New Year, New You?

Make this new year’s resolution your first step in getting happier, healthier teeth!

‘A new year, a new you’….an idiom we’re all likely far too familiar hearing when the clock strikes midnight on January 1st. It can be a cathartic way of reinventing oneself. If you feel truly committed, it’s a feel-good way of bringing important, meaningful changes to your life. The downfall of making a new year’s resolution is that they commonly fail very soon after beginning. This is why motivation, support, and consistency are all essential in sticking to your resolution during 2020.  

Making lifestyle changes isn’t easy, though, and this can be just as true when it comes to making changes to how we take care of our teeth. You might be the type of person to struggle with looking after their teeth on a day-to-day basis. So, take a look at some of Synergy’s top recommendations for ways towards a happier and healthier smile in the new year.

What dental changes could you make?


  • Flossing: It’s a step that a great many of us overlook when thinking about oral hygiene. Some of us may avoid it due to an increase in pain and bleeding, while others may not realise it is considered as essential just like brushing. Flossing should be a daily practice, and many people prefer to do this prior to brushing later on in the evening. The truth is, the initial few weeks of flossing for the first time will likely result in some pain and blood. This is simply because your gums aren’t used to being aggravated in this way. Over a period of two or three weeks, your gums should start to settle and get used to it.
  • Dental visits: Remember when we discussed how making a big change in your life might require some additional support? Well, your everyday dentist will be more than happy to be that shoulder to lean on. Visiting your dentist regularly throughout the year is an important thing for your oral health. Not only are they able to pick up on issues you could be having before serious harm is caused, but they can offer educated and trained advice, supporting you in your journey to a healthier smile in 2020.
  • Eating healthier: Completely revamping your diet is difficult but if you put in the time and effort, you will definitely reap the rewards. Eating a nutritious, varied, yet monitored diet can boost your general health and your dental health too. Healthier eating greatly reduces the number of time people will spend snacking between meals (which is a key factor driving obesity and tooth decay rates). It can also lessen the likelihood of your teeth coming into continued contact with dangerous and damaging sugars and acids that usually come from unhealthy foods.


Whether you’re putting effort into improving your dental health, physical activity levels, or diet, it won’t happen overnight. It’s important that you feel motivated to make changes, and you have support around you to start seeing results. Make 2020 your year!

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