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Dental Implants in Ormskirk

Dental Implant is fast becoming THE choice for people wanting to treat their damaged, missing or decayed teeth. While it can be a costly treatment, it is renowned for being the most effective solution for its long-term benefits.

A screw post is inserted into the jaw bone of the upper or lower arch. This screw post is made of a special bio-compatible material and will become a new tooth root, and although it is artificial, it is permanent.

Synergy Dental Ormskirk offers two of the best dental implant brands, both of which are well accepted by dental professionals across the world. The first is called Straumann and the second is the Osstem implant system.

Implants can be Beneficial

By choosing dental implants, you will be able to make sure that you are protecting your gums from further bone loss and reducing the chances of infecting your mouth from decaying teeth and also reducing the risk of cutting the inside of your mouth if you have damaged teeth.

This will also mean that you are keeping the remainder of your existing teeth healthy in the process.
People can often lack confidence with a missing tooth or if their teeth are damaged, affecting their social lives. Getting an implant can be a long process, however, once they are fitted you will be able to eat and chew properly and smile with confidence again.

Dental implants have a great advantage in looking natural and feeling like real teeth.
A single-tooth implant starts from £1350, and though it can seem costly, they are arguably fantastic value for money when you look at the list of both aesthetic and life-long health benefits they offer.


Teeth Whitening At Synergy Ormskirk

You may do everything you can to keep your teeth looking healthy and clean by brushing twice a day and flossing regularly, but unfortunately, discolouration and staining on the teeth can’t be helped.

Synergy Dental Ormskirk can help you get your teeth looking brighter, whiter and healthier looking than ever before.

Effective Treatments for the Best Price

At Synergy Dental Ormskirk, we are proud to offer the very best in safe and effective teeth whitening treatments at competitive prices.
Below are the different types of whitening we offer at Synergy Dental Ormskirk.

Teeth Whitening at Home

The dentist will take molds of your teeth and will then order custom-made plastic trays for you. When they arrive, the dentist will check that the fitting is correct and then give you two whitening syringes.

You will also be given detailed instructions on how to use the products at home safely and effectively. The home whitening kit is £199.


Enlighten Whitening is a well-known and trusted brand amongst the dental profession and is guaranteed to produce a B1 shade. Enlighten consists of in-surgery and home whitening and is £695, NOW 495.

General Pricing List

SINGLE FRONT TOOTH (Incisors & canines)The additional £300 is for an angle post£1,995£1,350 (+£300)
SINGLE BACK TOOTH (Premolars & molars)The additional £300 is for an angle post if required£1,995£1,350 (+£300)
3 FRONT MISSING TEETH2 implants with 3 teeth made in porcelain£4,590£3,900
FULL UPPER MISSING (Fixed non removable option)8 implants with 12 teeth made in porcelain£18,360£14,400
FULL LOWER TEETH (Fixed non removable option)6 implants with 12 teeth made in porcelain£15,570£12,900
FULL UPPER REMOVABLE4 implants with acrylic teeth£9,000£6,500
FULL LOWER REMOVABLE2 implants with acrylic teeth£4,990£3,700
FULL SAME DAY IMPLANTS (with temporary denture)4 to 6 Straumann Implants on the upper/lower jaw, fixed permanent hybrid bridgework with 10 teeth. Also includes: all extractions, temporary denture, bone grafting, CT scan, surgical guide. 5 years guarantee on implants.
(Excludes sinus lift and block graft).
per jaw
FULL SAME DAY IMPLANTS (with fixed temporary bridge)4 to 6 Straumann Implants on the upper/lower jaw, fixed permanent hybrid bridgework with 10 teeth. Also includes all extractions, fixed temporary bridge, bone grafting, CT scan, surgical guide. 5 years guarantee on implants.
(Excludes sinus lift and block graft).
per jaw
Scale and Polish (SynClean)Removal of plaque and tartar including polishing.£30.00
Fissure SealantsProtective plastic coating on the biting surfaces of back teeth.£25.00
Tooth Coloured FillingsComposite fillings used for bonding, reshaping and filling teeth.from £65.00
Amalgam FillingsSilver mercury fillings used to fill teeth.from £65.00
ExtractionsTooth removal.from £65.00
Root Canal TreatmentsRemoving the nerve within the tooth.from £150.00
CrownsProtective cap to cover a broken down tooth or to reshape a tooth for cosmetics.from £270.00
VeneersA thin porcelain layer placed on teeth to improve
the cosmetic appearance.
from £270.00
InlaysA laboratory made filling.from £270.00
DenturesRemovable artificial appliance used to replace missing teeth.from £270.00
SedationFor nervous patients.
*per 30 minutes session
Invisible BracesInvisalign braces for teeth straightening.from £1750.00
ImplantsFixed artificial teeth to replace 1 or multiple teeth, including full arch replacements.from £1350.00

