Damage of teeth grinding

Damage of teeth grinding: Dr Paul Sobocinski Answers your Dental Dilemmas

Q. Why is identifying teeth grinding important?
A. Night teeth grinding is one of the most-common sleep disorders.

It can affect between 14 per cent and 20 per cent of children and 3 per cent to 8 per cent of adults. It is also a very important symptom and one we should take seriously as it has deteriorating consequences for the teeth and can warn us about general medical problems.

The obvious consequences of teeth grinding is wearing off and eroding teeth surfaces, significantly increasing the risk of tooth decay, existing filling damage or even a tooth fracture and death of the tooth’s nerve.

Less known is that it can overload and damage temporo-mandibular joints (the ones responsible for opening and closing jaws, located near the ears). Very few people know that grinding has been associated with two serious conditions: cardiovascular diseases and sleep apnoea
(pauses of breathing or very shallow night-breathing).

Therefore, it’s important to inform your GP that you grind your teeth at night or clench them during the day. The most-common cause of grinding is stress and incorrect bite. Eliminating stress might be difficult but you can try to find your way of stress-relief: exercise, sports, relaxation techniques and socialising.

It’s also important to see if incorrect bite causes the problem so ask your dentist to examine this.

You should cut down on alcohol, coffee and sugar, especially in the evening. It will help you to have a better quality night’s sleep. Some medications may also increase the risk of grinding. Ask your GP.

Your dentist can make a night guard which will protect your teeth and might also help eliminate the grinding.

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