Valplast® Flexible Dentures


What are Valplast® dentures?

Valplast® dentures are a type of flexible denture, offering superior comfort, improved speech, and a better fit than traditional dentures. Your dentist may discuss Valplast® dentures with you if you find traditional dentures painful. They may also be offered as a cost-effective alternative to dental implants, or you are unable to have the minor surgery required for implants. 

What is Valplast® made of?

 Valplast® dentures are made using a pressure-injected nylon base, allowing the denture to move more freely than dentures using acrylic or metal, making them more lightweight and comfortable for the mouth.

How is Valplast® different?

Conventional dentures, made from acrylic or metal can take some time to get used to. When using conventional dentures, you will need to learn to hold them in place with your cheeks and tongue. Many people also experience some soreness and discomfort. This can be a barrier for some people when they first start using traditional dentures. 

Valplast® dentures overcome these barriers by clinging to the gums, providing a tighter fit. They are also flexible in nature so they fit around teeth better. They are also fully metal free. This makes them more comfortable and easier to wear, though they may still take some getting used to.

To care for and maintain your Valplast® dentures, rinse your appliance under running water. Remove loose particles with a specially designed denture brush – do not use an ordinary toothbrush as it will scratch the dentures and damage the appearance. Soak your appliance in Val-Clean® Denture Cleanser for 10-15 minutes every day, and overnight 3 times per week. 

For a deeper clean, use a vibrating denture bath such as the Denture Sonic or Denture Spa. 

It is important to keep your dentures hydrated when you are not wearing them using Val-Clean® solution or plain water, and remember to brush your natural teeth and gums regularly.

Your dentist will give you guidance on how to clean and care for your dentures…

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