On April 12th we opened up a new section of our website for our patients to nominate someone they knew who struggled to smile, speak, and chew. 

What Was Synergy Dental’s Implant Nomination Opportunity About? 

Through our social media, we invited our patients and people who weren’t currently Synergy patients to nominate a loved one, friend, colleague, or even themselves to receive free dental implant treatment from us using the new form on our website. 

On the form, we asked our followers and members of our local community to tell us about the loved one they were nominating (or themselves) and explain how dental implants would impact their life. 

At the time, we just wanted to give something back to our local community as a thank you for supporting us for so many years. We wanted to choose someone whose life would be completely transformed by dental implants – but who wouldn’t usually be able to get them. 

Within less than an hour of the implant nominations being announced on our socials, we were flooded with calls and messages from people desperate to know how to apply. We even had the local newspapers involved! 
Check out our news stories in the LEP,Blackpool Gazette, and Burnley Express!

What Were Some Of The Stories We Heard From Our Nominees? 

We heard so many moving stories from our patients – which made it extremely difficult to choose. 

Here are some of the stories we heard: 

From a young woman - "Hello I would really like to nominate myself I am 29 years old and I have lost a lot of teeth it's made me very depressed and don't like my smile I would love this chance to win this implant opportunity it would make a big change in my life I have a big denture in just now and really uncomfortable I can't eat properly I can't smile [...] I hope you can read my story and would love the chance to be nominated would make massive difference in my life."
From a mother nominating her son who lost his teeth after an accident - "[My son] is in his early thirties and is not currently in work. He always had a ready smile and is a handsome fella. Well, until he slipped in the ice in February and split his lip right up to his nose and lost some of his teeth. At the hospital some were replaced. We can’t get him on a dentist list as no one has space for new patents for adults. I paid for him to get an assessment through a private dentist who told us that the teeth need removing as they were not put in right. The price for all the work is not affordable so he is going about his days with jagged and broken teeth, the ones he has left. His self esteem and confidence has just about gone. Please put a lovely smile back on [my son's] face."
A husband nominating his wife - "i would like to nominate my beautiful wife for this amazing once in a lifetime prize she has spent 4 years with no teeth she cant eat properly she is constantly in pain as her gums swell and she haven't smiled for years and tbh she hasn't really left the house as she has zero confidence even though i tell her how beautiful she is every day where she used to be the life and sole of the party now she's just sad and never smiles this would be a dream come true for her and give me back my confident wife she's a selfless wife and a amazing mum to our 2 boys first stop would be for a big steak just so i could watch her finally eat and enjoy a meal thank you for reading."
A wife nominating her husband - "These new teeth will make a whole new purpose for his living he has 2 children 1 nearly 2 and 1 7 and never had a smiling picture with any of them, he hates interacting with people because of his teeth and people judge him all the time he always in a lot of pain due to his teeth being the way they are and very upsetting watching his mental health deteriorate."
Daughter nominating her father - "My dad is in a really bad place mentally. He has suffered with his teeth for a long time but it's progressively got worse. He wears a pallet but it causes him immense problems and it's got the point where he rarely leaves his flat. The past two years his mental health has deteriorated and he's a very worrying place at the minute. He will no longer come to family gatherings and rarely sees his family due to it. He has tried to get help from his dentist but has been told there is no option other than to pay. He was diagnosed with COPD last year and has had to stop working so he unfortunately just cannot afford it. Having his teeth done would give him his life back, it breaks my heart to see him in such a bad way and it's really affecting me now as I have to constantly try and pick him up which is causing me difficulty and great stress. He lives alone and he's getting to a point where if he doesn't go out and get his life back I fear what his life will look like. He really needs his confidence back to get him mentally stable and I would absolutely love nothing more than to help him but I can't financially afford it. I would be forever grateful and forever in your debt and favour if he could be given this opportunity 🙏💫 . "
A woman with a severe dental phobia - "I’m nominating myself. A nice smile is something I’ve wanted and dreamed of for many years. I hate my teeth but have dental phobia. I need lots of work which I’ve left due to being so frightened. I require root canals, extraction, basil uplift/bone graft, veneers/crowns and implants. I have gaps and part dentures which don’t fit. My teeth are yellow so I never smile and have no confidence in myself.
A few months ago I nearly went to Turkey due to not being able to afford it in the UK but I had a huge panic attack so had to withdraw. Upon conclusion, treatment abroad is no longer an option for me but for now I just dream of the reality of beautiful teeth."

Who Did We Choose?

Let us introduce you to Lee!

Lee was nominated by his adoptive eldest daughter, Kirsty – one of 11 children!

In her nomination, Kirsty told us how her dad has more kids than teeth! She also told us how her dad has never had anything for himself. Everything he has goes to caring for his children, his wife Lisa, or anyone else in need – even rescue dogs!

We saw how much Lee always put all of his efforts into giving to others, and felt that it was time for him to get something back.

Over the coming months, we’ll be seeing a lot more of Lee and his family as we work together with Dr. Ali Altaf to give Lee his smile back!

Make sure to follow our social media to keep updated with Lee’s story. 

To everyone who nominated, a big thank you! We’re sorry to everyone who wasn’t selected on this occasion – but that doesn’t mean you won’t be chosen for future opportunities. Stay following our page to be the first to find out about discounts and any future opportunities for nominations for treatment.

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