New Synergy Dental Practice in Liverpool!

We are super excited to announce the official opening of our new Dental Practice in Liverpool! We are proud of our scope of practice and ability to provide the highest quality dentistry nationwide and what better than The Pool of Life itself!

To celebrate the new opening and as a sign of good will we are offering FREE consultations for Composite Bonding, Implants (including same-day) and Invisalign (T&Cs on our website). This will allow us to meet all the lovely faces in Liverpool and give you a fantastic opportunity to meet our great team headed by the brilliant Dr Mansoor – click here to read more.

What treatments do we offer?

We offer a vast array of treatments at our practice to aid all your dental needs. We believe in a holistic approach to dentistry in which we identify the true needs of our patients and provide an excellent standard of care to ensure they leave with a wider smile than the one they entered with.

Some of our most popular treatments include: Implants (and Same-day Implants!) , Invisalign and Composite Bonding. We also provide a large range of other dental treatments that you can read more about on our website so please do have a look and see if we can help you.

We are very well equipped with a highly trained team of dental clinicians, nurses, hygienists, practice managers and more that will all aid you in your dental journey. Your treatment does not end once you leave the practice but rather becomes a part of our ever-growing community of patients that are consistently supplied with the upmost care.

How much does treatment cost?

Here is a breakdown of costs for our most popular treatments at the most competitive prices – we are able to offer lower prices and provide a high standard of care due to the scale of our practice nationwide and team of advanced dentists that see a large volume of patients allowing us to gain experience and expertise whilst providing more affordable treatment.

We also offer a very flexible payment plan for all of our treatments that you can find on our website here:

Composite Bonding

  • Consultation: FREE
  • Edge Bonding: £200 per tooth
  • Full Coverage Composite Veneers: £350 per tooth


  • Consultation: FREE
  • Single Front Tooth (OSSTEM BRAND): £1350 (+£300)
  • Single Front Tooth (STRAUMANN BRAND): £1995
  • Single Back Tooth (OSSTEM BRAND): £1350 (+£300)
  • Single Back Tooth (STRAUMANN BRAND): £1995
  • 3 Front missing Teeth (OSSTEM BRAND): £3900
  • 3 Front missing Teeth (STRAUMANN BRAND): £4590
  • Full Upper Removable (OSSTEM BRAND): £6500
  • Full Upper Removable (STRAUMANN BRAND): £9000
  • Full Lower Removable (OSSTEM BRAND): £3700
  • Full Lower Removable (STRAUMANN BRAND): £4990

Same-day Implants

  • Consultation: FREE
  • Basic Package (BOTH JAWS) : £15,000 Both Jaws
  • Bronze Package : £9995 Per Jaw
  • Silver Package: £11995 Per Jaw
  • Gold Package: £28000 Both Jaws


  • Consultation: FREE
  • Invisalign Express (7 aligners) : £1750 (Both Arches)
  • Invisalign Lite (14 aligners): £2750 (Both Arches)
  • Invisalign Moderate (20 aligners): £3250 (Both Arches)
  • Invisalign Comprehensive (40 aligners): £4000 (Both Arches)

How can you contact us?

We are super easily accessible by phone, email and online live chat service that you can find on our website! You can even book a consultation online to save yourself the trouble of calling!

To call and book please use this number: 01514402314

To email:

Our Address: Unit 1 Cargo Building, 2 Grayson Street,Liverpool, L1 8AE

Thank you and we hope to see you at our new practice in Liverpool for all your dental needs!

Phone Lines Open