Dental Treatment abroad – is it really THAT bad? – 5 Questions with Synergy Dental Pt.2

Is there a difference in quality of materials or equipment abroad?

Not necessarily. The quality of materials abroad and in the UK can be of similar caliber. Dentists may use the same brands and companies that produce the dental materials utilised at home. However, as a patient it can be a convoluted and difficult task to identify whether a dentist is using the correct materials and is of high standard.

Especially when embarking on international treatment, gaining a greater understanding of what is being put in your mouth can be complex, especially when noting the potential language barriers and protocols in place in each region.

How do international practices offer ‘new teeth in a day’ initiatives?

This is a very common promotion seen across many practices abroad when trying to entice the UK customer base. It is common to see promotions that have big claims of doing treatment in one day and thus saving you even MORE money.

Whilst some procedures can take a short amount of time, with the correct technology, generally speaking the time it takes for dental treatment cannot be accurately estimated without an official consultation and investigations of the patient’s dental status.

Many international practices will base their claims and your suitability for treatment on x-rays, CT scans and some images, however, these seldom provide a holistic image of you as a patient and may lead you to believe you are entitled to treatment that may not be suitable for you. As a result, the ‘new teeth in a day’ initiative is a risky one to follow and may lead to rushed dentistry that is not fit for long term purpose.

What treatments can be done in the UK and how do they differ to those abroad?

All ‘safe’ dental treatments that are generally advertised abroad can be found being carried out by a dentist in the UK. You must be aware however of the type of procedure you want to undergo and whether or not the dentist has the correct qualifications.

Identifying whether a dentist is a specialist, has undergone a dental course or any postgraduate training route can be essential in establishing the reliability of the procedures they will carry out.

Many dental procedures can be carried out by general dentists however, the more complex your treatment plan the safer it’ll be for you to confide in a specialist who has undergone extra observed training in more complex scenarios.

You can see the treatments we provide here and find out more about our team before deciding your treatment plan:

How can I find a safe practice abroad?

This is the golden question, it can be difficult to establish what a ‘safe’ practice is. Especially when a lot of international practices will advertise their services as package deals and promote treatment alongside a trip abroad – taking the focus away from healthcare and presenting the service as a business product.

There are websites that allow you to calculate, compare and contrast practices abroad with amazing reviews, however, we must re-iterate ; dental treatment does not end once you leave the practice doors, it can have long lasting effects and need continuous maintenance and reviews. This can be extremely costly and nigh impossible if pursuing treatment abroad!

So the short answer is – you can find some fantastic international practices online but you cannot reliably identify the long term impacts of doing treatment abroad. You may save money initially but the long term costs may outweigh your initial savings.

Why should I commit to Synergy Dental over a practice abroad?

Here at Synergy Dental we offer the highest standard of care under a team of esteemed dentists, dental nurses and more. We have won a multitude of awards and we have an elite array of professionals working in our practices offering a vast array of procedures that will fit your needs.

We pride ourselves on providing a holistic and balanced approach to dental treatment and offer cosmetic treatments that are fit to your vision and catered to maintaining and bettering your dental health.

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