Whiter-smile tips

Q. How can I get my teeth looking white for when I go on holiday?

A. Most people tend not to pay too much attention to the colour of their teeth because they assume that by brushing regularly and having a robust dental hygiene regime in place, their teeth will be naturally white.

This isn’t always the case as there are several reasons why your teeth may not be perfectly white. The same way we have different coloured hair and skin tones, our teeth can also be different. Our teeth can also become stained from food and certain drinks like tea, coffee, red wine and dark fruits.

The two most common ways of making them whiter are laser whitening and professional bleaching. If you’re looking for instant results, then I recommend speaking to your dentist about laser whitening treatments. The procedure can take as little as 30 minutes.

They will place a rubber shield over your teeth to protect your gums and paint your teeth with a special bleach. A laser is then shone on your teeth to activate the peroxide gel in the bleach which enters your teeth and lightens them from the inside out.

Professional bleaching takes slightly longer and involves using a gum shield, specifically moulded for your teeth, and applying a whitening product for up to one hour at a time. Your dentist may do the first treatment, leaving you to continue the rest at home.

After you’ve completed your treatment, always try to ensure that you brush your teeth at least twice a day and reduce the amount of sugary foods and drinks you consume.

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