School visit helps promote good oral health

With it being National Smile Month what better time to visit a local school.

Dr Richard Ho and Farrah Pycroft, head dentist & nurse at Synergy Dental Clinic Bolton visited Olive School to help build a relationship between the local school and our nearby dental practice.

Head Dentist and Nurse

Synergy Dental Clinic Bolton – Head Dentist & Nurse

A class visit by the dentist for early years was a great way to engage children in positive oral health messages, demonstrating good tooth-brushing techniques, giving lessons on sugar in food and healthy diets, and simply good day-to-day advice on oral health routines. After the session, we handed out Dental Goody Bags for the children to take home with them.

Dr Richard Ho Olive School Bolton

Dr Richard Ho with pupils at Olive School Bolton

What do you use your teeth for?

Dr Richard Ho and Farrah Pycroft (Head Nurse) – What do you use your teeth for?

Dental Goody Bag

Student from Olive School with Goody Bag

Goody Bag Dental

Student at Olive School with Goody Bag

We also provided a basic examination with a mirror and torch carried out by one of our qualified dentists alongside a qualified dental nurse who work at Synergy Dental Clinic Bolton and are both DBS checked.

The purpose of dental screening is to identify whether children can benefit from dental treatment, and to identify if there are any problems that may need a closer look in the dental surgery.

Dental Screenings operate a positive consent policy that means we require your written consent in order to examine your child.

Screening does not replace regular check ups at the dentist and your child should continue to visit his or her dentist.

Dental Screening School

Dr Richard conducting a Dental Screening

Dental Screening Dr Richard

Dental Screening with Dr Richard Ho

If you’re a local school who would like to forge closer links to our dental practice, don’t wait to get in touch. There’s nothing to stop you from sending out open invitations to our marketing department, we have eight practices, in Bolton, Farnworth, Bury, Blackburn, Preston, Blackpool, Ormskirk & Birmingham.

Having a class visit is not only a wonderful community activity; it’s also a tremendous goodwill for the practice too.


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