Dental Implants Abroad – Is It Safe?

Having to suffer tooth loss, which can occur from injury or oral disease, is traumatic for anyone to go through. Then seeing the price list for just one dental implant can make the situation a whole lot more stressful. Fast forward, and you see an advertisement for implant at a lower cost aboard. But, should you really be going aboard to have this kind of procedure? We’re here to give you a brief but clear picture of the things to consider when you’re thinking about jetting off for a new smile.


One of the first points to address to patients is the advertising used for dental tourism, and this is a point thoroughly address by a Liverpool-based private dental practice, Smileworks too. They discuss the frequent marketing strategies that can be found all over the internet, and those marketing strategies seem to argue that ‘painless’ treatments are offered in other countries. This implied a general lack of painless treatments here in the UK, and this simply isn’t true.

Dental implants are at such a high level of sophistication that those who are qualified to place them are trained to do so while causing as little pain to patients as possible – this includes during and after the treatment. Implantologists in the UK are trained to pre-empt potential after-effects of the treatment, depending on the difficulty of the treatment. Advanced CT-scan methods can be used to plan surgery and cause as minimal side effects as possible.

Furthermore, minor oral surgeries, like dental implants, are mostly undergone with at least a local anaesthetic to numb the area when the procedure is underway. Again, sedation will be, and should always be, administered by a fully-qualified health care professional achieving the most optimal results. This means the pain will likely never be felt whilst going through dental implant treatment or anything similar.

The Price of Dental Implants

The pain may be none existent during these kinds of procedures, but the price can very much bring a tear to the eye. It is no shock to people in the UK that the cost of dental implants (and dental treatments in general) can be very expensive. Countries like Hungary offer implants for roughly £400 – a stark drop in price compared to the standard quadruple figure sum over here in the UK. Many Brits will flock to these countries to get treatments, but what about the hidden costs?

A dental implant is not always a simple one-step process. A thorough and professional procedure will take various stages and multiple interim dental appointments to ensure the implant is healing correctly. This is not always possible to achieve during a standard one-week package holiday, for example, and costs will start adding up when you take into account the flights, accommodation, and the time off work you’ll need to work around in order to make this kind of method viable.

Things To Consider

The most important thing that patients should understand is that these implants, or any minor oral surgical procedure, will never be a straightforward process. Furthermore, complication can arise. These complications or difficulties would be taken by the General Dental Council, who regulate dentistry across the UK. The GDC ensure that dentistry is being upheld to a professional standard.

This is not always the case with other countries, and the standard that is enforced here in the UK may be enforced elsewhere. The areas of dentistry that will likely not be upheld in the same way, for example, are standards in infection control.

Ensure that before undergoing any dental treatment outside of the UK you have researched both the country and the dentist. Make sure you have accounted for possible complications (for example, still being in the same country while recovering) because no matter how skilled a dentist might be, unforeseen complications still occur.

If you’re looking for a more detailed and in-depth review of all the things you should be considering before jetting off for a new smile, consider seeing one of our implant surgeons.. Furthermore, make sure to discuss this decision with your dentist and make them aware of your intentions before committing to getting treatment aboard.

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