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  • Synergy has proudly launched their new clinic in Burscough, Ormskirk with a modern refurbishment and fully equipped with all the latest tools and equipment.

    We are here in order to provide you with the best and most advanced treatments of today, from dental implants and sedation to a wide range of facial aesthetics and more.

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    Dental Implants in Ormskirk

    Dental Implant is fast becoming THE choice for people wanting to treat their damaged, missing or decayed teeth. While it can be a costly treatment, it is renowned for being the most effective solution for its long-term benefits.

    A screw post is inserted into the jaw bone of the upper or lower arch. This screw post is made of a special bio-compatible material and will become a new tooth root, and although it is artificial, it is permanent.

    Synergy Dental Ormskirk offers two of the best dental implant brands, both of which are well accepted by dental professionals across the world. The first is called Straumann and the second is the Osstem implant system.

    Implants can be Beneficial

    By choosing dental implants, you will be able to make sure that you are protecting your gums from further bone loss and reducing the chances of infecting your mouth from decaying teeth and also reducing the risk of cutting the inside of your mouth if you have damaged teeth.

    This will also mean that you are keeping the remainder of your existing teeth healthy in the process.
    People can often lack confidence with a missing tooth or if their teeth are damaged, affecting their social lives. Getting an implant can be a long process, however, once they are fitted you will be able to eat and chew properly and smile with confidence again.

    Dental implants have a great advantage in looking natural and feeling like real teeth.
    A single-tooth implant starts from £1350, and though it can seem costly, they are arguably fantastic value for money when you look at the list of both aesthetic and life-long health benefits they offer.


    Teeth Whitening At Synergy Ormskirk

    You may do everything you can to keep your teeth looking healthy and clean by brushing twice a day and flossing regularly, but unfortunately, discolouration and staining on the teeth can’t be helped.

    Synergy Dental Ormskirk can help you get your teeth looking brighter, whiter and healthier looking than ever before.

    Effective Treatments for the Best Price

    At Synergy Dental Ormskirk, we are proud to offer the very best in safe and effective teeth whitening treatments at competitive prices.
    Below are the different types of whitening we offer at Synergy Dental Ormskirk.

    Teeth Whitening at Home

    The dentist will take molds of your teeth and will then order custom-made plastic trays for you. When they arrive, the dentist will check that the fitting is correct and then give you two whitening syringes.

    You will also be given detailed instructions on how to use the products at home safely and effectively. The home whitening kit is £199.


    Enlighten Whitening is a well-known and trusted brand amongst the dental profession and is guaranteed to produce a B1 shade. Enlighten consists of in-surgery and home whitening and is £695.

    Rachel Roberts


    (5 out of 5 stars)

    “Since I moved back to Ireland I have been continuing to return to visit my dentist here because he has given me such fantastic treatments and he is a wonderful dentist. I will continue to come back.”

    Lenard Davies


    (5 out of 5 stars)

    “Many thanks for everything, I have finally got my smile back thanks to Dr Bagasi’s fantastic work and all the girls who have been great at all times. Once again a big thank you!”

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