27 - Coronavirus – Facemasks During a Pandemic

Coronavirus – Facemasks During a Pandemic?

It might be quite a logical reaction for many, amid a pandemic, to reach for face masks as protection from a virus. In the case of the novel coronavirus, the general public seems to be extremely reliant of wearing whatever facemasks they can get their hands on, but could this be doing more damage than good?

29 - Coronavirus Pandemic – Effects on Dentistry

Coronavirus Pandemic – Effects on Dentistry

Dentistry is yet another industry taking huge hits from the recent COVID-19 pandemic. These a real impacts that Synergy are having to deal with day-in-day-out, and we’d like our patients to understand more During times like these, everyone is forced into difficult situations, and every single life, family, small business, …

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32 - Case Study Changing Lives with Implants

Case Study: Changing Lives with Implants

Missing teeth can leave patients suffering every day, but implants can completely change this as it has done for one of Dr Bagasi’s recent patients… Once your teeth have become infected, they will begin to rot away or start falling out if you don’t take action to prevent it. When …

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38 - Get Bright, White Teeth this Valentine’s Day

Get Bright, White Teeth this Valentine’s Day

For some of us, it’s a day you look forward to spending with our significant other. For other singles, it might be a day we loathe spending alone. Love it or hate it, Valentine’s day is a special time of the year. It reminds us to appreciate all the love in our lives.

40 - New Year, New You

New Year, New You?

Make this new year’s resolution your first step in getting happier, healthier teeth! ‘A new year, a new you’….an idiom we’re all likely far too familiar hearing when the clock strikes midnight on January 1st. It can be a cathartic way of reinventing oneself. If you feel truly committed, it’s …

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41 - Christmas Survival Guide

Christmas Survival Guide

Christmas is well and truly upon us. With the count down just roughly nearly a week away, it’s one of the most highly anticipated days of the year. Getting together with all the family, spreading the ‘festive joy’, and – what’s on most peoples’ minds – spending most of the week to happily indulge in on a high-fat, high-sugar diet with a huge Christmas dinner on the special day.

42 - Remineralisation – How Does It Work

Remineralisation – How Does It Work?

You may or may not have heard dentists talking about remineralisation, and what they mean by this when it comes to our teeth, is an important process that happens to our teeth when they begin losing their mineral content which makes them strong in the first place.

43 - Dental Implants Abroad – Is It Safe

Dental Implants Abroad – Is It Safe?

Having to suffer tooth loss, which can occur from injury or oral disease, is traumatic for anyone to go through. Then seeing the price list for just one dental implant can make the situation a whole lot more stressful. Fast forward, and you see an advertisement for implant at a lower cost aboard.

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