Valplast Dentures


Conventional dentures are constructed from measurements and impressions of your mouth taken during a consultation. If you are having teeth removed, the dentist will allow the tissue to heal before the plate is fitted.



Most comfortable denture on the market
Flexible acrylic allows it to withstand pressure from chewing giving you more confidence
Extremely durable
Lifetime warranty on all Valplast Flexi Dentures
Gum and teeth look extremely natural due to its high aesthetic quality
Created by leading brand Valplast which means you are getting the best quality denture for your money on the market
£900 per arch

Treatment benefits
There are a number of reasons why you may benefit from dentures:

• Provide a confidence boost for those unhappy with their appearance
• Reduce the strain on teeth either side of the gap
• Correct a bite and prevent leaning or tilting from other teeth
• Reduce the chances of gum disease caused by bacteria trapped in the gap
• Support cheeks and lips to avoid face alteration