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What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is an artificial cap commonly used on broken or weakened teeth to improve appearance, reduce pain, and prevent further damage. The finished cap comes in various materials and can replace any tooth. Your dentist will guide you on which option is best for you.

Dental Crown Procedure:

Once you have selected your material, your dentist will prepare the outer surface of the remaining tooth and take an impression. This will then be sent to the lab where a technician will create a bespoke unit to your specifications. We will fit the crown using a local anaesthetic to dull any discomfort. If well maintained, a crown should last between 20 and 30 years. However, this depends on the material used, the location of the treatment, and the aftercare administered, so be sure to come back to us for regular checkups.

Dental Crown Types and Cost:

Metal crowns are very strong and hard wearing, though their colour leads to an obvious unnatural appearance, making them best for use at the back of the mouth. Porcelain shell crowns appear more natural, though they are much weaker. Metal-backed porcelain is a much stronger and more natural looking option, though can be abrasive. Zirconia/E-Max crowns are the highest quality, combining the strength of porcelain and metal with none of the metal showing. They also have the most natural appearance and will blend best with your natural teeth. Remember, your crown will be part of your smile for decades to come, so choosing a material you are happy with at this stage is vital.  Our table below shows a breakdown of the available options.

Metal Standard Crown* Full metal crown provides strength.
* Can be constructed in a silver non-precious metal or with precious metal
content, such as gold.
Bronze Standard Crown* Basic quality porcelain shell crown
* Available for Incisor and Canine teeth
only due to strength
* No substructure and bulky
* Cosmetic Colour
Silver Standard Crown* Mid-quality porcelain crown
* Metal substructure and higher quality porcelain increased crown strength
* Higher quality cosmetic colour due to alternate shades and natural
* Natural finish

Gold Standard Crown* High quality porcelain backed with Metal crown
* Higher quality cosmetic colour due to alternate shades and natural
* Superior contour and finishing
* Complimentary private ‘shade appointment’
* Natural finish
Zirconia/ E-Max Quality* Highest quality porcelain backed with compressed porcelain substructure
* Metal-free crowns
* Superior contour and finishing
* Complimentary private ‘shade appointment’
* Provides most natural-looking finish

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