Teeth Straightening


Invisalign aligners are available and suited to different requirements.
Using Invisalign sophisticated ClickCheck Software, you will be able to see a 3D video of the gradual progress of your teeth’s movements before you even begin your treatment in order to show you the final result.

As the name might suggest, the Invisalign system is invisible, custom-made aligners designed to fit your teeth. These have the benefit of being both removable and comfortable and you will receive a new aligner every two weeks in order to continue moving your teeth to the next desired position.

Over 2 million people around the world have already changed their smiles for the better, and all without the hassle.

Initial Assessment – £20
Clincheck Video – £250 (gets deducted from treatment cost)
* Up to 7 aligners
* Limited to 1st premolars to 1st premolar movements
* Very mild crowding
* Cost – £1,750 (both arches)
* Up to 14 aligners
* Mild crowding and Class 1 cases only
* Up to 1 refinement
* Cost – £2,800 (both arches)
* Unlimited aligners
* Class 1,2,3 cases
* Up to 3 refinements
* Cost – £4,250 (both arches)
* Unlimited aligners
* Up to 3 refinements
* Erupting Dentition
* Cost – £4,250 (both arches)

6 Months Smile

6 Months Smiles does what it says on the tin!

This system aims to correct the teeth on the lower and upper arches within a 6 month period. Depending on each individual, times can vary and can either take a slightly shorter or longer period of time based on the situation.

This system is fixed and looks like a traditional brace, but with the added benefit that the brackets are tooth coloured, making it harder to detect.
• £2500 per arch
• Corrects teeth within 6 months
• Tooth-coloured brackets and wires make them less visible
• A fixed appliance that won’t interfere will lifestyle

Initial Assessment – £20
Full assessment – £80 (gets deducted from treatment cost)
* Straight teeth in 6 months
* Only visible from 2 feet
* Tooth coloured brackets and wires
* Fixed system so no risk of user lifestyle interfering
* £2,500 per arch

Inman Aligner

The Inman Aligner is great for cases who suffer from crowding of teeth and can be used to correct the first 6 front teeth. This system is removable but needs to be worn on an average of 16 – 18 hours a day. A great choice and takes between 8 – 18 weeks for the best final result.
• £1500 per arch
• Can be used to fix the front teeth on both the top and bottom
• Removable appliance
• The arrangement of the front teeth are gradually corrected by a push and pull mechanism and takes between 3-6 months

Initial Assessment – £20
Full assessment – £80 (gets deducted from treatment cost)
* Perfect for correcting the top and bottom front 6 teeth
* A removable appliance which gives you more freedom
* Appliance which uses a push and pull mechanism to
correct the alignment of the front 6 teeth within 3-6
* £1,500 per arch

