The Current Pressures Facing Dentistry

With the unprecedented changes currently facing many of us daily, keeping updated on the changes is essential. We’ll give you the rundown of any essential changes to our services and general dentistry

This year has been, as many say, unprecedented. While UK lockdown regulations have loosened over the past few weeks, it’s important to heed the Government’s advice and stay alert. Keep outside activities to a minimum wherever possible, wash your hands thoroughly, and keep a safe, 2-metre social distance. This is crucial for preventing the further spread of coronavirus across the UK population.

As of June 15th, certain shops and retailers are being allowed to re-open their stores in the hopes of recovering the UK economy one step at a time. Although, for dentists, anxieties are still very high across the industry as our practices enter their second week being open to patients. As many dental practices have re-opened, safety measures must remain very strict, and part of this is the limited capacity we have for staff and patients at one time. This means that the number of patients we can see on any given day is very limited and causing concern for the industry.

Dentistry’s long waiting list

With a back-log of patients in need of seeing a dentist, we, as a profession, are facing increased pressures of a growing waiting list. Currently, dental groups are using innovative methods to consult with non-urgent patients through video or live chat. In-practice appointments are still being limited to patients in urgent need only, and no routine check-ups are being booked as of yet. All of this has only added to the financial pressures of closing clinics for a lengthy period, and it has forced many dental groups to close their doors indefinitely.

  • Keep up to date with dentistry by checking out BDA’s latest updates, or keep on top of the Government’s current advice here

To add to this list of pressures currently facing dentistry across England since the reopening to clinics, strict measures about wearing the correct PPE at all times are being enforced. Further guidance from NHS England has made it clear that all dental staff must continue wearing surgical masks inside practices when out of full PPE. This will ensure all dental staff are covered at all times while at work. We understand the importance of PPE and how it can prevent further infection, but sourcing the amount of PPE required in such a limited time frame has proven impossible for some dental groups.

We, at Synergy, have been fortunate enough to use our connections to help us source a sufficient amount of PPE for our practices to re-open. Now we’ve done so, we want to give back to those practices struggling to re-open. We’ve formed a subsidiary company to Synergy Dental Group in the form of Medic PPE to help those in need of getting their practices back open and running.

If you or someone you know is finding it difficult to source trusted, reliable PPE for their practice, you can contact us today or email us directly at Shop for your PPE today at MedicPPE.

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