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What are Dental Implants?

No matter if you’re missing one tooth, multiple teeth a full jaw, dental implants are an excellent solution to replace missing teeth and could be the perfect treatment for you.

Dental Implants are the most highly regarded form of dental prosthetic currently available to patients. Fashioned from high grades of metal, they are the closest dentists have gotten to artificially replicating a natural tooth root.

The simulation of anchoring dental crowns or dental bridgework using implants creates a permanent solution for our patients which, for many patients, can be life-changing.

The entire treatment process is planned and executed to an incredibly high standard, and while treatment times can vary, having implants is a generally a straight-forward process able to be completed in as little as four steps! If after having your free initial implant consultation you decide to go ahead with the treatment, preparations will begin. The necessary checks will be completed and advanced strategies will be utilised to give you incredible results and the easiest recovery possible.

Why Choose Synergy Dental Clinics?

Established since 2007, we have pioneered in dental implant treatments in the UK. Our surgeons are UK trained. Our Lead Implant Surgeon, Dr Zuber Bagasi, has established the Synergy Dental Group and has ensured that all our patients benefit from the same level precision and care across all our practices. Our patients benefit from a team of experienced implant surgeons who are the best in the field and who also commit part of their non-surgery time to teaching and educating other newly qualified implant dentists worldwide.

We are registered members of the Association of Dental Implantology (ADI) as well as the British Dental Association (BDA) to quality assure our services – giving you full faith in our commitment to provide you with the highest standards of care.

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Dental Implants in few simple steps

Step 1 - single implant

1. FREE Implant Consultation

Initial consultation, you will receive a detailed examination report, which will be sent to your e-mail. A CT scan, digital scan and pictures will also be taken.

You will have the opportunity to meet the implant team. For nervous patients, we also offer dental sedation. We will assess your suitability for dental sedation at this appointment by taking your blood pressure and oxygen saturation test etc.

2. Review Appointment

This is the stage where you and the Implant Surgeon discuss your treatment options in more detail. Having been sent the implant report to you already, the implant surgeon will take you through all your options again.

You will have an informal chat with the implant team and can ask any question you would like. Only once you are comfortable, the treatment will be booked in.

3. Implant Surgery

This is the day when the actual implant is placed in your mouth. The procedure is relatively pain free with Local anaesthetic or sedation.

As we use a digitally guided approach to our implant surgeries, it means that you will have minimum pain or swelling after the procedure. It’s almost like a key-hole surgery all accurately planned using the latest CT and Digital scans.

The procedure normally takes no more than 20-30 minutes to complete. You will also be fitted with temporary teeth.

Single dental implant

4. Permanent Teeth

3 months after the implant has healed, your permanent new teeth are fitted.

The 3 months healing period is essential as the biological process for the bone cells to grow onto the implants takes this time.

It is similar to when the bone heals if you have ever broken a bone – the healing period for the bone healing is 3 months.

During the healing period however, the implant team will see you regularly to ensure your implants are healing as they should

Step 5 - Single dental implant

5. After Care

Once the permanent teeth are fitted, you will have regular 3 month check-ups, including x-ray, cleaning and maintenance.

If you have been referred to us by another dental practice, we will discharge you back to your regular dentist and advise them how to help you look after your implants.

Alternatively, you will see our implant team and hygienist for regular maintenance appointments.

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Case Studies

Gerald-single dental implant

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Single Dental Implants


Pricing Table for Dental Procedures with Straumann (Swiss) and Osstem (Korean) Implants
Type Description Straumann – Swiss Osstem – Korean
Single Tooth Osstem comes with Silver Quality Crown. Straumann comes with a Gold Quality Crown. £1,995 £1,650
3 Missing Teeth 2 implants with 3 teeth. Made in porcelain £4,690 £4,000
4 Missing Teeth 2 implants with 4 teeth. Made with porcelain £5,390 £4,700
Full Upper Removable Free CT scan. Extractions and bone grafting included. Temporary dentures on the day of surgery. Surgical guide included. 4 implants with acrylic teeth. £9,000 £7,500
Full Lower Removable Free CT scan. Extractions and bone grafting included. Temporary dentures on the day of surgery. Surgical guide included. 2 implants with acrylic teeth. £6,500 £5,000

Apply for Dental Finance!

Using our finance calculator you can approximate your total cost for dental work and choose to repay from multiple options.

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