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Synergy Dental – Dentist in Bury

dentist-loupesThe Synergy dental clinic in Bury has been part of the Synergy group since 2011, but the practice itself has been running since the 1970’s. In that time, the clinic has become known for it’s impeccable customer service and warm atmosphere, assets that we have managed to preserve with the help of our dedicated team. This devotion to upholding the high standards previously developed here has encouraged our clinic’s large client list to remain loyal to us, and we feel privileged to be treating generations of local families. Our commitment has also been recognised outside of our customer base and we are delighted to have won the What Clinic Customer Service Award 2014.

The Synergy dental clinic in Bury puts a large emphasis on creating a stress-free experience for all of our patients. We know that visiting the dentist can be stressful for many people and often causes anxiety, but our staff are trained in the art of relaxation and the reduction of stress, so you can be sure we’ll have all the latest techniques perfected when you arrive. The calming and relaxing atmosphere at the Bury clinic is also ideal for those who are nervous, and as such we make sure we keep all of our treatments in-house. This also allows our trained staff to administer dental sedation to those who are particularly anxious about their treatment.

Dental Treatments Available

Our dental clinic in Bury provides a huge range of dental treatments in-house including crowns, bridges, dentures and fillings. We also provide more complex procedures such as dental implants and wisdom tooth removal, both of which can be combined with dental sedation. If you wish to spread the cost of your treatment you can join our Synplan dental plan, which allows you to pay a small fee every month in return for worldwide dental insurance and cover for all eligible emergency dental care. Synplan members also receive 10% off facial aesthetics treatments, including line and wrinkle removal.

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You can call us today on 0161 764 4366 for a consultation and/or booking. Alternatively you can fill in our enquiry form located under get in touch tab for any further details.

Bury, UK

Bury is a town in Greater Manchester, England. It lies on the River Irwell, 5.5 miles east of Bolton, 5.9 miles west-southwest of Rochdale, and 7.9 miles north-northwest of the city of Manchester Wikipedia


The Synergy Dental Clinic is located near Jubilee Way in Bury which is the major road that leads to Bury Grammar School and the Bury Town Hall. We are a few doors away from Bury Society For Blind & Partially Sighted People. We don’t currently have parking available but the nearest car park is the Castle Leisure Center car park BL9 0EZ or parking can be found on Manchester Road BL9 0DG. Both are less then 25 meters away from the practice.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Bury by Synergy

Our Synergy Clinic in Bury can offer dental implants to its patients as a way to replace decayed, damaged or missing teeth using a sturdy and long lasting solution. Implants are a great alternative to dentures because they feel and look like natural teeth. A screw-like implant is placed into the jaw bone and will act as an artificial tooth root made of biocompatible materials. Implants can replace multiple teeth, help to reduce bone loss and help restore facial contours. You will be able to bite and chew naturally with confidence, and also help improve speech.

Choice of the Implant System

dental implants bury

We offer two different types of implants in our Bury Clinic. The first is the Straumann, the second is the Osstem. These brands are considered two of the best implant systems and are widely recognised by implantology experts around the world. They are recommended by most dental practitioners. You can find out more about each type of implant here.

Dental Implants Costs

Costs start from £1350 for single tooth implants. You can see more prices of implant combinations here.

Patients can also enquire about how to apply for our 0% finance 12 month payment plan. You can also receive Implant Cover by registering for our Synplan Scheme for a low monthly cost of £11.99. You can find out more about what is included in Synplan here.

Sleep During Your Treatment with Dental Sedation

Our Bury Clinic also offers dental sedation for all patients, but it is particularly beneficial for those who suffer from anxiety or nerves during dental treatments. Sedation allows a patient to become relaxed and calm during their treatment and unable to feel pain. Though it can vary, patients can often fall asleep and wake without remembering much of the treatment afterwards. You can find out more about dental sedation here.

