COVID-19 Update in Dentistry

COVID-19 has devastated industries, crippled the global economy, and left all of us feeling anxious about the future. Find out the lasted on what’s happening in dentistry as of June 8th.

Dental practices across England are to reopen for their patients today. While guidance regarding social distancing should still be met, many practices have been in preparation for over a week trying to set up by Monday 8th. As such, we’ve been incredibly busy sourcing and outsourcing a sustainable amount of PPE. We’re always eager to give back, so helping out those struggling to find PPE in what feels like a desolate landscape with everything but the equipment they need to reopen was something we couldn’t say no to!

After the letter (1) from the CDO, Sara Hurley, we were instructed to reopen dental surgeries on June 8th. This was after the initial COVID-19 restrictions which saw dental practice close. Reopening would take into account when and where aerosol-generating procedures should be carried out, arrangements so that the suitable IPC and PPE requirements are met, and practices are prepared for future public health measures to be re-imposed. While some practices have sadly had no other choice but to close and others have struggled to meet the criteria for reopening this week, we’re glad to officially re-open booked for face-to-face consultations for our patients today!

How will our services change in-light of COVID-19?

Unfortunately, with the current COVID-19 circumstances and current guidance, we must ensure the safety of our patients and staff. We cannot currently resume our dental service in the same way. We are required to follow specific processes to ensure the risk of contamination is minimal to everyone in our practices. As such, please expect some of these on your next visit to us:

  1. Temperature check – our staff will screen you before you can enter the clinic. This is a simple temperature check to ensure no one has a temperature exceeding 37.5 degrees. Staff are also screened frequently.
  2. Keep personal belongings with you – we ask that each patient is respectful and keeps their belongings, whether that is a handbag or jacket, on their person at all times.
  3. Please sanitise your hands – our staff will ask you to sanitise your hands, so please do so when instructed.
  4. Clinical triage – expect a brief clinical triage done via our receptionists before you can be seen by a dentist.
  5. Abide by social distancing guidance – we expect that patients wear a facemask (we will provide disposable facemasks) and keep at least 2 metres between themselves and anyone else at all times.
  6. Your appointment – you will finally be called for your appointment when your dentist is ready.
Want a more detailed overview of everything that will happen from your arrival at the clinic all the way to the end, watch Synergy Dental’s full step-by-step video

What should you do?

While our e-consultations are still available and will be available for the foreseeable future, we can carry out dental procedures where they are necessary. So, what is our advice for you? We will be avoiding standard routine dental appointments and will be in touch if you have an appointment pending.

Unsure about your dental health? Call your nearest Synergy Dental Clinic and we’ll be happy to