Mayor at Swan Lane Clinic Celebrates One Year Anniversary

Mayor of Bolton Officially Opens Clinic

The 14th of May marked a great day for the Synergy Dental Group as our youngest practice in Farnworth celebrated their one year anniversary since taking over the practice.  The Swan Lane Clinic was previously owned by the much loved Dr David Gracie for 38 years until his recent passing, leaving a long legacy behind him.  Some of the staff who currently work at the clinic also use to work under Dr Gracie’s care and so recognise all the patients who still come into the practice.

The Swan Lane staff including Head Dentist Dr Mohsin Patel, were greeted yesterday by Bolton’s Mayor Martin Donaghy and Mayoress Gay Wharton who arrived to officially open the practice.

Bolton Mayor Cuts Tape Synergy Farnworth

Mayor of Bolton cuts tape at Synergy Farnworth with Dr Mohsin Patel

As the Mayor cut the ribbon, he expressed his great delight in the investment of local businesses,

“In recent years, there has been a noticeable shortage of dentists, so it’s a great pleasure to have this dental clinic open in the Farnworth area.”

“I hope the business goes from strength to strength and wish you the very best of luck.”

The Mayor was also presented with an official plaque from the opening which will now hang proudly in the reception of the Swan Lane Clinic.

Mayor & Mayoress of Bolton receive plaque in honour

Mayor & Mayoress of Bolton receive plaque in honour

Since taking over the practice last year, Synergy has given the place a much needed makeover and introduced all the latest equipment and furnishings to bring the practice into the modern age of 21st century dentistry.

Dr Mohsin Patel gave the Mayor and Mayoress a tour around the facility and explained that,

“We have tried to keep up to date with the new innovations that are constantly happening in the dentistry world and therefore have introduced new treatments such as facial cosmetics, advanced dentistry with the likes of dental implants and now the Synergy Dental Group has started their venture into Direct Hair Implants, which we have incorporated into all our clinics.”

After the tour there was a chance for the Mayor and Mayoress to sit down and get to know some of the staff and what their roles involved, all whilst enjoying some delicious refreshments, including this wonderful cake.

A successful and (very) filling day was had by all at the Synergy Clinic at Swan Lane and we hope to have many more celebrations to come, especially if they involve cake!

Yummy Synergy Cake!

Yummy Synergy Cake!

Bolton Mayor cuts cake at Synergy Farnworth

Mayor of Bolton cuts cake with Synergy Farnworth staff

Senior Synergy Staff and Parents with Mayor & Mayoress of Bolton

Senior Synergy Staff and Parents with Mayor & Mayoress of Bolton

Synergy Farnworth with Mayor of Bolton

Synergy Farnworth Team with Mayor and Mayoress of Bolton

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