58 - Case Study Getting Implants on the Same Day

Case Study: Getting Implants on the Same Day

Losing teeth can be a difficult and stressful time in anyone’s life. Statistically speaking, 2.63% of adults aged 20 to 34 have no remaining teeth, while this figure goes up to 10.13% when looking at the age range of 50 to 64 (NIH). Dentists are, thankfully, well prepared these problems, and they aim to make the treatment as non-intrusive and quick as possible.

59 - Help on Chipped Teeth

Help on Chipped Teeth

Having a chipped tooth is one of the leading issues for patients in any dental clinic, and it really isn’t the most pleasant experience to deal with. Incidents with tooth chips – which can arise from biting hard foods or physical injury – can range from minor to serious. It all depends on your personal situation. There are many options to fix cracked teeth no matter what incident you’ve experienced.