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Synergy Dental Clinics’ Bolton branch has been practising as a dental clinic since the 1970’s with many local families being loyal to the surgery for generations.

Staff at the practice have come to know the patients on a first-name basis, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere inside this well-established clinic.

In 2012, the practice became a part of the Synergy Dental Group and the team worked hard to bring in state-of-the-art equipment and innovative techniques while maintaining the service and friendly environment that the previous owner achieved.

Since we have become established as the premier dentist in Bolton, has introduced the latest in cosmetic dentistry treatments to the clinic and winning numerous awards – most recently picking up the Good Practice Award given by the British Dental Association.

Synergy Dental Clinic Bolton, like all Synergy’s dental clinics, puts a strong emphasis on creating a stress-free environment for our patients. Our staff are trained in reducing anxiety and fear for all of our customers, and are experts in stress-reduction and use the latest relaxation techniques to ensure that every visit is positive and comfortable.

The clinic also has the capacity to keep all procedures in-house, no matter how big or small. This means we can administer dental sedation to those patients who are particularly nervous about their dental visits. You can be sure you’re in safe hands for the duration of your dental treatment with the help of the trained staff at Synergy Dental Clinics Bolton.


The Bolton clinic isn’t regarded as the best dentist in Bolton for no reason. It offers A-to-Z in dentistry, providing a full range of treatments for all patients in-house.

Focusing on cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry, we have the capacity to complete a wide variety of treatments, from bridges and dentures to root canals and wisdom tooth removal.

Facial aesthetics solutions – such as non-surgical wrinkle and line removal – are also offered at our clinic and are covered by our comprehensive Synplan dental plan.

For just £11.99 a month, Synplan helps our customers reduce and spread the cost of preventative dental care so you can avoid paying a lump sum at the end of your treatment plan.

If you’re looking to make Synergy Dental Clinics your local dentist in Bolton, We are located on the main road Blackburn Road (A666) which connects Farnworth/Kearsley to Bolton and leads to Darwen/Blackburn.

01204 522 090

Synergy Dental Clinic
274 Blackburn Road

Opening Hours
Monday09:00 – 17:00
Tuesday09:00 – 17:00
Wednesday09:00 – 17:00
Thursday09:00 – 17:00
Friday09:00 – 17:00
Saturday09:00 – 13:00
SINGLE FRONT TOOTH (Incisors & canines)The additional £300 is for an angle post£1,995£1350 (+£300)
SINGLE BACK TOOTH (Premolars & molars)The additional £300 is for an angle post if required£1,995£1350 (+£300)
3 FRONT MISSING TEETH2 implants with 3 teeth made in porcelain£4,590£3900
FULL UPPER MISSING (Fixed non removable option)8 implants with 12 teeth made in porcelain£18,360£14400
FULL LOWER TEETH (Fixed non removable option)6 implants with 12 teeth made in porcelain£15,570£12900
FULL UPPER REMOVABLE4 implants with acrylic teeth£9,000£6500
FULL LOWER REMOVABLE2 implants with acrylic teeth£4,990£3700
FULL SAME DAY IMPLANTS (with temporary denture)4 to 6 Straumann Implants on the upper/lower jaw, fixed permanent hybrid bridgework with 10 teeth. Also includes: all extractions, temporary denture, bone grafting, CT scan, surgical guide. 5 years guarantee on implants.
(Excludes sinus lift and block graft).
per jaw
FULL SAME DAY IMPLANTS (with fixed temporary bridge)4 to 6 Straumann Implants on the upper/lower jaw, fixed permanent hybrid bridgework with 10 teeth. Also includes all extractions, fixed temporary bridge, bone grafting, CT scan, surgical guide. 5 years guarantee on implants.
(Excludes sinus lift and block graft).
per jaw

Teeth Straightening with Invisible Braces

Dentist in Bolton

For whatever reason, there are still many people in the world that have not had the chance to straighten their teeth, whether by their own doing or because they didn’t qualify for braces when they were younger. Traditional braces are still a great option for correcting your teeth, however, they are not the most attractive or affordable options. At Synergy Bolton we offer a range of different brace systems which are more subtle – great for those who don’t wish to advertise that they are getting treatment to fix their teeth.

Cost of Braces

The cost of the different braces offered is detailed below. You can discuss with the dentist which brace system would suit you best based on your requirements. You can also discuss making paying for your braces more affordable by taking out a finance option.


At Synergy Dental in Bolton, we offer a system that 2 million people across the world have already chosen for the teeth straightening system. Invisalign are custom-made and clear aligners that fit your teeth comfortably and are removable. A specially made 3D video can show you the projected results before you start the treatment to show you what you can expect from the results.
There are 4 Invisalign aligners to choose from depending on your needs.

