Teeth Whitening: Professional or From Home?

Whether it’s through Instagram, Facebook, or even just browsing through the internet, it’s likely you’ve come across some unbelievably cheap prices for teeth whitening products that claim to fix discoloured teeth. No dental consultation required, and no sky-high costs. Sounds perfect, right? When products sound a little too good to be true, it’s normal to feel slightly hesitant. That’s exactly the response you should have with products which are advertised as miracle cures for tooth discolouration.

What is teeth whitening?

Nobody’s teeth are completely perfect, but your smile can have a huge impact on your mental wellbeing and your self-confidence. In fact, psychological research seems to suggest that a nice, wide smile can put you in a better mood while also making you look slimmer –make sure to read more about this on Psychology Today’s article. The point being, those who don’t quite like the appearance of their teeth for whatever reason won’t get these amazing benefits that it can bring.

Luckily, for those who feel that their smile could be tweaked, cosmetic dentistry is a popular way of paying to have changes made to your teeth. Teeth whitening is a common cosmetic procedure that essentially bleaches the surface of the tooth in order to make it appear lighter in shade. There are different methods for doing this which can be provided to you by your dentist. One way is by using a whitening agent and custom mouth trays which can be repeatedly applied from home.

Typically what a laser whitening treatment will look like

Another method for professional teeth whitening can be laser treatment. This involves having your teeth whitened directly in the dental practice for roughly an hour. A bleaching product will be applied to your teeth, and a laser will be shone directly onto the products to create the bleaching effect.

Many people will flock to alternative methods that mean cheaper costs and more convenience. It’s possible, though, for DIY whitening kits to cause more risks than benefits. It’s preferable not to seek-out these over-the-counter alternatives. Furthermore, the NHS suggests some beauty salons will also offer teeth whitening treatments, but you should avoid these treatments if no qualified dental professional is present because this is illegal.

What are the concerns with DIY home kits?

Any teeth whitening treatment or kit that doesn’t first require you to have an examination by a dental professional shouldn’t be undergone no matter how low the cost might be. Due to the regulation attached to home whitening kits, they cannot contain over 0.1% of peroxide to bleach the teeth. Unfortunately, this isn’t enough of the active ingredient to cause any lasting changes to the teeth.

Not only does this mean that the price you’re paying for these products will essentially amount to nothing, but some of these kits can cause serious harm. For example, as the NHS suggests, kits which require mouth trays to apply the bleaching agent will not be completely unique to your own mouth. This can cause problems with the agent leaking onto the gum itself, which can cause issues with sensitivity and blistering.

Due to the possible complications that can come from teeth whitening – including possible sensitivity – it is always best to first have an examination by a dentist. This way, they will be able to ensure that your teeth and strong enough to undergo the treatment. If not, your dentist will have the best information for how best to tackle that kind of setback.

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