Veneers improve shape and colour of your teeth

DENTAL DILEMMAS. Dr Paul Sobocinski from Synergy Dental Clinics helps with advice on dental problems.

Q. I am unhappy with the way my teeth look. What can I do?

A. One way to improve teeth is to consider having veneers which are used to improve the shape, colour and general appearance of your teeth. They are usually made of very thin porcelain material which fits over the tooth surface. They can be made in a particular colour to improve the look of a discoloured tooth or several teeth. Also used to close smaller gaps where braces are unable to or can be fitted to change the appearance of a tooth’ s position. Preparing a veneer usually takes two visits.

On the first, a very small amount of the outer enamel surface of a tooth is removed and your dentist will take an impression in order to make the veneer. The colour of your surrounding teeth is matched against a guide to ensure that the veneer will look as natural as possible. On the second visit, you will be shown the veneer and, if you are happy with it, the veneer is bonded permanently to your tooth by a strong adhesive.

After it is fitted, the dentist is able to make very minor adjustments but it is recommended that you wait and get used to it first. Veneers can last many years but they can chip and break, just like natural teeth. You should ask your dentist how long each veneer will last and how you can look after them correctly.

The cost of veneers can vary in different practices so it is worth consulting your dentist about options and prices before starting treatment.

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