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Natalie Harris
Natalie H.
15:06 10 Oct 19
I went to this dentist the other day for the first time. Eugene really is the nicest dentist I have ever seen (I have been to a lot) He explained things properly, made me feel at ease and a lovely friendly man. A big credit to the dentist practice. Thank you Eugene.
Peter Lynd
Peter L.
16:28 29 Aug 19
As a new customer I have found synergy dental surgery was second to none worth every penny. The service I received At Burscough dental practice today was amazing. In all the years I have been going to the dentist I have never had my teeth cleaned that well.I WILL DEFINITELY BE GOING BACK WELL DONE SYNERGY THANKS YOU SO MUCH
Stacy Baldwin
Stacy B.
09:58 29 Aug 19
A very welcoming dental surgery, all the staff are amazing and I would highly recommend Synergy in Burscough.
Helen Lou
Helen L.
09:33 31 Jul 19
Really clean and friendly dentist practice. Eugene is very friendly but professional and gives really good results. 10/10
Peta Dowson
Peta D.
09:06 30 Jul 19
Fantastic service everytime! Dr Ai-Ling is fabulous and always puts me at ease. The reception staff are always friendly and helpful as are all the dental nurses. Would highly recommend this practice.
Jane Bridge
Jane B.
12:23 19 Jul 19
Great treatment I received, very professionally carried out.
Gillian Boucher
Gillian B.
10:24 10 Jul 19
Eugene the dentist is absolutely wonderful so patient and was wonderful with my daughter that has a needle phobia when she needed fillingsx the receptionist is always warm and welcoming and so are the dental nurses. I would highly recommend this dentist to anyone x
Gavin Wilkinson
Gavin W.
12:18 20 Jun 19
great service, pain free, efficient
Thomas Beeh
Thomas B.
09:54 19 Jun 19
Brilliant dental practice! Would definitely recommend.
Chris Aindow
Chris A.
09:31 13 Jun 19
Dr Lim was very sympathetic during tooth extraction. understood my anxiety & was very kind
Nic Hilton
Nic H.
08:30 23 Apr 19
Very lovely dentist and always really calm and helpful!
Kellie Ashcroft Clark
Kellie Ashcroft C.
20:54 18 Apr 19
What a fabulous team at the Burscough practice. Mr Stanley thank you for being so caring with one of my young Sons. And Adam ( dental nurse) , thank you for making my son feel at ease. Such a pleasure every time we visit. The whole team is a credit to Synergy.
Victoria Goulbourne
Victoria G.
15:26 18 Apr 19
Had excellent teeth whitening here - enlighten really is the best teeth whitening with no pain! Thankyou for the professional service!
Kimberley Jane
Kimberley J.
10:16 18 Apr 19
We travel an hour to this dentist as my children love Dr Stanley. Professional and friendly.Always goes that little bit extra for their patients.
Lisa Seddon
Lisa S.
10:15 18 Apr 19
Eugene is so patient with me as I’m a very nervous patient. Highly recommend this surgery. Angela the receptionist is so lovely & always has a smile for you.
Thea Jayne Hulme
Thea Jayne H.
10:12 18 Apr 19
Lovely friendly staff, very reassuring and explained thoroughly what needed to be done.
Joe Reeder
Joe R.
12:18 17 Apr 19
great, friendly staff. I had an excellent visit.
Irene Patterson
Irene P.
15:50 14 Mar 19
Rang up this morning for an appointment, booked for later on today, excellent service, friendly reception and brilliant dentist. Couldn’t ask for better
Kelly Marsden
Kelly M.
16:15 25 Feb 19
All of the staff are incredibly helpful! Dr. Stanley is very professional and I know I’m in safe hands ☺️
Joanna Jayne
Joanna J.
13:34 23 Jan 19
i highly recommend synergy dental clinic all the staff our lovely and really helpfull.
Poppy Wellman
Poppy W.
10:21 16 Jan 19
The staff are really friendly here and the receptionists are really welcoming, wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.
Wendy Sprigings
Wendy S.
10:51 30 Nov 18
perfect with young children as i have a 10 year old and 6 years old always made at ease
Lorraine Culshaw
Lorraine C.
11:52 29 Nov 18
From Angela on Reception to Eugene and his dentistry, the whole experience at Synergy in Burscough is exceptional. Would highly recommend
Toria Tee
Toria T.
16:37 28 Nov 18
Great practice, very friendly and helpful staff. Eugene is great with our children. They love the dentist now. I would highly recommend this practice.
Dee Lynd
Dee L.
15:37 22 Sep 18
