A chance for free dental implant treatment from leading dental surgery Synergy

Do you know someone who struggles to smile, speak, or chew? Between the 12th of April and the 26th of April, Synergy Dental Group are offering patients the chance to nominate themselves or someone they know who needs dental implant treatment. You still have one week left to get nominating!

Last Friday on April 12th, Synergy Dental launched a new tab on their website allowing patients to nominate themselves or someone they know to be in with an opportunity to receive free dental implant treatment.

Dental implant treatment is a solution for missing teeth and is the highest form of dental prosthetic currently available on the market. It’s different to denture because dental implant treatment is permanent. A dental implant consists of two parts, a screw and a post. The screw part replicates the natural tooth root, and is surgically implanted into the jaw using advanced digital dentistry techniques. Once this screw has been placed, the dentist then places the post inside it and attaches the replacement teeth – making it indistingusihable from your natural teeth. In the short time since the nomination period opened, Synergy Dental have been flooded with queries.

A spokesperson for the company said, “In the run up to the nomination period opening, we even had people contacting us on Instagram at 4 am! It’s great to se ehow eager everyone is. The response we’ve had shows the need for improved access to dental care in our communities – something we’ve been actively campaigning for. We hope that through this nomination system, we’ll be able to give one person dental care that they need.”

If you or someone you know could benefit from implant treatment, you still have a week left! You can nominate on their website.