Bone Grafting

From: £500.00

If you are interested in this treatment, book your appointment now for just £20. In this appointment you will receive:

  • A thorough dental examination
  • 2 x-rays
  • A scale if clinically required

The dentist will also carry out a professional consultation regarding the treatment you have booked. They will be able to discuss the best treatment to meet your needs, and compose your bespoke treatment plan.



A bone graft is a completely painless procedure sometimes required prior to a dental implant being placed. The most common need for a bone graft is when a tooth is being removed and replaced with an implant, and the hole from the extraction needs packing with bone. Other instances where a bone graft might be required is when the jaw bone that the implant is being placed into is too thin, or doesn’t have enough height.

Bone grafts are only performed using synthetic or animal bone. The bone is never taken from your own body. Your dentist will be able to identify if you require a bone graft with an x-ray or a CT scan. After the bone graft has been performed, the patient will be required to wait a minimum of six months before any further treatment can be carried out, to ensure that the area has fully healed.

We offer four types of bone graft – Standard, Block Graft, CT Milled Bone Graft, Summers Technique and Sinus Lift. For more details on these variations, please see the ‘Pricing Table’ tab above.