Book A Consultation Today

Call us today on 0161 7644 366 to book your initial consultation now. You can also get in touch with us using the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Invisible Braces

Teeth Straightening in Bury with Invisible Braces

While traditional metal braces are still a good choice in helping straighten teeth they can be the more expensive option and can take a long time to correct issues. Another issue is that most people are quite self-conscious when it comes to their image and so traditional braces would not suit them, especially if they are a young adult or a professional. Synergy Dental Clinic in Bury can offer alternatives in the way of invisible braces.

Cost of Braces

Depending on your needs, you can talk to you dentist about the different brace options provided below to see which one would give you the most effective result as well as being the most affordable option for you. Synergy Dental Clinic in Bury does also offer finance plans for those wishing to make payments as easy as possible.


Synergy Dental Bury offers four different types of Invisalign aligners to our patients. Invisalign is the world’s number 1 system for straightening teeth. The aligners are clear and custom-made to fit your teeth and can be removed easily when you need to. Patients are able to see a special 3D video to show the expected result before treatment begins.

Teeth Straightening
Initial Assessment – £20
Clincheck Video – £250 (gets deducted from treatment cost)
  • Up to 7 aligners
  • Limited to 1st premolars to 1st premolar movements
  • Very mild crowding
  • Cost – £1750 (both arches)
  • Up to 14 aligners
  • Mild crowding and Class 1 cases only
  • Up to 1 refinement
  • Cost – £2,800 (both arches)
  • Unlimited aligners
  • Class 1,2,3 cases
  • Up to 3 refinements
  • Cost – £3750 (both arches)
  • Unlimited aligners
  • Up to 3 refinements
  • Erupting Dentition
  • Cost – £3750 (both arches)

Six Months Smile

Six Month Smiles is a great choice for those who wish to have little interference in their daily lives. This is a fixed device just like the traditional metal brace – however, the wires and brackets are tooth coloured and cannot be recognised from more than two feet away. It will take around six months to align teeth.

six month smiles
Initial Assessment – £20
Full assessment – £80 (gets deducted from treatment cost)
orthodontic braces
  • Straight teeth in 6 months
  • Only visible from 2 feet
  • Tooth coloured brackets and wires
  • Fixed system so no risk of user lifestyle interfering
  • £2500 per arch or both arches

Inman Aligner

The Inman Aligner is a good choice for minor cases in fixing the front six teeth at the top and bottom arch. Using a clever pushing and pulling mechanism, the aligner gradually manipulates teeth into the correct aligned position. It can be removed during the day and night, but it is recommended that you wear it for up to 18 hours a day for optimum results.

six month smiles
Initial Assessment – £20
Full assessment – £80 (gets deducted from treatment cost)
inman aligner
  • Perfect for correcting the top and bottom front 6 teeth
  • A removable appliance which gives you more freedom
  • Appliance which uses a push and pull mechanism to
    correct the alignment of the front 6 teeth within 3-6
  • £1500 per arch


Smilelign are clear and removable but have the benefit of being less expensive and faster than other brands in aligning teeth. Smilelign is suitable for minor to major cases and, depending on your individual needs can take between 6 – 12 months to correct teeth. A new aligner is given to you every two weeks in order to keep moving your teeth to the final result.

six month smiles
Initial Assessment – £20
Full assessment – £80 (gets deducted from treatment cost)
smilelign braces
  • Invisible clear aligners
  • Cheap and faster alternative to Invisalign
  • Can straighten teeth within 9 months
  • Removable aligners give you more freedom
  • Uses custom made aligners that move teeth slowly in
  • Costs: £2000 mild/mod case or £3000 severe case

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening At Synergy Bury

Coming soon

Facial Aesthetics

Bury Facial Treatments

Ever wanted to get rid of unsightly wrinkles and frown lines but didn’t want to go down the path of expensive surgeries, long recovery times and scarring? Synergy Dental Clinic in Bury offers a range of facial treatments that are non-surgical, affordable and effective. We offer treatments that will aim to correct even the most common of aging problems, including severe frown lines, harsh laughter lines, drooping jawlines and even wrinkles around the lips.
To find out more about the facial treatments we offer at Bury click here.

