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Materials and pricing

Similar to our range or crown implants, bridges can come in a range of materials from non-precious gold metal to high-quality porcelain and zirconia. Prices differ from single crown implants depending on the unit size of the bridge. For example, a 3-unit bridge would be priced equivalently to 3 single crowns. See below all the materials and standards available for Synergy bridges:

  • Metal standard is a full non-precious metal bridge (available for posterior teeth only).
  • Bronze quality is a standard porcelain quality bridge with a metal backing (available for all teeth).
  • Silver quality is a mid-quality porcelain bridge with a metal backing (available for all teeth).
  • Gold quality is a high-quality porcelain bridge with metal backing (available for all teeth).
  • Zirconia quality is a high-quality zirconia bridge with no metal backing (available for all teeth).

Treatment options

At Synergy, not only do we offer customization of materials that can be used, but we can also offer customization based on types of treatments:

  • Fixed or conventional bridges require the capping of the two neighbouring teeth, on to which the false tooth is then fused
  • Cantilever bridges are similar, but only one neighbouring tooth is capped.

Maryland bridges require little to no preparation and instead the false tooth is bonded onto the adjacent teeth using wings.

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Dental Finance

0% APR for 12 months or 9.9% APR for 24 and 36 months. Using the calculator you can approximate the total monthly cost of your treatment. You can apply over the phone by ringing the clinic that you wish to attend.

Just about anyone over the age of 18. You don’t have to belong to a private dental plan. You don’t even have to be a regular visitor at Synergy Dental.

You can use the loan to pay for most dental work, but it’s particularly suited to more costly private treatments, such as dental implants, orthodontic, aesthetic, or cosmetic work.

If you’re not sure whether it’s right for your treatment, please ask your dentist.

Typically between £500 and £25,000 depending on the course of the treatment. This will be subject to an “on-the-spot” credit check.

Most patients’ applications are approved there and then, so you can go ahead and schedule treatment immediately.

Much like any other loan, you repay it in affordable monthly payments over an agreed term. These payments are collected by Direct Debit.

Once you’ve agreed on a course of treatment and a cost with your dentist, we’ll make the credit application on your behalf. As soon as the credit check is complete and the loan process, you’ll receive written confirmation from the credit provider. Simple as that!

We are working with one of the most respected credit providers in the business. Ask your dentist for details.

You can apply for an interest-free loan for each course of treatment, subject to the usual credit check.

For anyone considering using our interest-free loan facility to fund their private dental treatment, the benefits are clear.

  • You get the treatment you want, a treatment that will make you look and feel a million times better.
  • You get to spread the cost of that treatment over a period that suits you.
  • Because it’s interest-free, our 0% loan can be a much more affordable alternative to credit cards or bank loans. It’s easy to apply and simple to repay by Direct Debit. To discuss the benefits in more detail, speak to your dentist or one of the practice staff.
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