Zuber Bagasi – Bolton dentist spearheads campaign to help colleagues beat stress

A SUPERFIT Bolton dentist is spearheading a campaign to help young dentists nationally counter the stress of their profession and reduce suicide rates.

Dr Zuber Bagasi, from the Synergy Dental Group, last month addressed around 600 dental students from across the country in a British Dental Association (BDA) event in Manchester.

He was talking about the urgent need to address “the harmful stress and anxiety in the dental profession” and offered ways to help.

He said: “There is a very high suicide rate among dentists – higher than other professions – and I want to help improve their mental and physical wellbeing.”

Dr Bagasi, who lives in Lostock, has founded dental practices across the North West as well as two in Bolton.

“It’s really important to provide a balance to all the stress that comes with dealing with patients directly, with their health and their expectations,” he added.

“This stress can lead to abuse of drugs and alcohol if people don’t find a way to balance their lives. This needs addressing very early in a dentist’s careers so talking to students is certainly the best way forward.”

Dr Bagasi believes that an active interest in fitness – in particular running, cycling and swimming – can be very helpful.

He has practised these himself since he graduated and has taken part in marathons and in the 2018 Ironman in Bolton.

He is a member of Tri Rivington and completed this year’s Half-Ironman in seven hours 52 minutes last month, which involved a 1.2 mile swim, 56 miles bike ride and 13.1 miles.

The dentist said that the BDA established a benevolent fund to help with the wellbeing of dentists as they were “well aware” of the situation in the profession.

Dr Bagasi has also recently been elected president of his local mosque and is promoting the importance of health and wellbeing to young people there and in the wider community.

Dr. Zuber bagasi taking part in the Half Ironman