Initial Assessment – £20
Clincheck Video – £250 (gets deducted from treatment cost)
* Up to 7 aligners
* Limited to 1st premolars to 1st premolar movements
* Very mild crowding
* Cost – £1750 (both arches)
* Up to 14 aligners
* Mild crowding and Class 1 cases only
* Up to 1 refinement
* Cost – £2,800 (both arches)
* Unlimited aligners
* Class 1,2,3 cases
* Up to 3 refinements
* Cost – £3750 (both arches)
* Unlimited aligners
* Up to 3 refinements
* Erupting Dentition
* Cost – £3750 (both arches)

Six Month Smiles

If you need a brace system that won’t interfere with your day to day life, then the 6 months smiles is the system for you. This is much like the traditional metal braces in that they are fixed, however, the brackets and wires are tooth coloured, so they will be unnoticeable from more than two feet away. This brace takes about 6 months to correct the alignment of your teeth.

Initial Assessment – £20
Full assessment – £80 (gets deducted from treatment cost)
* Straight teeth in 6 months
* Only visible from 2 feet
* Tooth coloured brackets and wires
* Fixed system so no risk of user lifestyle interfering
* £2500 per arch or both arches

Inman Aligner

If it’s only a minor correction needed for the front six teeth at the top or bottom, then the Inman Aligner is the appliance for you. This device uses a pull and push mechanism which will work in aligning the teeth gradually. Though it is removable, it is recommended that you wear it for up to 18 hours every day.

Initial Assessment – £20
Full assessment – £80 (gets deducted from treatment cost)
* Perfect for correcting the top and bottom front 6 teeth
* A removable appliance which gives you more freedom
* Appliance which uses a push and pull mechanism to
correct the alignment of the front 6 teeth within 3-6
* £1500 per arch

Synergy Dental Bolton Teeth Whitening

Dentist in Bolton

At Synergy Dental Bolton, we understand the importance of having a bright, white and healthy looking smile that can make you feel all kinds of confident. However, sometimes no amount of regular brushing or flossing can stop eventual discolouration and staining, but we can help keep that in check.

Effective Treatments for the Best Price

Synergy Dental Bolton offers a great range of teeth whitening treatments which are both effective and most importantly, safe.


We understand how important it is for some people to have a smile they can be proud of, but when your teeth are looking a little lacklustre, this can knock your confidence. Over time, your diet and way of life could be contributing to your teeth becoming more and more stained. This is quite typical for everyone, especially if your diet consists of food and drink that stain more easily than others such as drinking red wine or coffee. Smoking is also more likely to stain teeth than those who don’t smoke.

Enlighten Whitening is a well-known and trusted brand amongst the dental profession and is guaranteed to produce a B1 shade. Enlighten consists of in-surgery and home whitening and is £695.

The procedure is something that you complete both at home and at the clinic with your dentist. At home, thin and comfortable whitening trays must be worn in bed for 14 nights. On the 15th day, your dentist will complete the second part of the treatment which takes only 40 minutes.

Enlighten Whitening is completely safe – it works straight through the enamel and does not harm the tooth surface. The materials used in Enlighten Whitening have been used in dentistry for over 100 years.


Non-Surgical Facial Solutions

Synergy Dental Bolton is proud to offer our clients a wide range of non-surgical facial solutions that will help with the most common signs of ageing, revealing a more revitalised and younger looking you. All of our treatments are safe, effective and have minimum recovery time, meaning you can get back to your activities as soon as possible. You can be assured that all of our procedures are performed by highly trained and qualified staff, whether you’re wanting to treat your frown lines, wrinkles around the lips or smooth away neck issues – all without the cost of surgery.

1 Area£150
2 Areas£200
3 Areas£250
Additional Areas(Frown lines, Crows geet, smokers lines, eye bag, forehead)£50 each
Treatment (Naso-Labial Fillers)SimpleAdvanced
1st Area£195£250
Additional Areas (cost if other areas are also being treated eg.Marionette Lines)£100£150
Cheeks£600(both sides)
Tear Troughs£600(both sides)
Jaw Line£600(both sides)
1st Area (vermillion border, body of lips, Philtrum)£195£250
Additional Areas (cost if other areas are also being treated)£100£150


Scale and Polish (SynClean)Removal of plaque and tartar including polishing.£25.00
Fissure SealantsProtective plastic coating on the biting surfaces of back teeth.£25.00
Tooth Coloured FillingsComposite fillings used for bonding, reshaping and filling teeth.from £50.00
Amalgam FillingsSilver mercury fillings used to fill teeth.from £50.00
ExtractionsTooth removal.from £50.00
Root Canal TreatmentsRemoving the nerve within the tooth.from £100.00
CrownsProtective cap to cover a broken down tooth or to reshape a tooth for cosmetics.from £250.00
VeneersA thin porcelain layer placed on teeth to improve
the cosmetic appearance.
from £250.00
InlaysA laboratory made filling.from £250.00
DenturesRemovable artificial appliance used to replace missing teeth.from £250.00
SedationFor nervous patients.
*per 30 minutes session
Invisible BracesInvisalign braces for teeth straightening.from £1750.00
ImplantsFixed artificial teeth to replace 1 or multiple teeth, including full arch replacements.from £1350.00





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