Hair Restoration

Hair Loss Restorations

Direct Hair Implantation are the world leaders in restorative hair treatments for over 45 years, having treated around 100,000 people across the world since their inception in 1970. The no pain and no scarring method is proven to be the most technologically advanced yet, using patented tools and only highly qualified and specially trained surgeons to carry out each procedure. Over the years, a team of scientific and medical experts come together to produce research and development techniques used in the DHI Training Academy in order to offer clients the best treatment and after-care possible. Individual hairs are removed using an extractor tool with a diameter of less than 1 millimetre and then implanted into the recipient area. The DHI treatment can also be used for beard restorations, eyebrow restorations and even body hair restorations. Currently, we are holding a special 45% limited offer for hair treatments to celebrate 45 years of DHI. Click here to find out how to book a Consultation and read more about DHI and the hair loss treatments provided.


Sedation£150.00 per 30 minute session
Scale and Polish£25.00
Fissure Sealants£25.00
Tooth Coloured Fillingsfrom £50.00
Extractionsfrom £50.00
Root Canal Treatmentsfrom £100.00
Crownsfrom £250.00
Veneersfrom £250.00
Inlaysfrom £250.00
Denturesfrom £250.00

Pawel's Bio

dr pawel sobocinski dentist bury

Dr Paweł Sobociński

Head Dentist (MSc, PDDS) GDC 100018 – Bury

Dr Pawel Sobocinski is the head dentist at Synergy Dental Clinic in Bury. Pawel (or Paul as he is more commonly known by colleagues and patients) obtained his first degree in Dentistry from Jagiellonian University, Kraków in 2001. He then went on to gain his Postgraduate Diploma in Dental Studies from Cardiff University in 2012 and then finally his MSc in Implantology from UCLAN. Paul’s special interests lie in Endodontology, Implantology, Shot-Term Orthodontics (such as 6 Month Smiles) and Cosmetic Dentistry (veneers). Paul hopes to achieve a greater understanding of the world of Orthodontics and Invisalign as well as Facial Cosmetics and Sedation. Paul is a family man through and through and takes pleasure in the simple things in life. And though he enjoys listening to classical and jazz music, his all-time favourite artist is Queen. Outside of work, Paul loves to spend time with his wife and sons, read a good book, watching the latest movies or TV series and always looks for any opportunity to be creative.

More info about Pawel

1. Do you have a nickname?

Everyone calls me Paul.

2. What can you never leave the house without?

Kissing my boys and my wife; a good book.

3. Where is your favourite place in the world?

Home (wherever it is at the time), Kraków, Polish lakes and mountains.

4. What makes you laugh?

A lot of things make me laugh!

5. What do you hate the most?

I don’t ‘hate’ so much; but I do not like people who lie.

6. What would have been your Plan B?

As a young boy/teenager I wanted to be an actor. But since half of my family are Doctors, Dentist and Lawyers, I probably would have ended up as the latter.

Pawel - Video

Ansar's Bio

awaiting image

Dr Ansar Mahmood

Dentist (BChD, MFDS RCS) GDC 230396 – Bury

Ansar is a caring and confident young dentist who enjoys helping his patients, whether they are in pain or would like a new smile. His calm, reassuring manner helps alleviate his patients’ anxieties in order for them to be able to accept dental treatment. Completing his BChD from the University of Leeds in 2012 he then spent a year in General Dental Practice undertaking the first year of his post-graduate training in Bolton. He then went on to spend a year in an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Senior House Officer post at the Royal Blackburn Hospital where he developed several new skills in Oral Surgery. During this year he also completed his membership examinations with the Faculty of Dental Surgery with the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. Ansar has a keen interest in Restorative dentistry and Orthodontics and has completed the Six Months Smiles course and is now a provider of this cosmetically focussed orthodontic solution. Ansar is passionate about dentistry and enjoys learning and keeping up to date with new developments. In his spare time he enjoys socialising with family and friends, getting involved and helping within his local community and keeping fit at the gym.

