41 - Christmas Survival Guide

Christmas Survival Guide

Christmas is well and truly upon us. With the count down just roughly nearly a week away, it’s one of the most highly anticipated days of the year. Getting together with all the family, spreading the ‘festive joy’, and – what’s on most peoples’ minds – spending most of the week to happily indulge in on a high-fat, high-sugar diet with a huge Christmas dinner on the special day.

42 - Remineralisation – How Does It Work

Remineralisation – How Does It Work?

You may or may not have heard dentists talking about remineralisation, and what they mean by this when it comes to our teeth, is an important process that happens to our teeth when they begin losing their mineral content which makes them strong in the first place.

43 - Dental Implants Abroad – Is It Safe

Dental Implants Abroad – Is It Safe?

Having to suffer tooth loss, which can occur from injury or oral disease, is traumatic for anyone to go through. Then seeing the price list for just one dental implant can make the situation a whole lot more stressful. Fast forward, and you see an advertisement for implant at a lower cost aboard.

45 - Winning at the IDDA Awards Night!

Winning at the DDA Awards Night!

It was an incredibly humbling evening for the Synergy Dental Group team on the Saturday of the 2nd November. A selection of our staff members attended the Digital Dental Academy awards night, held at The Vox Conference Centre, Birmingham. Many groups, dental practices, professionals and digital dentistry experts also attended.

46 - What’s going on at Synergy Bolton

What’s going on at Synergy Bolton?

The Synergy Group is now reaching a far wider radius across the Lancashire area – but our success was still borne out of our original Bolton dentist practice. The practice, located at 274 Blackburn Road, was the very beginning of the Synergy Group journey and has been with us throughout our continuous expansions since.

47 - Frequently Asked Questions About Veneers

Frequently Asked Questions About Veneers

It’s no surprise that countless celebrities, including the likes of Emma Roberts and Miley Cyrus, seem to be sporting a pearly-white aesthetic from dental veneers, and it has many people wondering – what makes dental veneers such a staple cosmetic procedure? We’ll go over a few commonly asked questions that dentists get about veneers, and maybe you might consider them for yourself.

48 - Case Study Fixing Sporting Injuries

Case Study: Fixing Sporting Injuries

Injuries that cause fractures or even tooth loss are all too common in dental practices, and this is even more common when it comes to sporting injuries. With potentially high-impact sports like rugby or football, dentists tend to recommend wearing a mouthguard. This isn’t always the base, and many athletes, whether professional or amateur, can end up with some very permeant oral complications.

49 - Synergy’s Collaborators

Synergy’s Collaborators

As the times move on for the Synergy Dental Group, so does our reach and the number happy patients who have walked out of our clinic doors. We strive for the highest quality cosmetic, restorative, and preventative treatments while having a team of award-winning dentists to provide them. Our patients are in the safe hands of some of the top-rated dentist in the North West, including the likes of Dr Zuber Bagasi and Dr Ali Altaf.

50 - Case Study The Ins and Outs of Implant Surgery

Case Study: The Ins and Outs of Implant Surgery

Maybe you’re curious about what goes on during implant placement procedures? Maybe you’re anxious about your upcoming surgery, and you want to know a bit about what happens? Let’s explore the journey one of Synergy’s previous patients went on to have a single implant placed on their maxilla (upper jaw bone)

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