Synergy saved the day - a front crown came away and at very short notice we were seen at the practice. Due to time constraints we were referred to a consultant who saw us the next evening and did an amazing job. All is now well. Thanks to Synergy staff who pulled out the stops for us.
Mandy J Murphy
Mandy J M.
10:50 29 Aug 18
very good service and staff are brilliant.would recommend.
Adam Stanley
Adam S.
14:53 17 Aug 18
Mr Stanley was very gentle, patient and friendly whilst treating me over the 2 visits I went. Would 100 % recommend him!
Ann Mccord
Ann M.
10:12 17 Aug 18
Having been terrified of dentists in the past , I plucked up courage to visit Synergy. What a wonderful place, Kim was so nice and welcoming and no words can describe Dr Stanley. Absolutely fantastic made me feel so at ease and no pain as he worked on me even to doing an extraction. Thank you so much to everyone there, I would highly recommend you .
Beryl Orritt
Beryl O.
17:15 15 Aug 18
What a breath of fresh air it was meeting Kim the receptionist . Very pleasant and understanding and made you feel at ease.
Avergo Bill
Avergo B.
13:15 09 Jul 18
Best dentist around. I have my good looks back. Thank you. 🙂
Hannah Keeley
Hannah K.
14:55 26 Jun 18
lovely place everyone is so helpful and understanding
Jess Bradley
Jess B.
13:56 22 Jun 18
Everyone is so lovely at Synergy and everyone makes me feel welcome and comfortable!
Tasha Hayes
Tasha H.
11:44 27 Nov 17
5* Service warm welcome from the moment you arrive from Angela on reception to the fantastic work carried out by Dr Ai Ling & Dr Stanley who explain everything in detail giving you advice and making you feel at ease throughout the process. Makes going to the dentist experience a whole lot easier thanks Synergy will be sure to recommend to friends and family.
Kellie Ashcroft Clark
Kellie Ashcroft C.
11:37 22 Nov 17
Such a fantastic practice. The practice manager Angela is very accommodating and very professional. Mr Stanley the head dentist is fantastic, calming. And his work is to a very high standard. Such a lovely practice would definitely recommend �
Lisa Rimmer
Lisa R.
15:16 17 Nov 17
I have been a patient of Synergy Ormskirk for sometime. I would recommend this surgery. Friendly and professional members of staff, they make you feel at ease as I used to be a nervous patient.
Emma McDermott
Emma M.
09:57 09 Nov 17
Been attending for years! Always a great service!
Emma Lee
Emma L.
12:59 27 Sep 17
Absolutely amazing practice the staff are so friendly and helpful, as a agency nurse I’ve found it a pleasure to be apart of the team ��� Recommend Invisalign with Eugene Straightening system too ��
Jacqueline Hosken
Jacqueline H.
13:09 20 Sep 17
Fantastic dentists, would highly recommend.
Ryan Jennings
Ryan J.
08:23 20 Sep 17
Great customer service from reception staff. Mr Stanley has been my dentist now for several years and I have nothing but praise for his work.
Michelle Park
Michelle P.
16:29 07 Sep 17
It's so good to have a dentist that you feel relaxed and comfortable with, in the knowledge you are looked after from the minute you walk through the door to the minute you leave. I would happily recommend this surgery to my friends and family.
Emma Lennon
Emma L.
11:27 07 Sep 17
Great Dentist, all the staff are always very welcoming and helpful. Dr Ai-Ling is a fantastic dentist and is always particularly patient and helpful when doing my 18 month olds check ups.
Lisa Lloyd-Jones
Lisa L.
20:17 31 Jul 17
Kimberley Jane
Kimberley J.
17:12 31 Jul 17
Been seeing Mr Stanley for over 10 years. Even my children age 8,15 love coming to see him. Fantastic dentist.
Chienya Ma
Chienya M.
10:19 28 Jul 17
Im a new patient here.I have to say I'm so lucky as the ppl so lovely here.My Dentist she is so nice and gentle .
Paula Hughes
Paula H.
15:30 26 Jul 17
Great service and friendly staff...i would highly recommend.
Holly Budgen
Holly B.
10:57 26 Jul 17
Dentists Ai-Ling and Eugene are always super professional and friendly - pleasure to have my smile looked after by them. In fact the whole synergy team are a really welcoming bunch including Practice Manager, Angela who's always helpful and accommodating in finding just the right appointment.
Sophie Clarke
Sophie C.
10:40 25 Jul 17
Have been attending this practice for many years, very friendly helpful receptionists and Dr Stanley always puts me at ease as a nervous patient!!
Emma Jones
Emma J.
11:14 21 Jul 17