More info about Ansar

1. Do you have a nickname?

2. What can you never leave the house without?

3. Where is your favourite place in the world?

4. What makes you laugh?

5. What do you hate the most?

6. What would have been your Plan B?

Danielle's Bio

Danielle Demain

Danielle Demain

Practice Manager GDC 181636 – Bury

My name is Danielle and I’m the Practice Manager. I have been in the dental world for 18 year. In my spare time I like to take my Whippet, Finder, for long walks. I also like to read and spend quality time with my family.

I thoroughly enjoy working for Synergy Dental Clinic and I would recommend my friends and family to be seen at any of Synergy practices.

More info about Practice Manager

1. Do you have a nickname?

2. What can you never leave the house without?

3. Where is your favourite place in the world?

4. What makes you laugh?

5. What do you hate the most?

6. What would have been your Plan B?

Drew's Bio

Drew Merrick

Drew Merrick

Head Nurse GDC 268457 – Bury

Hi my name is Drew Morgan, I joined synergy in June 2016 as a dental nurse and became head nurse in January 2017. I have a level 3 diploma in dental nursing and my aspiration is to pursue a career in dentistry, in my spare time I enjoy socialising with friends and family.

More info about Head Nurse

1. Do you have a nickname?

2. What can you never leave the house without?

3. Where is your favourite place in the world?

4. What makes you laugh?

5. What do you hate the most?

6. What would have been your Plan B?

Jessica's Bio


Jessica Entwistle

Dental Nurse

Coming soon

More info about Dental Nurse

1. Do you have a nickname?

2. What can you never leave the house without?

3. Where is your favourite place in the world?

4. What makes you laugh?

5. What do you hate the most?

6. What would have been your Plan B?

Matt's Bio

awaiting image

Matt Greenwood

Head Receptionist – Bury

Matt is the Head Receptionist at Synergy Dental Clinic in Bury. Patients love his calm, helpful and well-spoken manner, whether over the telephone or in person and have commented on his ability to brighten up reception, even on the dreariest of days!  Matt is a faithful vegetarian and often likes to try looking for new and exciting places to eat.

More info about Matt

1. Do you have a nickname?

Many, all made up by my friends and all at my expense – but I’m not telling you! They’re hard enough to kill as it is.

2. What can you never leave the house without?

I carry a tonne of cosmetics around with me everywhere I go – always be prepared!

3. Where is your favourite place in the world?

I’d love to visit New York and L.A. – I’ll update you when I’ve been!

4. What makes you laugh?

The animal videos on ‘You’ve Been Framed’ and a good double entendre.

5. What do you hate the most?

Bugs! Especially spiders and wasps! I will literally scream and head for the hills.

6. What would have been your Plan B?

Well, as well as working for Synergy, I’m actually an actor. So you may see me popping up on your screens every so often!

Matt - Video


Sarah's Bio

Sarah Hodgson

Sarah Hodgson


Hi My Name is Sarah-Louise – I am enthusiastic and conscientious member of the reception team. I have been a part of the Synergy family since May 2017 and I am happy to help to the best of my ability. When I’m not doing my duties here at Synergy I am chasing after my 6 year old little boy.

More info about Receptionist

1. Do you have a nickname?


2. What can you never leave the house without?

I think it would be my house keys for obvious reasons

3. Where is your favourite place in the world?

Well I would LOVE to travel to Indoensia so once I have been i’ll let you know

4. What makes you laugh?

My little boy’s jokes (Why do Bears not wear shoes? Because they have Bear feet)

5. What do you hate the most?

Loud eaters

6. What would have been your Plan B?

Veterinary Nurse

Carole Atkinson


(5 out of 5 stars)

“At Synergy, they make you very relaxed right at the point of contact, they are very caring and knowledgeable. If my friend wanted a new dentist I would definitely recommend Synergy! “

Ian Oliver

Army Officer

(5 out of 5 stars)

“Dr Zubz saw me, explained everything that was required and I was very happy with the subsequent treatment. Zubz and his team are all extremely friendly, I will definitely come back again. It’s an excellent service and very refreshing.”

Case 14

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