National No Smoking Day 2016

Be a #ProudQuitter on No Smoking Day

National No Smoking Day | Synergy Dental Clinics

March 9th marks this year’s National No Smoking Day campaign organised by the British Heart Foundation and with the aim to reduce tobacco related illnesses and deaths. The aim of the campaign is to aid, ‘smokers who want to quit by creating a supportive environment and highlighting the help that’s available’, ‘regardless of age, sex or social class.’

In spite of the fact that the dangers of tobacco smoking were linked to lung cancer as far back as the 1960’s, close to 10 million people in the UK still smoke and over 100,000 people die of tobacco related illness. ‘That’s 100,000 deaths too many’ say the organisers. In the North West, the smoking prevalence of adults is 19.9% according to an integrated household survey help by Public Health England.

But how does smoking impact your oral health? Well, bad breath, tooth discolouration, a diminished sense of taste and an increased risk of gum disease and tooth loss are just some of the ways that your oral health will suffer.

The largest danger however, is cancer. In dental relations, specifically oral cancer. Mouth cancer is where a tumour or a lesion develops on the surface of the tongue, mouth, lips and gums. Common symptoms according to the latest data from the NHS include red or white patches lining the mouth or tongue and a lump. In 2012, 6 people every day died of mouth cancer and 65% of all mouth cancer cases in the UK are linked to tobacco smoking.

Nonetheless, oral cancer is highly preventable with a huge 91% of cases that are avoidable according to Cancer Research UK. By increasing your fruit and vegetable intake, drinking less alcohol and quitting smoking you can help reduce the risks of cancer. And what better way to stop smoking than taking part in No Smoking Day?

National No Smoking Day | Synergy Dental Clinic

Synergy On Smoking

Synergy Can Help You Stop Smoking

Stopping smoking is no easy feat for many people, but you can get help! Visit you dentist and your GP for advice on how you can quit smoking once and for all. Helping someone quit? Visit for a campaign pack filled with tips and advice on how to stop smoking and give the people you care about a chance this year to be a #ProudQuitter!

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