Very friendly receptionist! I've been coming to Mr Stanley for about 2 years now and he always provides me with excellent service and good advice.
Anita Siequien
Anita S.
14:29 14 Jul 17
Fantastic place, lovely friendly and professional staff. Both dentists make what most people dread, a real pleasure. Even my teenage daughters have found the experience fun! Well done, keep up the good work!
George de Kock
George de K.
18:01 13 Jul 17
I like many am petrified of dentists. Eugene is an absolute star and knows exactly how to treat us babies. So much so that now I actually look forward to my visits. My entire family makes use of the Burscough surgery and could not recommend it any higher.
Alice Jackson
Alice J.
12:28 13 Jul 17
Mr Stanley is a fantastic dentist. Have been visiting for years and he is so professional and friendly. Thank you for Mr Stanley for providing an excellent service.
Lewis Hilton
Lewis H.
14:43 12 Jul 17
Usually I get really bad anxiety about going to the dentist but Dr Stanley made it a much more calmer experience helped me a lot with toothache and I'm very grateful that he could sort it in such a short period of time, I joined on the Monday morning and the tooth was removed on the Tuesday afternoon would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a new dentist.
Amy Alexandra Court
Amy Alexandra C.
13:16 11 Jul 17
I am always very nervous going to the dentist and have been to a few different clinics. I have been going to see Dr Stanley for years now and he is the best! I wouldn't go anywhere else now. He always makes me feel at ease. The nurse and reception staff are lovely too!
Calum Baldwin
Calum B.
12:03 06 Jul 17
Always very efficient with great service and friendly staff.
Rebecca Kate
Rebecca K.
08:27 06 Jul 17
I am new to this dentist and couldn't have asked for a better service. The receptionist is welcoming and very helpful. The dentist and nurse upstairs are lovely and made me feel at ease straight away. I would highly recommend it. You have made my visits to the dentist a little less daunting!
John Fea
John F.
13:22 05 Jul 17
So happy with my treatment at Synergy. Dr Eugene Stanley is brilliant, in fact the all the team are very professional and welcoming. Couldn't recommend Synergy more!
Gavin Hynes
Gavin H.
22:13 08 Mar 17
Ellie Wilkinson
Ellie W.
10:40 07 Mar 17
I have been visiting this dentist for years, and it's the best by far! Always very accommodating and all of the staff are very friendly, I would highly recommend!
Gaynor Hackett
Gaynor H.
11:18 02 Mar 17
Joanne Wilson-shergold
Joanne W.
20:11 01 Mar 17
This is a really good dentist to go to.i go with my daughter and my mum and we all see the dentist Eugene stanley.hes very friendly and always explains in detail what he's going to be doing to our teeth.would recommend to everyone !!
Susanna Preston
Susanna P.
11:06 26 Feb 17
Would like to say thank you to all staff at Synergy Dental, I feel always welcome and looked after when I visit you. Would recommend to anyone. Thank you!
Colette Jones
Colette J.
15:22 24 Feb 17
I was very nervous yesterday about going to my dentist, but as usual they were very friendly and put me at ease when I had my back tooth extracted. They even rang me this morning to check I was ok... 👍👍well done Synergy.
Clare Peet
Clare P.
16:23 01 Nov 16
I would thoroughly recommend Synergy, fantastic staff and doctors, goodatmosphere and lots of information provided, thank you.
Jeanette Dodd
Jeanette D.
18:05 01 Jun 16
Been attending this dental clinic for many many years and was initially concerned when Mr Mooney retired, but I needn't have worried. Both my husband and I are extremely pleased ,the staff and the dentists are very friendly and put the patients at ease. It is very well run dental clinic and I thoroughly recommend it.
Donna Clover
Donna C.
13:42 14 Apr 16
I am a nervous patient, but here I feel at ease. Excellent.
Bethany Taylor
Bethany T.
11:18 19 Feb 16
Lovely staff, happy to help and great understanding of all needs.
Nelly Ascensao
Nelly A.
10:11 16 Feb 16
Excellent dentist. Very helpful staff and nurses to . I really recommend to ene one.
Luke Anthony
Luke A.
21:30 16 Dec 15
David Cope
David C.
20:55 16 Dec 15
Excellent dentist staff are so friendly nurses were very helpful
Zuber Bagasi
Zuber B.
20:55 03 Aug 15
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