34 - Case Study Composite Bonding Could Help You

Case Study: Composite Bonding Could Help You

Cosmetic dentistry is there to help improve the smiles of patients and make them feel more confident in themselves. Fixing those tiny insecurities can have the biggest, most profound results. A recent composite bonding case taken on by Dr Bilal Salim, one of Synergy Dental’s associate dentists, demonstrates this excellently.

35 - Invisalign – What Do the Professionals Think

Invisalign® – What Do the Professionals Think?

Invisalign is a well-heard-of dental treatment. It has saturated the field of orthodontics – as well as popular culture. Official No.1 hit Bad Guy, by up-and-coming artist, Billie Eilish, lends a comedic nod to the dental brand during the song’s intro.