14 - COVID-19 Update in Dentistry

COVID-19 Update in Dentistry

Dental practices across England are to reopen for their patients today. While guidance regarding social distancing should still be met, many practices have been in preparation for over a week trying to set up by Monday 8th. As such, we’ve been incredibly busy sourcing and outsourcing a sustainable amount of PPE.

16 - Dental Health During the Lockdown

Dental Health During the Lockdown

As of June 2nd, the lockdown has begun to ease slightly here in England. People can spend a lot more time outside with up to six people at a safe 2-metre distance. Also, few children are being allowed to return to primary schools and some workers are being able to return too.

27 - Coronavirus – Facemasks During a Pandemic

Coronavirus – Facemasks During a Pandemic?

It might be quite a logical reaction for many, amid a pandemic, to reach for face masks as protection from a virus. In the case of the novel coronavirus, the general public seems to be extremely reliant of wearing whatever facemasks they can get their hands on, but could this be doing more damage than good?

29 - Coronavirus Pandemic – Effects on Dentistry

Coronavirus Pandemic – Effects on Dentistry

Dentistry is yet another industry taking huge hits from the recent COVID-19 pandemic. These a real impacts that Synergy are having to deal with day-in-day-out, and we’d like our patients to understand more During times like these, everyone is forced into difficult situations, and every single life, family, small business, …

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