Christmas Survival Guide

Christmas is well and truly upon us. With the count down just roughly nearly a week away, it’s one of the most highly anticipated days of the year. Getting together with all the family, spreading the ‘festive joy’, and – what’s on most peoples’ minds – spending most of the week to happily indulge in on a high-fat, high-sugar diet with a huge Christmas dinner on the special day. Unfortunately, all the fun needs to be met with some home truths, because overindulging too much can have serious repercussions on your oral health. This will be Synergy Dental’s own survival guide for over the holiday season, which includes things we should really be reconsidering

Sugar, Sugar…and More Sugar!

Firstly, the elephant in the room is sugar, and the effects it can have on our teeth. We really have no excuse to overlook the effects sugar can have on our teeth over Christmas. We’ve been told since being very young that sugar is incredibly harmful to both our teeth and general health. Rather than cutting sugar out completely, simply cut down on any additional sugar over the recommended dietary requirements. After all, our teeth aren’t protected from harmful sugar just because it’s Christmas; it might be a magical time of the year…but it isn’t that magical. Particularly, sticky sweet-treats do the majority of the damage over the festive period. Christmas cake, pudding, and mince pies are all common desserts consumed over the holiday period. The danger lies in the high sugar content paired with the sticky fruits that can be found inside. Sticky sweets and fruits are very dangerous because they can become lodged in difficult areas of the mouth, causing consistent damage to the teeth.

Cutting Back on Bubbles

Another mainstay routine that many adults like to indulge in during the holidays is popping a bottle of prosecco or champagne to mark the special time of the year. It’s therapeutic and cathartic to sit back and sip on the fine stuff with the rest of the family – a toast can often feel necessary. Our recommendation is to stick with the one glass, though. Fizzy alcoholic beverages like prosecco are jam-packed with sugar, and when paired with the bubbles, these drinks can often make up a nasty cocktail for serious tooth decay. Maybe you do stick with just the one glass of the fizzy stuff, but what happens after? Usually, more and more alcohol consumption. If you’re thinking about drinking wine for the rest of the night, think again. Wine can be just as bad for our teeth as sugary snacks or fizzy champagne whether it is red or white. Wine has the ability to stain our teeth very quickly. Red wine may stain our teeth quicker, but white wine is far more acidic and can have similar eroding effects as champagne. Either way, we urge individuals to avoid excessive alcohol consumption over the holidays, as it has nasty effects on our teeth and our oral and physical health.

Christmas Bad Habits

Maybe you’re lucky enough to have a short break over the Christmas holiday? It’s very common for routines to start slipping during short breaks from work, and, among other things, our oral health can begin to suffer. One lie in can turn into two and then to three. You’ll have slept through Christmas before you know it. During this time, we lose the motivation to do even the smallest tasks – like brushing our teeth in the morning. Failing to brush our teeth at the times recommended by dentists can put our teeth at serious risk of dental decay, gum disease, foul-smelling breath, and other serious complications. Ensure you are following recommended oral cleaning every morning and night, and try to avoid slipping out of well-establish routines to stay motivated over the holiday period.
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