Your Chance to Receive Dental Implant Treatment on Us!

19th April 2024 by Synergy Dental Clinic

Dental implant treatment – you’ve probably heard about it. If you have, then you’ll know it’s one of the most highly regarded forms of dental prosthesis available on the market. Dental implants are a great solution for missing teeth due to the way they are screwed into the jawbone. This acts as a replacement for the natural tooth root, allowing our dental implant surgeons to attach a crown or bridge.

Since the 12th of April, we’ve had a new section of our website to allow patients to nominate a friend, family member, or even themselves. We will choose one patient to receive dental implant treatment on us. 

Why Are Synergy Giving Away Implant Treatment?

Whilst this treatment is revolutionary, due to the high level of skill required and the cost of material used, the price of dental implant treatment can be quite high – in fact, Synergy is one of the cheapest clinics for dental implant treatments due to our partnership with Straumann. As we fit so many implants so regularly, we get discounts from Straumann for buying in high quantities. Instead of increasing our profit margins, we pass that saving on to our patients. 

Unfortunately, even at our affordable prices, many people still can’t manage the cost of implant treatment – and the NHS do not currently cover the cost. 

This means that there are members of our community who could benefit from implants, but can’t get them due to their budget.  

We wanted to find a way to give back to the communities that have supported Synergy for so many years and have helped us grow over time. We decided to offer dental implant treatment to one patient on us as a way to show our appreciation and give our thanks. 

As dentists, we see how missing teeth can damage a person’s confidence. It can make it hard to speak, smile, and chew. We’ve also seen how dental implants can fix that problem and change a person’s life for the better! 

How do I Take Advantage of This Offer? 

It’s simple! Head on over to our nominations page HERE and make sure you’ve followed all the rules:

  1. Follow us on Instagram (we’ll be checking!)
  2. Comment and like THIS post! 
  3. Share the post on your stories.
  4. Lastly, nominate with the form on our website!

The nominations close on the 26th of April, so make sure you move quickly! Based on the nominations, we’ll choose someone who we think really deserves dental implants – someone whose life will change!

So what are you waiting for? Get nominating today! Maybe we’ll choose you…