made just for you in our Synergy Dental Labs using our digital design technology.

What are the benefits?

Although inlays are like fillings, they provide a more accurate restoration of your teeth thanks to digital design technology. Because our inlays are made to fit your tooth perfectly, they have a more natural appearance and blend to your natural teeth. They also have an overall improved feel and provide a longer lasting solution than traditional fillings. 

Dental inlay treatment process:

During your initial appointment, your dentist will prepare the outer surface of your remaining tooth, then take a digital scan. We will then send this to the Synergy lab where your bespoke inlay will be constructed. While construction takes place, the dentist will fit a temporary solution to prevent further decay or damage. Once your inlay is finished, we will fit it to your tooth. 

What is the cost of an Inlay?

The cost per unit will depend on the material chosen. You can find a full breakdown of each material, its benefits, and cost in the table below. 

Inlay material options

Porcelain–Ideal for those desiring a natural look. There are different grades of porcelain and depending on which quality you choose, will determine how much tooth preparation is required and the final strength and aesthetic. 

Gold–Gold alloys do not appear natural but provide long-term stability and strength, making them a good solution for the back of the mouth

Composite–Composite inlays are constructed from resin and provide natural colouring and a lifespan similar to that of porcelain, without the abrasive qualities

Zirconia–This natural look ceramic provides cosmetic benefits while remaining extremely strong and long-lasting.

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