Dental Bone Grafting


What is a dental bone graft?

Bone grafting is the practice of healing bones – it’s a painless procedure sometimes required prior to a dental implant being placed. The most common need for a bone graft is when a tooth is being removed and replaced with an implant, and the hole from the extraction needs packing with bone. Other instances where a bone graft might be required is when the jaw bone that the implant is being placed into is too thin, or doesn’t have enough height. If you are having implants, your dentist will be able to assess if you require a bone graft with an x-ray or a CT scan taken during your initial consultation appointment. You will get a full explanation of the procedure and can ask any questions if you’re unsure. 

Bone grafts can be performed using synthetic or animal/cadaver bone. We rarely need to take bone from your own body. Your Implant Surgeon will recommend which type of bone graft will suit you best. We will need to perform a dental exam and x-rays to get an image of the area needing to be built-up or filled. We may also need to perform a scale to clean the area before performing the procedure. Bone grafts are usually performed at the same time as implants being placed and the healing time is the same as the implants healing – normally 3 months. Rarely, a bone graft needs to be placed independently and then you will need to wait 3-6 months before having further treatments such as implants – this is essential so your body has time to heal. The implant surgeon will recommend which type you are suited for. We recommend coming for checkups with us during this time to check the healing process is going smoothly.

We offer four types of bone graft – Standard, Block Graft, CT Milled Bone Graft, Summers Technique and Sinus Lift. Your dentist will advise you on which is best for your specific needs. For more details on these variations, please see the ‘Pricing Table’ tab below:

StandardSynthetic or animal bone. Created by mixing bone granules with saline and used to pack a hole. Cost may vary up to £900 depending on the size of the bone graft.£500 per site
Block GraftAn entire block of bone is attached to the existing bone. For when the bone ridge is too thin or too low to support a dental implant.£1,200 per site
CT Milled Bone GraftA block of bone is milled to fit precisely against the bone. A CT scan is performed to identify the shape required, and is created using human cadaver bone.£2,400 per site
Summers TechniqueAn internal bone graft technique. Raises the floor of the sinus by packing bone through the socket of the implant. Builds verticle height in the upper jaw for implant placement.£900 per site
Sinus LiftPerformed when the sinus is very low and more bone is required to place the implant. A window into the sinus is created and is packed with bone graft material.£2,400 per sinus

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