When might I need a crown

Q.When might I need a crown?

A. A crown (or a ‘cap’) is an artificial restoration that is fitted over a prepared tooth making them stronger. Crowns are used to repair broken or weak teeth caused by things such as decay or large fillings.

Crowns can also be used to protect a tooth after a root-filling, improving the appearance of a discoloured filling or helping to support a denture or bridge. Crowns are often made with a metal base with porcelain applied in layers around it. You can also get crowns made completely in porcelain, however, they are not as strong as bonded crowns.

Modern techniques use all ceramic crowns and contain the strength of a bonded crown but the look of a porcelain crown. Other types can be made of glass or metal-alloys. It takes at least two visits for the treatment.

To prepare a tooth for a crown, the dentist will remove a layer of the outer surface of the tooth which will be the same thickness as the crown. The dentist will then take an impression of the newly shaped tooth, the opposite jaw and possibly an impression of your bite. The impression will be given to a dental technician including information of which shade to use to create a crown.

You will be given a temporary crown to use while you wait for yours to be created. Your new crown will be fitted and once you and your dentist are happy with it, they will fix it in place using a special dental adhesive or cement.

This form a seal in order to hold the crown in place. For more information about dental problems contact Synergy Dental Clinics Preston, email preston@synergydental.org.uk or go to https://synergydental.org.uk/synergy-dental/dentist-in-preston/