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What are dental bridges?

Bridges are similar to crowns, but instead of fitting just a single tooth, cover multiple teeth at once and can come in a range of materials from non-precious gold metal to high-quality porcelain and zirconia. Prices differ from single crown implants depending on the unit size of the bridge. For example, a 3-unit bridge would be priced equivalently to 3 single crowns.

These are the quality standards available for dental bridges:

  1. Metal:  Full non-precious metal bridge (available for posterior teeth only).
  2. Silver: Mid-quality porcelain bridge with a metal backing (available for all teeth).
  3. Gold: High-quality porcelain bridge with metal backing (available for all teeth).
  4. Zirconia: Is a high-quality zirconia bridge with no metal backing (available for all teeth).

Metal is extremely hard wearing, making it a great option for the back teeth which are less visible so a natural appearance isn’t as important. Porcelain backed with metal is a stronger option, but porcelain can have an abrasive quality. Zirconia is our best all-round option, as it offers the strength and natural appearance of metal-backed porcelain, but without metal. 

Treatment options

At Synergy Dental Clinics we can offer customization for some types of treatments:

Fixed or conventional bridges require the capping of the two neighbouring teeth. We then fuse the false tooth onto the caps on either side. 

Cantilever bridges are similar, but only one neighbouring tooth is capped.

Maryland bridges require little to no preparation. Instead, the false tooth is bonded onto the adjacent teeth using wings.

Your dentist will guide you on which combination of options is best for you.

* per unit
Metal Standard Bridge* Full metal crown provides strength.
* Can be constructed in a silver non-precious metal or with precious metal
content, such as gold.
Silver Standard Bridge* Mid-quality porcelain crown/bridges
* Metal substructure and higher quality porcelain increased crown strength
* Higher quality cosmetic colour due to alternate shades and natural
* Natural finish
Gold Standard Bridge* High quality porcelain backed with Metal crown
* Higher quality cosmetic colour due to alternate shades and natural
* Superior contour and finishing
* Complimentary private ‘shade appointment’
* Natural finish
Zirconia/ E-Max Bridge* Highest quality porcelain backed with compressed porcelain substructure
* Metal-free crowns
* Superior contour and finishing
* Complimentary private ‘shade appointment’
* Provides most natural-looking finish

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